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  1. : Niece
  2. LittyAionios: said you wanted one lmao
  3. trynamakemoves: i did
  4. DjAdamOpeth has joined the chat
  5. trynamakemoves: yes
  6. KaterinaAionios: hey adam
  7. AnuShadowMuintir: rawr
  8. KaterinaAionios: now i want a like specialized one
  9. DjAdamOpeth: Hey Kate
  10. LittyAionios: Walker family
  11. KaterinaAionios: get a dev to write Katerina on it
  12. KaterinaAionios: lol
  13. KenSorrows: WALKER PARADE
  14. LittyAionios: all got fucked up hips
  15. LittyAionios: XD
  16. JudithGraceAionios: Please don't throw the past in adams face anymore please
  17. KaterinaAionios: kool aid man with walker!
  18. trynamakemoves: wdym
  19. trynamakemoves: he did it to me
  20. trynamakemoves: sooo
  21. JudithGraceAionios: he told me
  22. AnuShadowMuintir: .hi everyone
  23. trynamakemoves: and?
  24. DjAdamOpeth: Ya you fucking terrible cunt ass whore
  25. JudithGraceAionios: yeah but you dont have to do it to him.
  26. LittyAionios: Omg
  27. trynamakemoves: doesnt mean it was the truth
  28. JudithGraceAionios: ADAM !
  29. JudithGraceAionios: ENOUGH
  30. JudithGraceAionios: Im handling it
  31. trynamakemoves: ......
  32. KaterinaAionios: stop that language
  33. LittyAionios: well then
  34. KaterinaAionios: I dont want to hear that in here
  35. DjAdamOpeth: Now shut your fucking cunt ass mouth piece of shit
  36. trynamakemoves: he did it tomme
  37. LittyAionios: lost a friend today ^^
  38. KenSorrows: adam
  39. JudithGraceAionios: ADAM!!!
  40. JudithGraceAionios: stop it
  41. KaterinaAionios: drop what ever happened and move on people say mean stuff and move on all the time but dont keep going on
  42. LittyAionios: Adam leave
  43. KenSorrows: gtfo
  44. JudithGraceAionios: go to my room NOW
  45. LittyAionios: go
  46. trynamakemoves: im taking screenoes
  47. JudithGraceAionios: ken stfu
  48. DjAdamOpeth: Idc your a fake ass anyways
  49. trynamakemoves: sending them to grannie
  50. JudithGraceAionios: im trying to fix this
  51. AnuShadowMuintir: -pouts and pokes everyone with his tails-
  52. LittyAionios: k
  53. KaterinaAionios: i think you need to chat with judith to calm down a bit please adam
  54. KenSorrows: dont ever call MY DAUGHTER A WHORE AGAIN
  55. KaterinaAionios: hey puppy
  56. LittyAionios: Cause I've ever talked to you like that ^^
  57. JudithGraceAionios: -.- im about to hit you adam do what i told you to do and go
  58. DjAdamOpeth: Shut up you fag
  59. trynamakemoves: ADAM STFU
  60. trynamakemoves: YOU STARTING DRAMA
  61. DjAdamOpeth: that doms people and makes Litty second choice
  62. trynamakemoves: GET OUT
  63. JudithGraceAionios: -Wakes mom up-
  64. KaterinaAionios: remove yourself
  65. KenSorrows: piss off and leave
  66. DjAdamOpeth: What whore can't hear you
  67. trynamakemoves: SHUT UP
  68. KaterinaAionios: or im going to remove you for now adam
  69. KaterinaAionios: to calm
  70. LittyAionios: woof woof do what she says XD
  71. KenSorrows: XD
  72. trynamakemoves: YOUR STARTING STUFF
  73. trynamakemoves: GET OUT
  74. KaterinaAionios: so im asking you to nicely go talk with your sister because this isn't going to happen anymore
  75. trynamakemoves: STOP CUSSING
  76. trynamakemoves: IDC WHAT U CALL ME
  77. LittyAionios: Sierra
  78. LittyAionios: stop
  79. trynamakemoves: BUT DO NOT DISRESPECT MY MOM
  80. LittyAionios: SIERRA
  81. trynamakemoves: >:(
  82. trynamakemoves: fine
  83. LittyAionios: I know
  84. LittyAionios: calm down bbg
  85. DjAdamOpeth has left the chat
  86. KenSorrows: ^
  87. JudithGraceAionios: -.-
  88. AnuShadowMuintir: i'm guessing i came in at the time?
  89. LittyAionios: He can remove me permanently
  90. trynamakemoves: I hope everyone can see
  91. JudithGraceAionios: ken , everyone LEAVE IT ALONE.
  92. AnuShadowMuintir: would be understandable since no one said hi back
  93. JudithGraceAionios: PLEASE
  94. LittyAionios: Why we let it fo
  95. AnuShadowMuintir: at a bad time***
  96. LittyAionios: he did not
  97. trynamakemoves: we literally said nothing
  98. KaterinaAionios: litty im going to talk to your mom about that
  99. trynamakemoves: til he came in
  100. LittyAionios: Hai puppers
  101. KaterinaAionios: because im tired of this
  102. LittyAionios: Thank you gma
  103. KaterinaAionios: i whispered him to leave but i was going to boot him out if he didn't
  104. JudithGraceAionios: he has a lot going on! jeez. everything isn't about you sis
  105. trynamakemoves: ooof
  106. trynamakemoves: wow
  107. KenSorrows: XD OMG IM DYIN
  108. JudithGraceAionios: only reason he left was because i told him to on discord
  109. LittyAionios: its about damn time someone does
  110. KaterinaAionios: people can be mad all they want i refuse to hear my gran kids be called names like that
  111. trynamakemoves: thank u
  112. LittyAionios: DOESN'T GIVE HIM A DICK PASS AJ
  113. KaterinaAionios: I know hes hurting judith but its not ok
  114. KaterinaAionios: THere are limits to how you project your self pain
  115. trynamakemoves: THIS IS AJ
  116. trynamakemoves: z
  117. trynamakemoves: z
  118. trynamakemoves: z
  119. trynamakemoves: z
  120. trynamakemoves: z
  121. trynamakemoves: z
  122. trynamakemoves: zz
  123. trynamakemoves: zz
  124. AnuShadowMuintir: v_v
  125. LittyAionios: Someone passing is not an excuse to treat people like that
  126. trynamakemoves: im done
  127. trynamakemoves: im sleep
  128. KenSorrows: "get shot in the head fucktard"
  129. KaterinaAionios: no its not i told ken and you that already
  130. KaterinaAionios: and if she wants me here
  131. KenSorrows: z
  132. KaterinaAionios: I will not tolerate that in our home
  133. trynamakemoves: ok
  134. LittyAionios: YUUUSS
  135. LittyAionios: FINALLY
  136. trynamakemoves: did I say anything
  137. LittyAionios: Sierra
  138. KaterinaAionios: When he gets over his pains and can be a ration adult then i feel its ok
  139. LittyAionios: She meas mom
  140. KenSorrows: FINALLLY SOMEONE
  141. LittyAionios: ur gma
  142. KaterinaAionios: its not anything against him its what happened
  143. JudithGraceAionios: 0.o fuck yall. YOU SHOULDNT EVEN BRING THAT UP YOU DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND IT -.-
  144. trynamakemoves: woah
  145. LittyAionios: okay
  146. KaterinaAionios: judith
  147. LittyAionios: yeah kinda do
  148. JudithGraceAionios: how so
  149. LittyAionios: Watched my husband die ^^
  150. JudithGraceAionios: huh
  151. KaterinaAionios: its about being respectful as a human being we have all lost someone dear to us and we do sympathize pain of loss expecially a parent
  152. trynamakemoves: i dont understand
  153. trynamakemoves: I am watching my brother die
  154. trynamakemoves: rn
  155. trynamakemoves: in my face
  156. trynamakemoves: and I am not?
  157. LittyAionios: I didn't treat everyone like shit just cause he passed
  158. trynamakemoves: my twin fucking killed hiself and I found hois body
  159. KaterinaAionios: because everyones pain and everyone has sudffered and everyone deals differantly but its not ok to take it out and hurt people because you are
  160. trynamakemoves: but idk?
  161. trynamakemoves: bro
  162. trynamakemoves: just shut up
  163. KaterinaAionios: I lost a mother..I would never ever treat anyone that way
  164. LittyAionios: Nor because the hospital put a big ass hole in his lung and killed him
  165. JudithGraceAionios: my dad died for no reason. my mom went into cardiac arrest
  166. AnuShadowMuintir has left the chat
  167. KaterinaAionios: but did you hurt others when you hurt ?
  168. LittyAionios: We all lose people
  169. JudithGraceAionios: yes
  170. JudithGraceAionios: i did
  171. trynamakemoves: no
  172. trynamakemoves: I didnt
  173. JudithGraceAionios: and i didn't mean to
  174. JudithGraceAionios: but
  175. LittyAionios: its not a reason to be a shitty person
  176. KaterinaAionios: I'm sorry to hear that
  177. JudithGraceAionios: people understood it
  178. trynamakemoves: I literally just stayed in my room
  179. JudithGraceAionios: yall just dont like adam.
  180. KaterinaAionios: but it still isn't a good way, you cant take it back and im not saying i never want him here, just when he can cope better
  181. trynamakemoves: thats not it
  182. KaterinaAionios: and not stress everyone out and hurt them
  183. KenSorrows: agreed littybear
  184. JudithGraceAionios: ugh
  185. trynamakemoves: stop sayign that
  186. LittyAionios: Uh we love adam
  187. LittyAionios: he's jsut being an ass
  188. LittyAionios: I've never
  189. LittyAionios: EVER
  190. LittyAionios: talked to him like that
  191. trynamakemoves: and the only reason
  192. JudithGraceAionios: then why let your daughter hurt him by throwing past in my face
  193. trynamakemoves: I brung up his past
  194. JudithGraceAionios: his
  195. JudithGraceAionios: z
  196. trynamakemoves: is because he bung up mine
  197. KenSorrows: hes just salty because you rejected him
  198. JudithGraceAionios: he is going through enough
  199. trynamakemoves: I warne him
  200. trynamakemoves: NO HE DID THAT HIMSEFL
  201. JudithGraceAionios: KEN STFU i still dont like you
  202. JudithGraceAionios
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