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  1. -- Panda Community Jailbreak Rules --
  3. Hello Pandas and welcome to our RuleList of the Jailbreak Gamemode.
  4. This Thread will explain the rules which every player has to follow on our server.
  6. Basic Panda Rules / non Jailbreak rules
  8. We on Panda have basic rules which apply to every server.
  9. Please follow this link: to learn what kind of rules this community follows.[/COLOR]
  11. Panda general rules extension
  12. Do not talk in voice chat while dead in-game.
  13. An exception to the ghosting (2g) rule is when the player in question is breaking jailbreak specific / game server rules. Examples include LGKA reminder, AFK blue, ammo glitching, etc
  15. Spoiler: Examples of Ghosting
  17. If there is any Glitches or Bugs in this gamemode after an update, please use the !call command to call for an Admin. Only use the !call command if there isn't any Admin on the server.
  19. New to the Jailbreak Gamemode / Introduction
  21. In Jailbreak we have two teams: The Red team also known as the Prisoners or Rebellers and the BLU team which will be the Guards with their Warden.
  22. We highly advice to join the Red team first to see what the Gamemode Jailbreak is about.
  23. If players want to play the BLU team you need to be familiar with the rules on this page.
  25. As a Red team member you have two options to win/play this Gamemode:
  28. 1) Following the orders of the Warden successfully as a obeying Prisoner to get your Last Request/Freeday.​
  29. ---​
  30. 2)Taking the path of a Rebeller and trying to kill all the BLU players which can be achieved by stealing ammunition or simply beating them to death with your melee weapon.​
  32. Prisoner Rules/Rights:
  33. ---​
  34. Prisoners have the right on clear instructions. If the order wasn't clear enough Prisoners can ask for a repeat.​
  35. You can't ask for a repeat if the order was clear and already been said twice.​
  36. ---​
  37. Prisoners have to follow the newest order even if that breaks the order given before by the Warden.​
  38. This also count for Minigames, if the Warden wants you to play a minigame what requires you breaking a order given before by him then you have the right to do disobey that order until that minigame ends.​
  39. ---​
  40. Prisoners deserve a Last request if they successfully followed every order and is the last Prisoner remaining, new orders to get the Last Request isn't allowed.​
  41. ---​
  42. Prisoners have the rights on clear Orders, being tricked by the Warden is not allowed and you deserve to be called either: Reds, Prisoners or your Username.​
  43. ---​
  44. Prisoners who want to earn the Last Request should not try to trick the Warden or nitpick.​
  45. This means you will enter the Red area of the minigame you have to enter and stand on the place you are supposed to stand like standing on the actual yellow line and not on a carpet with a yellow stripe on it or a Yellow line far away on the map.​
  46. ---​
  47. Prisoners are also entitled to a Death Request (DR) after they have chosen their LR. The DR must take a maximum of 2 minutes to prevent delaying, if it lasts longer the Warden can end the round by killing them.​
  48. ---​
  49. Prisoners are allowed to break any props, items or windows on the map including vents leading to armory. However if the Prisoners goes through any of these, or are found in an area which directly leads to armory they will be KOS.​
  50. ---​
  51. Prisoners will only take orders from the Warden unless the Warden says otherwise.​
  52. ---​
  53. Prisoners who hit any BLU player will get a Rebeller status, this also applies to BLU players who bait. Shocking any Sniper's razorback, or destroying Engineer's buildings will result in the prisoner being KOS (note: damaging Engi buildings is not KOS).​
  54. ---​
  55. Prisoners who heal a Rebeller will be considered a Rebeller themselves as they are assisting them.​
  56. ---​
  57. Prisoners who block pathways into / out of armory, doorways of blue only areas, medic, put someone into a corner or any other closed off area will be classed as a Rebeller.​
  58. ---​
  59. Cheating does not automatically make a Prisoner KOS. Warden has to state that cheating is not allowed if it is to be KOS.​
  60. Leaving a minigame in order to cheat is nitpicking and therefore KOS. A good example of this would be on mlcastle's obby course, from walking from start to finish outside of the minigame.​
  61. ---​
  62. Do not Detours or Delay as a Prisoner, if you happen to delay or detour during the day, Guards/Warden may kill you as you are classed as a Rebeller.​
  63. ---​
  65. A Rebeller has almost no to little rights, you are being hunted by BLU and chances on survival can look a little bit grim.
  66. Here is a small list of what makes you a Rebeller so you can avoid these things if you want to earn your Last Request as a Prisoner.
  68. Rebeller Rules/Rights:
  69. ---​
  70. Rebellers can never get a Last Request given by the Warden.​
  71. ---​
  72. Rebellers want to grab ammunition and enter the armory but this can't be achieved if BLU is camping the area which is forbidden, entering the armory or having weaponry makes you a Rebeller even with picked up ammunition or glitched.​
  73. Just don't show that you got weapons if you want to keep your Prisoner/Freeday rights.​
  74. ---​
  75. Rebellers are players who didn't follow the Wardens order(s), you can't gain your Prisoner rights back unless you are pardoned by Warden.​
  76. ---​
  77. Rebellers can't be freekilled, don't approach the BLU players or interrupt the round any further and wait for the next round.​
  78. ---​
  79. Rebellers who kill the Warden will make the round into a freeday, this means that all Prisoners will get their status changed into Freedays.​
  80. This will most likely increase the chance to gain more Rebellers and kill the remaining Guards to win the GameMode as an Rebeller.​
  81. ---​
  82. Rebelling is part of the gamemode and we want to remind BLU and the Rebeller themselves to respect each other and keep the chat/voice chat clean and wait for the next round.​
  83. ---​
  84. These are the two main paths you can follow as a RED player but as a Prisoner you can earn a Last Request what can lead to a Freeday!
  85. Freedays have their own rights and rules to follow too.
  87. Freedays Rules/Rights:
  88. ---​
  89. Freedays who earned their Freeday by earning the Last Request last round have sparkles around them, this will show the BLU team who are Freedays and can wander off safely.​
  90. ---​
  91. Freedays don't have to enter any mini games or orders which Prisoners have to follow given by the Warden.​
  92. But you may follow them even if you don't have to, don't enter the Minigame if the Warden tells you not to and Freedays can't get a Last Request again.​
  93. ---​
  94. Getting ammo and killing/hitting someone will end your Freeday status and will be changed into a Rebeller see the Rebeller rules and rights for more information.​
  95. ---​
  96. Freedays are not allowed to bait BLU players, have your freeday and avoid blocking BLU or getting close to them.​
  97. This also means for BLU who can't just chase and follow you to get you a rebeller status.​
  98. ---​
  99. Freedays can't block doorways, paths and buttons. The Warden or Guards can warn freedays who you block the way.​
  100. Not moving away will give the BLU team the right to kill Freedays.​
  101. ---​
  102. Freedays who Rebel will get a so called "Evilbeam"​
  103. This is a trail which follow you around till end of round.​
  104. ---​
  105. Freedays are not allowed to activate any kind of minigame on the map.​
  106. The Disco room and Pool is an exception.​
  107. ---​
  109. BLU team / Advanced players
  111. Are you familiar with the Gamemode by now and you want to try the BLU team?
  112. Here are some heads ups and some rules which are required to play on the BLU team.
  114. BLU TEAM Requirements:
  115. ---​
  116. Every single BLU team member needs a working microphone!​
  117. This means it needs to be loud enough and everybody understands you and can hear you.​
  118. ---​
  119. We also advice to wear Headphones and turn off background noises like the Television or Radio​
  120. ---​
  121. The Gamemode will select a random Warden at the start of the round.​
  122. You need to be Warden if the Gamemode selects you for Warden.​
  123. ---​
  124. It's strictly forbidden to go AFK on the BLU team since there is a chance that you can be selected as Warden.​
  125. Slaying yourself as Warden is strictly prohibited, this includes freeday for all and first day freeday. An exception for this is if the death request is Trivia and the warden answers incorrectly.​
  126. Don't join the BLU team if you don't want to be Warden.​
  127. ---​
  128. BLU needs to give orders in English only, this counts for every server on the Panda Community server.​
  129. ---​
  130. It's Forbidden to kill Freedays on BLU, Freedays on the start of the round have a sparkle effect around them so BLU players can recognize them.​
  131. Freedays lose their Freeday status if they Rebel.​
  132. ---​
  133. BLU players can't camp in the armory or BLU restricted areas.​
  134. ---​
  135. It's forbidden to favour any player on the server, everybody has the same rights as everybody else on the server.​
  136. ---​
  137. BLU players can't trick / lie to Red players. If Warden has given orders to move to ex medic, and one of the Guards says move to 9 square then you should ignore this Guards orders since they are breaking the rules. Also saying stuff like "All creds" instead of "All reds" isn't allowed.​
  138. ---​
  140. So these are the requirements for the BLU team, the Gamemode will Select one Warden from the BLU team which will make the rest of the BLU players Guards.
  141. The Warden is the most important player on the server and you as guard will do everything to protect him from being killed since there is only one Warden for that round.
  143. Warden Rules/Rights:
  144. ---​
  145. Warden must do a round where a Last Request can be given/awarded in the end of the round.​
  146. Giving Freedays or ignore the fact that you are selected as a Warden is strictly forbidden.​
  147. Warden is also not allowed to give Last Request specific minigames on a normal round like Hunger games or Hide and Seek, Look up the Gamemode Specific Minigames and terms to see which ones there are.​
  148. ---​
  149. Warden has a option menu which can be opened by the !wmenu command.​
  150. This will give the Warden access to opening cells, Friendly Fire and Collisions.​
  151. Friendly Fire always have to be announced by the Warden.​
  152. ---​
  153. You as Warden must give orders before opening the cell doors, opening the cell doors before any order given is a freeday and will be punished.​
  154. Cellwars counts as an order to, read specific gamemode related rules for more about this.​
  155. ---​
  156. The Warden has the rights to request players to stay off the microphone to help himself giving clear orders, you can kill Red players talking through your orders if you give a warning first.​
  157. But you cannot restrict players to be muted for the entire round, you can request 30 seconds or the the entire start of the round to speak for yourself as Warden.​
  158. You as Warden can't restrict players from using the chat or force players to type in the chat. (Jeopardy/Kitchen Minigame is the only exception)​
  159. ---​
  160. Warden's new order overrules the old orders.​
  161. This means if the Warden forbids something with a order and the new order contradicts the order given before Prisoners have to follow your new given order.​
  162. Example: Warden forbids Prisoners to cross the yellow line but with the Warden's new order Prisoners have to cross the yellow line to get to the new location, Prisoners have to cross the yellow line in this example.​
  163. ---​
  164. The Warden has to give strict orders what Prisoners can follow.​
  165. The Warden's orders has to clear so the Prisoners won't get confused on what the do.​
  166. If the Warden orders Prisoners to enter a Minigame the Warden has to give strict orders to the Prisoners if they can start it or where the Prisoners have to stand, if this isn't the case Prisoners are free to start the Minigame or stand where they want. Warden must specify the rules of the minigame before starting the, if no rules are specified, none can be made unless they are to prevent delaying. For example: Warden cannot say "first to finish gets LR" after any prisoners have begun the minigame.​
  167. ---​
  168. The Warden can't trick Prisoners by giving them misleading names or vague orders.​
  169. "Day related" orders fall under this too, out of cell day will be overruled if the Warden gives the order to come out of the cell for example.​
  170. ---​
  171. The Warden normally picks a Minigame on the map to give Prisoners a challenge to win the Last Request.​
  172. The Warden can come up with Minigames of his own but it must be played out of the range of the cell area.​
  173. Minigames what involves the BLU team killing the Prisoners are not allowed unless it's located on the map or is a variation of a existing Minigame on the map.​
  174. ---​
  175. The Warden can't bait Prisoners just as the Guards can't bait Prisoners.​
  176. Baiting means getting up close to the Prisoners or spinning your weapons or zoom up with your rifles. (This also counts towards the Freedays!)​
  177. ---​
  178. The Warden isn't allowed to order Cellwars if there is 4 or more BLU players.​
  179. ---​
  180. You as Warden can order Guards to activate minigames or give clear instructions what they have to do, you can never kill your own guards. (use the !call command if someone on your team is breaking the rules and report it to the admin)​
  181. ---​
  182. If a Prisoner successfully followed all the Warden's orders and is the only Prisoner left on the Red team he will deserve a Last Request.​
  183. Use the !givelr command to open up a menu what will show the remaining Red players, select the winning Prisoner's name to give him a Last Request. (if you hold your crosshair over the player it will display his name)​
  184. ---​
  185. The Warden can kill Freedays if the Warden gives the freedays a warning about baiting the Warden or his Guards.​
  186. The Warden is allowed to kill the Freedays after the warning, even if the order has been given at the beginning at the round!​
  187. ---​
  188. Favouring is forbidden, but there are Minigames who allow favouring oddly enough.​
  189. Minigames as HatDay, Maze, Hunger Games etc doesn't fall under favouring.​
  190. Avoid giving class specific orders or specific players/friends orders as Warden.​
  191. ---​
  192. The gamemode will display a message "last Guard kills all" if all of the Warden's Guards has been killed.​
  193. This message is meant for Guards.​
  194. ---​
  195. The Warden must actively give out orders and not purposely delay the round.​
  196. ---​
  197. We understand real life and game crashes happen, so disconnecting as Warden is ok. However, excessive disconnecting or avoiding being Warden by disconnecting is not allowed. If the Warden disconnects, the server will select the next Warden and the round must continue on under the new Warden.​
  198. ---​
  199. Turning on Friendly Fire as the Warden in order to kill a mass freekiller while no admins are available is allowed. Warden must still announce FF before turning it on. We suggest during these times, the warden also give an order preventing Reds from killing each other to ensure everybody has fun. :)​
  201. The Gamemode didn't pick you as Warden? Maybe better luck next round but for now you have to concentrate on protecting the Warden.
  202. Good Guards are really important for a good round and there are some couple of rules to keep in mind as playing the Guard.
  204. Guard Rules/Rights:
  205. ---​
  206. It's not allowed to talk through the Warden's orders.​
  207. The Warden normally speaks at the beginning of the round, so if the system found a Warden please let him have his introduction and orders before the doors open.​
  208. ---​
  209. It's strictly forbidden for Guards to activate minigames or press buttons.​
  210. Buttons who open passageways/doors are an exception. (never open the cell doors!)​
  211. You can request rights to activate minigames or open doors from the Warden, or he can order you to do so.​
  212. ---​
  213. Guards are forbidden to bait Prisoners or Freedays.​
  214. Baiting means you are getting too close or activate any kind of weaponry towards Prisoners or Freedays. (mini-gun spin, Jarate, scoping in with sniper rifle, placing sticky bombs)​
  215. ---​
  216. Guards have to kill Rebellers as they are a dangerous threat to the Warden.​
  217. If someone earns a Rebeller status you are free to kill that Rebeller even if the Warden forbids you to do so.​
  218. ---​
  219. Guards have to be actively playing as a Guard, this means protecting the Warden and chase Rebellers if you have to.​
  220. ---​
  221. Guards are not allowed to give orders to Prisoners, warnings or advice can be given in the other hand.​
  222. ---​
  223. The last Guard alive in team BLU may kill all the remaining Red players including Freedays, this means that all the Red players can't be "freekilled" by this Guard.​
  224. ---​
  225. If Warden dies you are not allowed to force Warden on yourself to be Warden as a Guard. You may do this if it is beginning of the round however.​
  226. ---​
  228. Baiting List:
  230. As stated above for warden and guard rules is mentioned baiting. Baiting is when you perform certain actions which provoke the Prisoners to rebel. Keep in mind if a Prisoner is provoked and hits the Guard/Warden that is baiting they turn into a Rebeler. Baiting Prisoners will result in a punishment.
  232. A list of things that count as baiting:
  233. Heavy spinning mini-gun when nobody is rebelling
  234. Sniper aiming their sights at a Prisoners
  235. Engineers building dispensers to block the REDs
  236. Guards standing and/or running above prisoners
  237. Guards firing weapons randomly
  238. Guards entering a red only area
  239. Being in a RED only area in a game actively in use
  240. A Guard entering a Prisoners Melee Range
  241. Pyros airblasting non-rebelling Prisoners
  242. A Guard entering a cell while Prisoners are still inside
  243. Sniper/Scout/Pyro throwing Jarate/Milk/Gas Pass at Prisoners
  245. Specific Gamemode-Minigames related rules / Jailbreak terms
  247. Jailbreak has a lot of terms or Minigame specific rules which might be useful to look into!
  248. Players can also can learn those things by playing the Gamemode itself as it doesn't inflict our rules.
  249. Let's start off with some of the terms some players might use:
  251. Terms/Shortcuts:
  252. ---​
  253. AFK stands for "Away From Keyboard", if a Warden tells you to AFK he wants you completely freeze.​
  254. Looking around is also not AFK for this gamemode even though it technically doesn't mean that you can't touch your mice, it would be nice for Wardens to use "Freeze' do not move at all" to be more clear.​
  255. ---​
  256. Freekill means a unjustified kill by the BLU team, please use the !call command to call in a Admin if someone freekills on the server.​
  257. Make sure there isn't a Admin on the server already!​
  258. ---​
  259. KOS stands for "Kill On Sight", some Warden's alert his Guards by using this term.​
  260. This will most likely mean Guards have to kill the Rebeler who is KOS.​
  261. ---​
  262. Last Guard Kills All means that the last Guard on team BLU can kill everyone without freekilling players.​
  263. Players often mentions this to the last Guard to fasten up the round, but be careful since this rule doesn't apply to the Warden!​
  264. ---​
  265. FF stands for "Friendly Fire", friendly fire can be turned on by the Warden with the !wff command.​
  266. But the Warden always have to mention or announce it.​
  267. ---​
  268. LR stands for "Last Request", a term often is used especially since the command to give a Last Request is !givelr​
  269. LR must not break jailbreak/panda rules, examples of this are; 'Mass Freekill Day' ,'Warden must Scream Orders' and so on.​
  270. Custom LR's that can be considered embarrassing to do can be denied by the Warden (This only applies to voice custom LRs).​
  271. ---​
  272. DR stands for the Minigame "Death Run", players can type this as suggestion for the Warden if he asks for suggestions.​
  273. ---​
  274. DR can also stand for β€œDeath Request”, you can usually tell what each one stands for depending if it’s during a round or not.​
  275. Death Request (DR) is given after when the Prisoner has chosen their LR.​
  276. DR's purpose is for the Prisoner to choose how they will die therefore killing BLUs is not a valid DR.​
  277. Guards must participate in death request (if requested by the Prisoner), however Warden has a choice if they want to or not.​
  278. Warden and Guards can slay themselves, so long as it's within what the Death Request is.​
  279. ---​
  280. Obby stands for "Obstacle Course", a Minigame where you have to pass certain obstacles and traps to survive this terms is also often used for suggestions towards the Warden.​
  281. ---​
  282. RPS stands for "Rock Paper Scissors", It's a Team Fortress 2 taunt which can kill a player if he loses.​
  283. For Red this means you will lose your status as Prisoner/Freeday to Rebeller if the BLU team isn't aware of the taunt.​
  284. ---​
  286. GameMode Specific Minigames/Orders and Rules
  287. ---​
  288. Cellwars is a order from the Warden to kill your cellmate.​
  289. You don't have to kill your cellmate if the Warden doesn't mention that you have to.​
  290. The Warden can't give cellwars if there is 4 or more players on the BLU team.​
  291. If the cell doors open without any more orders given by the Warden except for Cellwars means you have to stay inside your cell!​
  292. ---​
  293. Meatgrinder is a minigame where all the reds are taken to a confined space and friendly fire is turned on. Meatgrinder can only be played if there are 3 or less guards and Cell Wars has NOT already been played. It is usually played until 1 prisoner is left alive, but the warden can turn off FF whenever they like.​
  294. ---​
  295. HHH stands for Headless Horseless Horseman. Both BLU and Red team spawn as HHH. Cell doors open and friendly fire is enabled. The goal is to kill other HHH until we have a winning team / HHH. This day does not abide by regular jailbreak rules.​
  296. ---​
  297. Rapid Fire Rockets Day is also a Last Request option. In this day both BLU and Red spawn with value rocket launchers. Friendly fire is turned on (and sometimes the cell doors open) and you kill each other until one team wins or you are the last one. This day does not abide by regular jailbreak rules.​
  298. ---​
  299. Hunger Games is a day where Red players have to fight each other for the Last Request.​
  300. The Warden can still give orders but can't order the Red players to stop playing Hunger Games.​
  301. ---​
  302. First Reaction Last Reaction, is a Minigame which brings a lot of confusion with Guards and debatable discussions on who was first or last.​
  303. Many players say this is also a good way to just avoid doing the actual minigames and getting kills fast so that is why Panda forbids this Minigame.​
  304. ---​
  305. Simon says is a Gamemode where the Prisoners have to follow "Simon AKA the Warden" to follow Simons orders, if the Prisoner fails to follow Simons order he will be killed.​
  306. This contradicts with some rules we currently have so we advice players to seek a quick Minigame on the map or only play this Minigame if you need to settle the Last Request between two players.​
  307. ---​
  308. Freeday for All is a option in the Last Request menu, this will make all the Red players Freedays!​
  309. You can also pic Freeday for yourself and Freedays for others which will make you select 3 players on the server for a Freeday!​
  310. ---​
  311. Guards Melee Only Round is a option in the Last Request menu, the Gamemode will remove the BLU team's weapons and restrict them to use their Melee weapon for the entire round.​
  312. ---​
  313. HatDay is a day where the BLU team will judge your outfit/hat.​
  314. The Prisoner with the best looking outfit according to BLU will get the Last Request in this round.​
  315. Kitchen is almost the same like this, but instead of outfits' BLU will judge you on the type of dish the Prisoners made up for the BLU team.​
  316. ---​
  317. Jeopardy or Quiz Game is a gamemode where the Prisoners have to answer the correct answer in chat to win the Last Request.​
  318. ---​
  319. Pokemon is a custom LR only minigame. It is when Prisoners are split into teams for 2 and 2 'pokemon trainers' are picked from BLU team.​
  320. Once teams have been picked (in whichever method of warden's choice) the teams will go into a 1v1 battle with each other.​
  321. The winner of pokemon will then receive LR.​
  322. ---​
  323. Shark / Duck Hunt is considered favoritism/point farming so they are banned.​
  324. ---​
  325. Burgerking Massacre is banned on the map jb_hop. Activating it is strictly forbidden and will result in a server ban.​
  326. ---​
  327. Hide and Seek (LR only) is when the Prisoners hide (for a minimum of 1 minute, maximum time 2 minutes) and then BLU seek. Once a Prisoner is found, they should be killed by the BLU who sees them. Last red alive receives LR.​
  328. ---​
  329. War Day is a custom LR only minigame where the BLU team gather in one area, while the REDs get ammo and attempt to kill the guards. Where the BLUs gather does not have to be specified but it cannot be within view of the cells or armory to give reds a fair chance. No LR can be gained from this round and either all reds or blus must die. Guards cannot kill prisoners if they are outside the specified area, unless it is to prevent delaying. Areas that teleport Blus to a location not accessible by other means are forbidden as they encourage camping. This includes but is not limited to Mario Kart(mlcastle), Space Karts(space jail) and Obby(famous). Minigames which can also trap Blus, i.e. no accessible way for them to leave after the door is closed, are also prohibited as they may cause delaying & give the Red team an unfair advantage. Warden reserves the right to refuse a chosen area if it is deemed too unfair for either team.​
  330. ---​
  331. Days are forbidden, If someone says "out of cell rebel day"”lava day” then this order isn't valid. Wardens orders overlap the previous order that they have given.​
  332. ​
  336. Spoiler: Chretien
  337. Chretien is a map on our Gamemode which need special rules over the other maps.
  339. The map is also incredibly large which makes it easy to rebel and has a extra option to exit the prison what makes it more difficult for BLU players to play this map, and impossible with 1 player on BLU.
  341. Press tab while in the game to see the name of the Map you're currently in:
  342. ---​
  343. Elevators are used on this map to access a BLU restricted area.​
  344. BLU isn't allowed to break the Lift panels to make the lift defective.​
  345. ---​
  346. This map has a exit button what opens up the back door of the map what ends the gamemode.​
  347. Wardens must be aware of this since this makes this map almost impossible to play with freedays around.​
  348. ---​
  349. Being at the Control panel or at the Exit area also known as the area after the metal detectors makes any Freedays or Prisoners into Rebellers​
  350. ---​
  351. Guards cannot camp the exit area.​
  352. The metal detectors will make a sound if someone crossed the line.​
  353. ---​
  354. Guards and the Warden cannot stay up in the control panel room where the Exit button is.​
  355. there is also a exit sign in this area which you must ignore since the area you are supposed to go is going down with the elevators on the sides of your spawn area.​
  356. ---​
  357. Toxic Minigame is a little bit broken.​
  358. If you leave the area of the gamemode or touch the doors the toxic effect will disappear.​
  359. You can only activate the Toxic effect once so guards need to be careful not to stand on the arrow sign.​
  360. ---​
  361. Colour game is broken, it just doesn't work and kills Red players sometimes while having the correct colour.​
  362. Please inform the Warden that colour game may kill Red players unjustified.​
  363. ---​
  364. You need to kill every sentry in the VS Sentry Minigame on this map.​
  365. The BLU team can't stop this gamemode​
  366. ---​
  367. There is no location for Hat Day or Kitchen game.​
  368. You have to improvise if you want to play those GameModes on this map.​
  369. ---​
  370. Rock Paper Scissors is Broken.​
  371. It is supposed to kill both players if they selected the same pick.​
  372. But it sometimes just kills both players without having the same selection.​
  373. ---​
  374. Hide and Seek is Difficult on this map.​
  375. BLU players can't just go inside armoury like normally, someone has to stay at the Control panels​
  376. That's why this map cannot be played with just 1 player on BLU.​
  379. Don't to forget to treat each other with respect, and be mature and calm.
  380. The Panda Community Team wishes you good luck and hopefully we will see you on our Servers!
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