Pants Burster

May 11th, 2014
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  1. Pants Burster
  3. This is a shameless fetish fic, leave now if you don't want that
  5. Contains: Cock growth, muscle growth, throbbing, wardrobe malfunction
  7. If there exists female beings which do not obtain their destiny as a young pony. Their true power lying locked away in their bodies until the time is right. Then it stands to reason that perhaps the same can be said to be waiting within the bodies of stallions across the land. Hidden within them prepared to fill the holes in the celestial hierarchy where they are needed.
  9. Some in far more masculine ways then others...
  11. ()()()()()
  13. It was another long day at work. His bags hitting the floor with less ceremony then his job had. His spindly arms creaking as he gave them a quick stretch, feeling the soreness waiting to strike in the morning after. His legs clopping meekly after the long day that was now behind him.
  15. He groaned after pushing his back into a more upright position, hearing it snap loudly as muscles popped back into place. “Hate-my-job.” He then proclaimed to his barebones little cottage.
  17. Not even the sight of his fridge brought him any relief, not after the shake he had ingested. Some muscle booster that he had been on for weeks on end, without a single bulge on any limb to attest to the powdered protein's various and seemingly empty promises. The only things that appealed to his mind at that moment was rest and a restless old friend stirring in his loins.
  19. Even his battered brain couldn't help but indulge himself with a quick 'scratch' across his groin. A short and rather bothered groan leaving his throat as he rubbed over the chubby bulge of warm dough in his pants. He couldn't even remember the last time he... saw his old friend, or even a time when he felt so ready to just rub one, or even a few, good thoughts out with himself.
  21. He was tempted to whip it out right there, he lived alone it really didn't matter where he would choose to do it, but the soreness in his body was a call just simply too strong. All he could think about was how weak his limbs felt and how badly he wanted to get to bed before tomorrow started. When his decision was made, he could almost feel the disappointment radiating from his loins. Perhaps the only apple sized shape that donated him as a stallion seemed kick against the fly of his pants in frustration from being ignored.
  23. Even with such indignant outbursts from his maleness his mind was made up. He flopped down into his bed within the only adjacent room in his home and attempted to sleep without so much as an attempt to get out of his somewhat baggy work uniform of a polo and some slacks. Sleep managing to find his weary body not long after he tucked himself beneath the covers, all the while the not so young stallion failed to notice the stars in the sky outside his bedroom window which were burning bright overhead. Gaining strength in their intensity as the heat in his slumbering loins continued to build, and the flush of ancient magic flowing through his body that burned through his flesh in kind.
  25. ()()()()()
  27. Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump.
  29. He wasn't sure how long he was aware of it. Such is the ways of a mind drifting in and out of sleep, but he could hardly be blamed for a lack of cognizance amongst the storm of sensations and imagery in his mind. The fire that was burning in his body making him feel weak, weaker then he had ever been before, yet in that heat there was a pulse. A steady drum of strength and sensations that led him to groan and whimper with his half lidded eyes glistened with sweat. His mind which was slowly fading from the world again grasped only the afterimage of his heated breath swirling before his muzzle moments before the intense awareness of his body returned again.
  31. Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump.
  33. He could feel it so clearly, the constant pushing from inside him. A wave of heat thundering from his chest as it shivered down his arms, rolled across his belly, and bristled through his thighs into his legs. All the while a flame in his crotch was fanned, the fire never dimming only radiating warmly against his thighs. The hammering a constant refreshment against the pull of weakness he felt in his body. This time though, it was different, every pulse was getting stronger and stronger.
  35. Tha-thump.
  37. The blasts getting so much more real.
  39. Tha-thump.
  41. The rhythm gaining speed.
  43. Tha-thump, tha-thump!
  45. The blazing heat in his crotch burning even hotter then it was before.
  47. Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-THUMP!
  49. The sudden spike of intense heat pulsed through his body which sent an eruption into his crotch the likes of which he never felt before. His voice crying out as something throbbed across his groin, both heat and heft savagely spreading within the confines of his trousers while the explosion rippled into a chain reaction through his groin and out into his body. His reflexively bucking hips twitching violently as hammering flesh pulsed time and again, every thrust getting harder and stronger as his legs felt heavier with every uncontrollable buck. The pulses rolling up his stomach into his tingling chest making him grunt and gasp whenever he felt the waves surge from his groin through his body, each thrumming vibration within his body feeling like heat and pressure being forced into his torso which slowly cranked higher and higher as his whole body thrust his loins further and further into the air. A rabid tightness strangling tighter and tighter around the package that was getting heavier and heavier with every spasm that shook his loins.
  51. Tha-THUMP! krik.
  52. Tha-THUMP! KRIK.
  53. Tha-THUMP! POP!
  55. His eyes snapping open just as the boiling activity in his pants suddenly erupted against his groin. It's heated presence threatening to blanket his thundering hips under a layer of burning desire as his flesh shivered and convulsed as he felt it expand through every hardy throb that hammered from his crotch. His breath shaky and rapid as his eyes threatened to loll into his skull from the shuddering ripples of his cock-flesh as his neck slammed straight through his headboard without so much as a wince of pain. Little ripples of contortion shivering across his skin and into his groin as the strange disorienting largeness he felt throughout his body began to settle as he felt an unusual tightness across his body. The pulses which shook his flesh and pounded across the heft and mass he felt throughout his body slowly replaced with the warm afterglow of what his mind could barely process. That was, until he actually saw his body.
  57. His mouth just hung agape at what he could feel alone. His chest heaved within his polo that had torn slightly down the middle and become skintight against his engorged physique, forcing open his neckline against a pair of melon sized pecks that belonged on a champion bodybuilder. One of his hands, both of which were attached to arms that could stop a runaway cart filled with a quarry of stone, explored the six slabs of rock that had burst from his stomach. While his other palm traces over the unblemished neck that was thicker then a wooden support beam which trailed down to his torso that he watched heave his heated breath. His massive tank of a chest powerfully thrumming with every pull of air he felt his body effortlessly take as his voice seem to grunt in a deeper tone them before.
  59. Slowly his palms traced down the small and his back, and under his sheets. Even under the beige prison that was pulled into his firm sandbag of an ass. His core had seemingly not only surged in strength, it had also improved in width and mass. From what he could feel, as his fingers explored the impressive definition of his thighs, his legs that stretched over the foot of his bed could probably smash in the walls of his own home if he wasn't careful. Let alone the bed beneath him, which felt sorely dented underneath his curved buttocks after they had dropped upon the mattress like a pair of massive iron weights repeatedly for who knew how long.
  61. His worried, almost joyous laughter, vanished the moment he noticed his final defining feature that had recently changed. Perhaps angry with being noticed last it gave his mind a sharp twinge of assertive sensations to remind him it was there, as he watched it powerfully throb under the sheets. His mind reeling from the terrible realness of what he felt, the thickness pushing against itself, the warmth brushing off against his thighs as the throb made it squirm against his skin. His mind unsure of how to react to the barrel sized chubby twitching under the sheets, as he felt twin balls the size of his nearly trunk sized forearms churning against the inside of his legs.
  63. His body buzzed with the feeling swimming in his mind. All of his apprehension, fear, and deep seeded desire fluttered about in his hardened stomach, threatening to surge forth into his loins to ignite that burning desire all over again. His mind slowly losing over to his primal desires as that warmth probed its way into his crotch, his palms shaky as he reached for the sheets. Grasping them as his tongue ran over his lips, watching the massive orb of bound stallionhood twitch with need for the thoughts in his mind to be real.
  65. With a single motion he beheld both a beautiful and terrible sight. A wave of warmth radiated from his groin, as it seemed pleased to be another layer closer to freedom. His throat groaning longingly as he watched the beige prison that was nearly the size of his chest throb approvingly to his actions. His ears flicking as he heard the fabric creak against his trapped slowly throbbing cock, the pent up strength in his massive hidden mast of a dick threatening to burst out of his groin if he didn't free it.
  67. His eyes watching the hole in the teeth of the zipper where his white boxers tried to push through. The way it pulsed alone against its surroundings, trying to widen the breach, left him insatiable to feel his meat slap to full mast. Unable to stop himself he coddled his imprisoned cock in his palms, the breadth of it too large for even his meaty ham sized fists. Giving his trapped meat a gentle squeeze, moaning as he felt it push back against his attention as it shifted and pushed at the tautly pulled fabric that kept his palms from feeling the hot sweaty cock burning underneath. His mind, lost to his desires, saw no other choice as his body felt a familiar buzz tingling within.
  69. His hands reached for the zipper to his pants that he had so foolishly chosen to wear to bed. Tugging at the teeth of the fly that was tightly bound shut. Listening to his passion and lust hammering inside his ears as he groaned and flexed his mammoth arms trying to pull the fly open.
  71. Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump.
  73. Listening to the throbbing that pulsed through his thickened flesh, feeling the tightness in his engorged physique rise..
  75. Tha-thump, tha-thump, tha-thump!
  77. He could feel his flesh buzz, the call of his cock needing to feel his hands against his flare
  79. Tha-THUMP!
  81. His throat gasping in surprise as the powerful surge shuddered through his pecks.
  83. Tha-THUMP! Tha-THUMP!
  85. Again, and again, his flesh rippled and surged. Traveling further and further across his chest as he felt the throbbing traveling lower through his stomach.
  87. Tha-THUMP!
  89. Getting closer...
  91. Tha-THUMP!
  93. And closer...
  95. Tha-THUMP!
  97. Until...
  99. THA-THUMP!!!
  101. Crying out as the skin tingling pulse in his chest was answered by an even more powerful throb in his cock. His mind reeling from the sensation of being stretched when her heard a little pop. His senses catching the glimpse of his zipper popping another seem just as the beige egg the size of a barrel grew nearly half its own size in a sudden pulse that rippled across the surface. Dozens of tiny little cracks opening up across the shell as he could feel the heat of his cock burning across his face and see his stallion-hood underneath the overstretched stitches of his white boxers. His burning desire to have it enticed by another spurt.
  103. Tha-THUMP!
  105. And another...
  107. Tha-THUMP!
  109. As he felt his pecks inflate, bursting the front of his shirt wide open as his arms flayed the weak stitching that exploded from his burgeoning muscles. Grunting as he felt ab after ab pulsing into existence across his strengthening girth while the bed beneath him was flattened under his engorging thighs that bristled with sinew and strength down his legs that pushed over what remained of his bed and against the far wall as the pants that had wrapped tightly around his knees began to shred and rip across his rippling ass.
  111. Even then, as the wall that separated his bed from the rest of his home buckled under his weight, nothing compared to his groin as it surged even hotter then the rest of his body.
  113. Tha-THUMP!
  115. Making him scream in pleasure as the zipper's teeth began to buckle and the beige egg bloated almost wider then his torso once again.
  117. Tha-THUMP!
  119. The latch holding his fly shut ripping off and bouncing off his massive peck while he watched his boxer's stretch and mold to his cock's unfurling glory as it reached higher and higher-
  121. Tha-THUMP!
  123. -while getting tighter-
  125. Tha-THUMP!
  127. -and tighter!
  129. Tha-THUMP!
  131. Until!
  135. A long popping cascade that grew into a cacophony of ripping fibers amidst a massive bestial shout from a stallion as his entire body convulsed. Making his cock burst free in a shower of fabric and splintering wood as he felt hit titanic cock erupt from the roof of his home while the cool night air dared to try and cool the flame of his loin's burning desire as wet pre oozed from his turgid tip.
  137. And yet still...
  139. Tha-thump.
  141. He grunted
  143. Tha-thump!
  145. And groaned
  147. Tha-thump!
  149. As his need still needed answer.
  151. Tha-thump!
  153. A tingling in his seedmakers as he felt the factories rumbling and churning against the floor.
  155. Tha-THUMP!
  157. A grand buzzing building across his tower sized horsecock as pre began to flow like a river from his tip.
  159. Tha-THUMP!
  161. His body's muscles thrusting his hefty cock higher into the sky as he panted and begged for release.
  163. Tha-THUMP!
  165. Something building in his groin. Watching the hilt of his ungodly beast swell as his titanic churning nuts that could fill a small lake began to drag across the floor toward his groin
  167. Tha-THUMP!!!
  169. Gasping in pain as he feels his nuts suddenly slam into his groin. A surge of thick heat trying to work its way up his cock.
  171. Tha-THUMP!!!
  173. His gasps changing to wordless open mouthed moans as his balls slam home again as his dick shudders and throbs with the quickening rhythm of the pulse shivering up his mast toward his swollen turgid flare until...
  175. Tha-THUM---
  177. The muscles of his stallionhood convulsing as the wall of cum surging up his cock erupted in a cataclysmic display of virility into the sky. A grand pillar of ivory heat and seed that shot up from an ebony tower which had sprouted from the horizon. His body convulsing in the orgasm that riveted up his stomach and through every rippling muscle in his body as his nuts slammed against his groin again and again. Eager to drain themselves from their seemingly endless supply as the geyser of his seed began to rain down around his unstoppable epicenter as the force of his cock pulsing to force the cum from his channel alone was enough to cause him to remain in a nearly endless state of climax until the last drop dribbled from his flesh and left even his seemingly divine physique in a state of sexual exhaustion. The last thing he remembered doing before his own tiredness took him was of hands other then his own gently rubbing at his cock as it retreated into his sheath.
  179. “We'll just have to do something about this 'problem' of yours won't we?” A voice whispered into his ear.
  185. To be continued?
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