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  1. Bitcoin, you need to buy bitcoin either online or at a local bitcoin atm. (Find with google)
  2. Once you have bitcoin, have a vpn on and go to or (2 Sites I mainly use) or if you know any other sites go to those.
  3. Just follow the steps and sign up, once your in transfer bitcoin from your personal wallet into the wallet assigned to your account.
  4. When looking for a CC(CREDIT CARD) U need to look first before buying a random one.
  5. Most sites let you choose what card u look for so search for a card from whatever city or zip u live in (Website sees you match the card owner location)
  6. BINS. Not required but suggested, a bank identification number is the first 6 numbers in a bank card. It goes back to whatever bank it’s assigned to
  7. Good bins: 414709 414720 414702 601100 601120 601140 more available if needed
  9. Once you’ve got a good card, it’s time to shop. Download a separate browser like opera or Firefox. Depending on what site you use, u may want to create an email in the card owners name. Not required.
  10. Find your items, for the first order I’d keep it under $100 just to be safe and to make sure the card is working so find ur items and proceed to checkout. So when it asks for billing information enter in the details given with the card, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE. Enter everything in and double check, for shipping u can use ur own (not sus at all) or a drop house. I like to change the shipping name to the last name of the card owner and whatever name u want it shipped too but that’s not required. Good sites to go for are:
  18. And much more.
  19. Any more info u need just HMU
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