You're in my mind (ShimshamxAnon, mindread/control,) to do

Sep 9th, 2017
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  1. >>You wouldn't hypnotize a horse girl
  3. >Fast forward a year or so
  4. >Her powers have developed a lot
  5. >Not only is she capable of reading minds, she can also 'force' feelings and even memories into people's head by touching them
  6. >She can for example calm someone that's going mad with rage and breaking stuff or hitting someone
  7. >Or make someone laugh
  8. >Or make them think they've known her or someone else for a really long time
  9. >Or even make them horny
  10. >It all generally stops the second the contact breaks, but it still takes a moment for people to realize what happened, those memories and feelings felt real
  11. >Were real
  12. >Even if they're not there anymore
  14. >Shimmy accidentally touch your hand
  15. >Reads your mind
  16. >Finds out you're into that
  17. >And into many, many things
  18. >Also that you're into her
  19. >Awkward shenanigans, fluffy talk
  20. >Give it a go
  21. >Relationship starts like any other young adult's/teenager's
  22. >Go on a date
  23. >Then another
  24. >And as you grow closer and closer to each other, she starts using her powers
  25. >At first just to tease you
  26. >To have fun
  27. >Maybe a bit to get you in the mood whenever she wants cuddles and you're 'too busy' with schoolwork or playing a game
  28. >You soon grow intimate, sex happens
  29. >A week later, she asks if you'd like for her to use her powers on you in the bedroom
  30. >Because she knows you'd like that
  31. >She knows you want it
  32. >And of course, she knows you wouldn't tell her no
  33. >And then you become her little cuddlesextoy or something
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