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  1. Anonymous Releases Massive Pile of Documents!!
  3. The following documents were compiled and saved by Guccifer, back in 2012.  Guccifer was from Romania.  He hacked into many databases, like this one from Bank of America’s Cyber Security servers, many governments, exposing many corruptions.  He exposed affairs, satanic rituals, fraud and many other crimes committed by the ruling elite.  Guccifer aka Marcel Lazăr Lehe, revealed the murder of Gaddafi, US Ambassadors, and much more.   He is the reason we have proof and truth about lybia, the nukes that were set off in America by the US government, 9-11, and other attacks.  He leaked documents about FEMA and it’s plans to do what it is doing right now: rounding citizens up around the country and putting them in camps...disposing of the unwanted.  He foiled the elites plan to nuke chicago.  Much of what we hear in the news today of the rampant corruption… is because of Guccifer.
  5. Anonymous, in honor of Guccifer, is releasing the following documents.  Part of a stash of Guccifer’s works.  This segment is about Anonymous.  This reveals one firm’s cyber stalking of Anons and all online.  One firm’s spy tactics and procedures and this is a small spider on the interWebz.  We must be vigilant. Our human rights are raped every day by these putrid rats.  They are allowed to take every freedom we have, silently, without consent.  It ends now.
  7. #Guccifer.  It Includes:
  9. Projectwhitefox – freedom of information  Massive Leak.  #OpWCIT (Operation World Conference on International Telecommunications.)
  10. The Internet Attack That Wasn’t.  Cybersecurity. Anonymous plants bomb in a Govt. building. Anonymous leaks 1.35GB of Italian State Police.  Anonymous falling to pieces
  11. Hacktivist Group to Suspend Attacks on Banks Temporarily. It just depends on your perspective.
  12. Daily Cyber Threat Highlights. FawkesSecurity another example of deliberately pointing to invalid link to claim DdoS.
  13. Anonymous Hacks Police Forum.  Banks Attacked.  Cyber “Security”.
  14. Xtreme RAT Targets Israeli Government.  The Next Weapon Of Mass Destruction Will Probably Be A Thumbdrive.  Bank of America Receives Phishing Attack.  
  15. FawkesSecurity Idiot.  Adiga Hackers Take Out Banks.  FBI Expands Cybercrime Division.  ZeroAccess Botnet Surge.  Credit Card Breach. Hunting Botnets On A Bigger Scale.
  17. And on and on it goes. A bit of insight into how deeply you are watched...much deeper than you see here.  Be safe. Be careful.  Know you are always watched. Enjoy!!
  20. Expect Us.
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