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Jul 17th, 2017
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  2. Today after leaving my shift at Cinema Taco, I received a call from my co- worker quite shaken up informing me that the Proud Boys (A white nationalist group) was in the restaurant and that he refused to serve them and needed help ASAP. I called my manager and then the non-emergency line for the police. I called my co-worker back to let him know the police were on the way and I couldn't get a hold of him. I put on my shoes and booked it back to work, hoping he was O.K. On the way I got stuck behind a train and met a woman there who could tell I was shaken up. She asked if I was in a hurry and I said for once I was. I explained the situation, and that we designated Cinema Taco as a "Safe Space" (a place where those victimized by hate crimes could take refuge) and I was deeply concerned for his well being. She offered to come with me and I told her it could be dangerous and that I didn't want to put her in that position. She said she was brave and we together carefully snuck back into work through a secret entrance. My co-worker visibly shaken informed me that 15(!) of these people came into our restaurant and our patio. He said he started serving them and noticed they had uniforms. Once he did he looked at the flyer I posted w/ the faces of known members of the Proud Boys and identified them. He told them he would not serve them anymore and some started getting aggressive and that's when he carefully called me. He thanked me so much for calling the cops and coming in. Thankfully the police I had called and another co-worker showed up and the police escorted them out of our establishment and created a barrier to prevent them from coming in. We locked the doors, shut down, and had volunteers offer to escort us off the premises. We shut down and (I think) all got home safely.
  3. This happened guys. And apparently a few people are trying to say we serve Neo Nazis. My co-worker is a goddamn hero for refusing to serve them and that is what should be being said right now.
  4. Please, please share this post and let people know what happened. Spread the word. I, among my co-workers am a little shaken up by the ordeal and will be spending the night with my family. Cinema Taco is closed until further notice because of the suspicion of us serving the group.
  5. We Love You Guys, Stay Safe.
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