[KS] The Nakai Before Christmas

Dec 22nd, 2013
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  1. Original post:
  3. T’was a long time ago, longer now, than it seems
  4. In a place that perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams
  6. For the story that you are about to be told
  7. Took place in the holiday worlds of old
  9. In a school on a hill in a place called Japan
  10. There existed two people - a girl and a man
  12. Befouled were the two with a kind of ill health
  13. But despite that they were much the same as yourself
  15. Come together had they and fallen in love
  16. And, like couples do, done ‘business’ thereof
  18. So it went, one chill night, the two took a walk
  19. In the woods on the grounds something gave them a shock
  21. Before them there stood etched into the trees
  22. “Some doors?” said she. “Where might they lead?”
  24. “Who knows,” said the boy, giving one solid rap
  25. When the door swung open; beyond it, pitch black
  27. From the darkness beyond came a voice filled with cheer
  28. So the two leant in close both hoping to hear
  30. Swung closed did the door and down they would go
  31. When they finally landed they were surrounded by snow
  33. “Are you hurt?” he inquired helping her to her feet
  34. Her head shaking ‘no’ she asked “Where are we?”
  36. They walked out of the trees and saw lights all around
  37. Adorning a sign which read ‘Christmas Town’
  39. Through town they wandered, eyes widened in awe
  40. As they found the abode of one Santa Claus
  42. The door was left open and the lights were still on
  43. It was then that they realised dear Santa was gone!
  45. Up above in the sky they spotted a sight
  46. Four skeletal reindeer - oh what a fright!
  48. On the back of their sleigh, thin as Santa was fat
  49. Was an imposter garbed in his robes and his hat
  51. Fists balled in resolve, “Follow them!” she cried
  52. On the back of two reindeer after the fake did they ride
  54. The fake went about gifting presents of fear
  55. But little did he know our heroes drew near
  57. So when he was foiled and lay lost in the snow
  58. The two soon arrived and said she, “You know…
  60. “Christmas is special; it means much to us both
  61. “The spirit of Christmas brings nothing but hope
  63. “Why would you steal that? And take it all for yourself?
  64. “Is it not best left to Santa and his elves?”
  66. “I truly am sorry, you’re right,” said the fake
  67. “I was just so entranced I’d forgotten my place
  69. “I am the pumpkin king and Jack is my name
  70. “Halloween is my home and scaring my game”
  72. “Then,” said the boy, “help us clean up this mess
  73. “Let’s go and save Santa and rescue Christmas”
  75. Together the three returned to the doors
  76. But this time went through that which Jack was known for
  78. On arrival they found, coloured black and pale green
  79. A place of big scares the town Halloween
  81. Three kids Jack sought out, all wearing their masks
  82. “Where did you take Santa? Where is he?” Jack asked
  84. “We took him to Oogie,” they said with a snicker
  85. “Sally’s there too. We’re not trying to trick ya”
  87. Jack ran; and the others, they followed post-haste
  88. Through gates, over hills, to Oogie Boogie’s place
  90. Where held over fire were Sally and Santa
  91. While Oogie Boogie taunted them with his banter
  93. While Oogie was gloating Jack crept into the crypt
  94. Tore Oogie open and saved Sally and St. Nick
  96. So Jack was the hero and Christmas was saved
  97. Which meant it was time for he, she and Nick to away
  99. He and she both returned through the door in the tree
  100. A bespectacled boy asked “Hisao! Where’ve you been?”
  102. While high up above the true Santa took flight
  103. “Merry Christmas to all! And to all, good night!”
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