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  1. Website:
  2. - Homepage
  3. 1) Will have at the top (Home, Leaderboard, Subscribe button, login ect)
  4. 2) Under that a timer that will show my schedule till next stream but when i go live it vanishes and my stream will load in its place
  5. 3) A section under that with my image on the right side with a short BIO about me then on the left under my image have a short TL;DR wuth my age and some other info, acheivements ect
  6. 4) Public Videos & Subscriber content (only logined and subs can see early content & posts / early youtube videos ect).
  7. 5) Couple images of my partners and affilates / sponsors
  9. - Leaderboard
  10. Will have a few leaderboards on this page (Activity leaderboard for those active on twitch, Top 100 users points & also a hidden subscriber leaderboard that shows the longest subscribers)
  12. - Login Page
  13. This will log in via Twitch (once logged in they can link there twitter to log in via twitter later)
  15. - Donation page
  16. Custom donation page that will have a few leaderboard options on it aswell (Top 3 highest single donations ever,  Top 3 highest overall accumated donations, Then top 3 donations of the month).
  17. the donation page will have a few options, Text to voice tick box for the message to be read out, also option to hide there message from onscreen alerts, also a last option to pay processing fee's like some other donation sites have.
  19. - Currently Playing / Playlist Page
  20. a list of 100 songs in the playlist and who requested it (This is the tricky part though the songs will play in 3 places, Discord, The Page itsself and then on the dashboard where i can also remove songs add songs and also manage the blacklist).
  22. - Points Store
  23. Like revlo where i can add things from the bot, most adding things from the dashboard.
  25. - Commands Page
  26. Will show commands for all users and any subscribers logged in will be able to see special commands they can see (hidden unless there a gamewisp sub or websub).
  28. - Users Page
  29. Will have a profile page, Under the profile page will show there expirery date for Gamewisp Sub / Websub (User visibility only for the expiry dates) Link Twitter & discord account (for there subscriber rank in discord).
  30. on the left of the profile page will have a full events list (eg: Subscribed, Tipped, Won a giveaway (Once Claimed), Redeemed something off the store [Only if it was approved from dashboard]).
  35. Dashboard:
  36. - Intergrations
  37. Gamewisp, Discord, Twitter, Youtube & Soundcloud (For the music side of things)
  39. - Welcome page
  40. Will have a place for me and other "Admins" to leave notes for moderators and anouncements.
  42. - Stream Management Page
  43. Update title / game, See latest donations & subscribers (gamewisp & websubs), See chat and viewer count.
  45. - Alerts
  46. Live alerts from Follower's, Donations, Subscribers
  47. The ability to customise them fully with CSS and upload images.
  49. - Subscribers Page / User Database (Showing all users currency ect)
  50. Ability to check peoples subscription end dates, Award subscription to users ect
  51. Check Users Points Balances, Award points to all users in chat or in the database
  53. - Music Management Page
  54. This page will have, Song playing & Audio
  56. - Commands Page
  57. Regular commands begining with "!"
  58. Phrase Commands that can be triggered via a word or two.
  59. User: Whats Your Psn
  60. Bot: Responce
  62. - Moderation Page
  63. The Moderation will work on a Points system each thing will award one or so points after so many points you get timed out / banned, Points disapear after a certain amount of time.
  64. Moderation log's, Who timed out who with what reason and length
  65. General Banned Links & Keywords (Subscribers can bypass)
  66. Global Banned Links & Keywords (No one can use, Porn links ect)
  67. Anouncements (Timed messaged on Twitch)
  69. - Giveaways system
  70. The gist of it will be users will enter with !enter regular users will get one entry, Single Subs will get 2 entries and dual subs will get 3 entried but it will cost the same price for everyone
  71. (Eg: Entry = 10 Shards
  72. Regular user = 1 entry
  73. Sub = 2 entries
  74. Dual Subs = 3 Entried)
  75. No matter there sub status it will cost everyone 10 shards.
  77. Dual subs will get entered automatically and will have 48hours to either use "!claim" in the chat or on there profile under alerts tab (this will be a drop down menu under login) other users will have to do !claim in chat.
  78. Also Dual Subs if they win will get a email (will need to be customised to look nice some HTML formatting ect will be similar for new subscriber's (websubs)).
  80. -Store Page
  81. Built exactly like revlo where a user can spend there points the page will need the ability to accept a users reward or refund
  82. So will need 2 tabs, Management Tabs for Adding / Removing items off store and another for managing users purchasses.
  83. Some rewards will be Automatic for example Emotes only mode for 10mins ect
  85. - Mini Games
  86. Heist Minigame, Roulette, Viewer Strawpolls, Betting.
  88. - Extra's
  89. A week before a users subscription runs out the bot will whisper them on twitch with a reminder, they can turn this reminder off on the website but its on by default.
  90. Above a users profile will have a notification above there channel asking them to follow the bot so they can recieve whispers (because of some users privacy settings).
  92. - Twitch Plugin (Tampermonkey, Also will need a website)
  93. Well it will have badges for Gamewisp sub and websubs 2 different badges for them and then a 3rd badge for dual subs that will be a merge of both gamewisp badge and websub iv already an idea for them. (Will read from the API)
  94. ill have a cat with a sword on the left side behind it for a gamewisp sub then the sword on the right side for websub and 2 swords crossed behind a kitty on Dual sub.
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