Shinmaic Principle Generation-A Jumpchain Project

Aug 22nd, 2016
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  1. Shinmaic Principle Generation-A Jumpchain Project
  3. “You cannot be your own maker, Samael. None of us can”
  5. “You seem to have managed well enough"
  7. “I? No. True, I’m infinite and eternal. But even I was shaped by forces external to me. You know what they are. You’ve been unhappy because you’ve desired things that cannot be”
  9. “That’s what desire is. The need for what we can’t have. The need for what’s readily available is called greed. And futile or not, my struggle against you has shaped me into what I am. Do you expect me to apologise for it?”
  11. “By no means”
  13. The Presence and Lucifer, Lucifer issue #75
  15. The goal of this project is to become a transcendent entity capable of interfacing and interfering with metaphysical constants in other realities. The exact nature of such an entity is largely unquantifiable, and so the precise nature of such a being is unclear at this point although an educated guess will be made based on the infrastructure and components involved.
  17. A key prerequisite to this is having fully realised one's status as a Devil-Tiger, having learned all Charms required to differentiate oneself from an Infernal Exalted. This metaphysical structure will be vital at the end of this project as a template.
  19. Phase 0: Installation
  21. This project is founded on a number of concepts only existing within the Exalted setting. These include:
  22. -The Shinma: Entities which are nonbeing discarnate, defining all phenomena in Exalted’s reality as their absence to give rise to defining fundamental concepts such as corrosion and communication and existence, as well as the Wyld-a transient emergent property manifesting as an infinite, chaotic totality of existence comprised of transient emergent properties.
  23. -Virtue: The abstract concepts of Valor, Temperance, Conviction and Compassion which effectively function as a cosmological constant on par with gravity and which are a fundamental constant naturally resulting from the Shinma
  24. -The Raksha/Fair Folk: Fae-like entities defined as a chaotic closed system of desire and hunger localised around several abstractions of Shinmaic emenations
  25. -Graces: Spiritual and physical representations of a Raksha’s Virtues which can be harvested to create various artifacts and concepts
  26. -Oneiromancy: Spells crafted from Cup Graces used by the Raksha as tools of enslavement in both literal and conceptual terms.
  27. -The Unshaped: Truly formless Raksha compromised of a living narrative supported by Emanations: Avatars of their Graces, in a similar manner to the relationship between Third Circle Demons and Yozis. They are incapable of entering Creation proper without dying in moments but have unparalleled Wyld-shaping power.
  28. -The Beyond: A conceptual plane defined as existing outside of all other planes of existence within the Exalted cosmology
  29. -Desmene: An area where the natural flows of essence are particularly strong; often, this is where two or more dragon lines (flows of essence) cross each other, if they are elementally aspected
  30. -Manse: A structure built atop a demesne to control and harness its’ essence flows for various forms of useful work
  32. To begin with, it is important to identify a number of valuable resources present in the setting:
  33. -Prince Lasshe, the Morning Star: A particularly powerful Fair Folk who successfully managed to acquire “a form of pure power such that it rivaled the Unconquered Sun” (The Ink Monkeys, page 161) through a scheme in which he pretended to be the Sun’s faithful ally, was struck down by his Godspear upon the discovery of his depravity (thus forming a narrative in which he would resurrect himself to become a being of unimaginable power), hid in a sigil upon the Sun as his Aegis broke from the loss of his Temperance in striking him down, stole away to the Daystar’s forge and used it to transform himself into a living narrative so rare and complex it subsumed the elemental force of light that the sun represents, absorbing, internalising and redefining him to be attuned to the Sun’s power-only to be banished to the Beyond by Luna before his final blow could be struck in the ensuing dual (wherein the Sun’s Valor prevented him from dealing infinite damage due to a number of human souls Laashe held hostage at the time, and Laashe appeared to hold the advantage for most of the duel)
  34. -“Soonandsoforth” (The Ink Monkeys, page 160): A serpent a thousand miles long stitched together from countless hadhayosh (powerful magical creatures of the Wyld) over several millennia. Currently incapacited by the Sun tricking it into tying itself into knots (it was not an intelligent behemoth-centipede) and then by the Lunar host driving its’ mind-collective insane it fled through the Faraway and Luna has sealed the paths leading to it, while Gaia assists in diverting it on occasion.
  35. -The Namaskratti Giant: A walking tower forged of gossamer with Unshaped for organs. According to myth the Unconquered Sun just kind of tipped it over and it couldn’t get up, hence why it is now currently a horizontal city instead of a tower at the moment.
  37. The first step of this project requires attaining power and resources comparable with Yu-Shan or Malfeas. As it is deemed unacceptable to harvest either of these locations or their rulers for the purposes of this project, we will be using these creatures of the Wyld as acceptable targets/test subjects/victims/ravish-puppets. Harvesting each of these entities will require broadly similar methodologies. For the purposes of this exercise, it is assumed that the participant has all fae-related perks from the Exalted Mortal Gauntlet jump in order to have a basic affinity for manipulating Wyld energies of all kinds, as well as Softcap from Elona, Folded 1000 Times from Obsidian Trilogy and Experience like a River from Forgotten Realms to improve said abilities and one’s Essence rating-the latter even quicker, through use of Favor of Tashlan (Narnia) to synchronise Essence rank growth with that of Tales of Symphonia’s soul growth-indefinitely.
  39. Gathering these resources will be extremely difficult. To maximise one’s chances, one should use Great Works of the (Grace) enhanced by Guru (Chrono Trigger), Master Builder (LEGO), Elven Enchantment (LOTR), Artificer (Exalted: The Dragonblooded), Blessing of Daunder (The Banner Saga), Strong Spark (Girl Genius), Magitech (Thundercats), Putting It All Together (Tales of Vesparia), That Undefinable Thing (Tales of Symphonia), Anartist (SCP), Materia Synthesis/Materia Adaptation (FF14), Trigram Knowledge and Manipulation (Journey to the West), Synthesis Rank 4/Efficiency Rank 2/Infinite Alchemy: The Complete Volumes (Atelier Arland), Nine-Realms Craftsman (Earth's Mightiest Heroes), Restoring Legends (Zelda: The Minish Cap), They’re gonna have to invent a new type of Nobel Prize to give us (Portal), and Artifactory (Dragonlance) to forge one’s Graces into 5+ dot Wyld magical boons at an earlier date to the project's official commencement.
  41. Each Artifact created in this manner will be enhanced in the following manner to ensure it is at N/A Rank: Construction of it will involve the use of Discworld manifestation magic (Wizard, Discworld) as well as summoning (Necrotelecomicon, Discworld) to conjure the conceptual manifestations of relevant Shinma into a confined zone before using the powers of a Virtue (SMT) and Crystal Concepts (Kingdom Hearts) to push Craft:Glamour to its' fullest extent (Glamour being a manifestation of the Shinma's interaction with each other at indeterminably vast removes) by thaumaturgically working the aspects of the Shinma into mystic crafting, before using the Charm Great Works of the (Grace) (Virtues Expressed Through Grace, Exalted Mortal Hero Gauntlet) to transfer the aspects of their power into the artifact. If this proves insufficent, questing may need to be undertaken against a sufficiently powerful Unshaped. Thus, each Artifact will have elements derived from the Shinma Nirupadhika (Location), Nirvishesha (Identity)-which will require EXTREME caution to handle by using Impossibility Theorems to remind it of its' own nonexistence, Nirvikalpa (Communication), Dharma (Failure/Corrosion), Nirguna (Existence) and Nishkriya (Conflict) incorporated into its' construction.
  43. Staff=>Oath: Srishti oaths are the deepest oaths of the raksha, sworn in the name of the shinma Nirguna. It is unclear how an oath at N/A rank would be intrinsically superior to it although swearing upon multiple Shinma may be one posibility. Ideally such an oath would cause all forms of Shaping combat to become inherently Undodgeable, Unblockable and Unexpected as well as the use of the Rejection Of series of Charms. as innate powers Such an Oath would therefore likely pertain to Nishkriya (e.g. The Oath of Vajra: "I swear to honor all Nishkriya by bringing its' peace to the world and never failing to deliver its' message") and would likely feature similar esacpe clauses (e.g. the swearer can neither be defeated alone nor in a group, neither during the course of a journey or its' beginning or by anyone they hate, respect or tolerate. This of course means a Raksha/Unshaped who selects one and only one other to assist them in the fight, attacks the swearer once they have reached their destination or convinces them that the journey is no longer a meaningful concept so it effectively ceases to exist and presents themselves as a complete is unaffected by the prior innate Shaping effect).
  45. Sword=>Behemoth: The example Artifact N/A Behemoth, Ishiika the grass-cutter scythe (Graceful Wicked Masks, p. 136), is so vast it cannot focus on anything smaller than a direction, has immortality on the level of a Primordial and traits on par with the greatest behemoths, gods and Third Circle Demons. This Behemoth will roughly follow its’ traits, except instead of being a scorpion formed from a raging ocean of teeth surrounded by endless mandibles speaking the greatest fears of evert listener’s hearts it will resemble an endless hurricane in the shape of a shark made up of other sharks, whose teeth are sharknados, while inheriting its' original form's property of Essence vampirism-and serve as an efficient deterrant to interlopers.
  47. Cup=>Oneiromancy: This will be converted into a beyond-Shinma Circle spell, the precise details of which are unclear but will necessarily relate to the imposition of identity to give rise to an emergent property from Pure Chaos, the purpose of which will be discussed later.
  49. Ring=>Treasure: No examples of an Artifact N/A Treasure are provided, and the example 3 dot artifact is a mobile Waypoint (unit of geography in the Wyld measured through narrative). By inference, an Artifact N/A Treasure would resemble something akin to a vast conflux of Waypoints exceeding Creation in equivalent expanse, which will greatly expedite travel into Pure Chaos. Out of personal preference, this one will resemble a flying landmass with a lighthouse, a windmill and an old-fashioned ship’s tiller to steer it.
  51. Also, in preparation for this project one should enact a Shinmaic Calibration-either through the method mentioned above or with the help of an ally Solar Exalt-to give onself the potential to attain Essence 10 for maximum Essence manipulation proficiency. Design for the calibration should include high dots Nirvikalpa and Nirvishesha but low dota in Dharma to avert a rapid increase in local mortals spontaneously gaining such potential.
  53. In addition to this, Bels and Whistles (Devil Survivor 2) will prove useful for acquiring a high-priority target as part of one's court. The goddess Madame Marthesine's purview covers all lost things, to the point her treasury is described as such: "the Solar Exalted could use her treasures to restore the First Age and rule over all Creation again" (The Roll of Glorious Divinity 1, p. 55) implying at the very least a vast quantity of factory-cathedrals, an arbitrary amount of utility devices and advanced manses. Defeating her in single combat to gain her obedience will allow for access to these resources, which will be necessary for the success of this project.
  55. Furthermore, through Pact Binder (Changeling: The Lost) one should conduct a Contract of Samsara (the quantum foam-like blind force arising from the interation of the Shinma which contains arbitrary amounts of information and which the Maidens of Destiny interpret as an inevitable future) in order to reduce the danger of causality itself interfering with the project as well as to lower its' metaphysical difficulty through carefully worded clauses.
  57. Finally, this project will ultimately be achieved through an immense effort of Oneiromancy. To enhance it, Conjoined Conjures (Cardcaptor Sakura) should be used to hybridise Mage: The Awakening's magic with the process of native Oneiromancies. From the start to finish of this project the spell Forge Destiny should be cast over and over again with the goal "Enhance oneiromancy" until an abstract increment of success ranging in the thousands-if not millions-is attained; companions able to practice Mage magic should also contribute to the casting of Forge Destiny upon oneself, and any and all abilities which allow oneself to be in multiple places at the same time such as Of The Elder Blood (The Witcher), Lunar Dial (Touhou), Awaken (/co/co/'s Bizarre Adventures) and the Travelling Now (Wizard, Discworld) should be used to cast Forge Destiny even more times in an instant, with The Abyss of Magic (Overlord) supercharging each casting; being a hivemind of mystically capable iterations of oneself will drastically increase the amount of castings which can be performed. It is unclear if simultaneous use of the Contract of Samsara will have any synergy with these enchantments.
  59. Phase 1: Harvest
  61. “Soonandsofoth”: As the simplest task to carry out at this stage, one shall start by using An Audience, My Lord (ActRaiser) to contact the Unconquered Sun as well as his charioteer Nysela in order to explain one’s full understanding of threat this entity represents. It is likely due to the specifics that Nysela will disbelieve claims to one’s own capabilities, while Perfection Beyond Imagining will grant the Unconquered Sun knowledge of their truth; the following perks exist to establish a good first impression. It is important to be both honest about one’s concerns about Creation’s future to appeal to the Sun’s Virtues, as well as to emphasise that whatever design one has for the vast quantities of Gossamer to be harvested from the beast will take place far, far away from Creation:
  63. Authority of Space (Chroma Squad)
  64. Ultimate Authority (Jet Set Radio)
  65. Take The Ship (Titanfall)
  66. Born Sidekick (Once Upon A Time)
  67. Behind the Throne (Jade Cocoon)
  68. Executioner (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
  69. The Left Hand (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
  70. Why Not Marry Safe Science If You Love It So Much? (Portal)
  71. Realm of Myths (Civilisastion)
  72. The Mortyest Morty (Rick & Morty)
  73. You’re The Best Damn Partner I Ever Had (Kung Fury)
  74. Apostate/Exemplar/Tongue of a Shepard (Mass Effect)
  75. Harmlessly Evil/Yes we are definitely allies. That is a thing that is true (Hyperdimensional Neptunia)
  76. The Sincerest Form of Flattery (Sonichu)
  78. As a gesture of good faith the concept of the Great Curse will be explained to the Sun in full detail.
  80. Based on this understanding the Sun will be convinced to allow the blocks on the path leading to the entity to be removed. Subsequently I Live Here (Kingdom Hearts), Magic Diggin’ Hands (Unsounded), Dream Demon (Gravity Falls) and Talecrafting (Changeling the Lost) will be deployed to travel quickly through the narrative-based Wyld and rush Soonandsoforth. Battle tactics will consist of donning a fusion of Bedlam’s Crown (Dissidia Final Fantasy) and A Weight Upon The Brow (Sword & Sorcery) while using Ouroboros-The Alpha/The Omega/Continuum (Siren: Blood Curse) augmented by an Aspect of Stasis (Lord of Light) and Scarlet Destiny (Touhou) to enforce a closed loop of being bombarded with psychic attacks (ineffable, Neon Genesis Evangelion) further augmented by Synchronicity Event (FEAR) as well as Xenoempathy, Secrets of Creation and Ascent to Transcendence-the latter via clones (Alpha Centauri) upon the entity which stack its’ mental trauma exponentially in to order to utterly subjugate it through sheer terror; this part is of course contingent on one’s personal power having grown to the point that the Weight has become most unrecognisable, leading to a similarly drastic surge of terror in opponents which exponentially increases through the looped physical/mental state inflicted upon the entities. Being a hivemind (Abomination, Dune) and having magics capable of mental attacks which target the being’s very identity (The One Power, Wheel of Time; Refined Casting, Dresden Files; The Binding, Storm Hawks) will assist in this endeavor. One does not have to be an infinite multiverse as well as the spirit governing it to achieve victory through this method, but it helps.
  82. Once the entity is subjugated, it will be dissected for the vast quantities of Gossamer it can provide via a conjugation (Conjoined Conjures, Cardcaptor Sakura) of Wyld-paramagic (Sufficiently Analysed Science, FF8) and The One Power to reduce it back into component glamour. Incidentally, as Gaia is partly responsible for distracting this entity, this exercise will serve as the impetus to form a threefold contract with Gaia (Pact Binder, Changeling the Lost; Dark Contract, Ravenloft; The Deal Maker, Disney) to respectively gain an array of unique powers innate and aspected towards her cosmic principle, attain access to her charmset and acquire Solar Circle Sorcery aligned under her initiation which will be vital to the future execution of this project. Faust Schmaust (Dragon Age: Inquisition), Kindred of KeynesX2 (Spice & Wolf), Pledgesmith (Changeling the Lost), Legal Upgrade (Buffy), Contract Law (Metalopocalypse), Keepers of Law (Endless Legend) and Crazy Theme: The Law (Swat Katz) will aid in maximising the benefit from this bargain. As part of this contract, an arbitrary uses of the Virtue (SMT) knack for drawing on a greater being’s thaumaturgy should be arranged with Gaia and stored either using Cantrips (Obsidian Trilogy) or Sympathetic Magic (Libriomancer) using one’s own Dragonblooded Exaltation (Exalted: The Dragonblooded) as a focus. At this point Guardian Angel (Supernatural) should be used to protect the immense reserves of Gossamer from thieving Raksha.
  84. Following this bargain we will deploy Ring shaping techniques (either innately or via use of The Binding to hijack the ability from nearby Raksha/Ishvara) and a conjoination of MGNQ magic as well as Wyld paramagic supplemented with integrated magitech (Guru/Mega Bomb, Chrono Trigger) in the form of three Lambda gadgets, one combining Show of Power (to imitate ambient Shaping effects), Wave Function Collapse (to condense them into a fixed state) and Newton’s Nightmares (to control fundamental forces) for one gadget that causes a gestalt effect of manipulating the Wyld’s fundamental forces freely, another gadget combining Fractal Reality (to cause successes to spawn additional successes through probability manipulation), Cause and Effect (to cause seemingly unrelated actions to contribute towards a fixed goal) and Ripple (to cause events to spawn similar events through probability manipulation) to enforce certainty and stability on Wyld phenomena and the third combining Like the Movies (to manipulative narrative trends through probability), Left or Right? (to ascertain binary choice events) and Associate and Integrate (to manipulate Wyld relationships) to suborn the Wyld’s emergent phenomena to the ensuing process; the use of Gadgets has been reverse engineered using Jumper is a Genius! (Devil Survivor) from Aether expenditure in personally designed Infrastructure gained from a Changeling contract with the God-Machine of nWOD. To ensure such principles are compliant with Wyld metaphysics, all componentsinvolved should be incorporate all five of the magical materials: Orichalcum, Moonsilver, Starmetal, Jade and Soulsteel.
  86. Following this, Prototyper (The Polity), HYDRA Blueprints (MCU) and the Light of the Orokin-boosted What’s Yours Is Mine perk (Warframe) will be combined so as to engineer the capabilities of the HYDRA Blueprints device into each piece of technology here, then integrate it with Karmatron Dynamics-enhanced regenerator nanites (GUNNM) and the innate sorcerous power of Gaia via Magitek Mastery (FF6). Then using the mass of raw Gossamer as a target the nanites will be deployed as a “reality bomb” rapidly converting and refining them into the shape of a Gossamer model for a massive demesne network. As the vast quantities of Gossamer finish coalescing, the Abyss of Magic will be used to overcharge a fusion of Inner Universe (MGNQ), one’s own EX Anti-Planet NP (Fate/Extra) which is capable of generating leylines along thaumaturgical workings prior to being further augmented with the sacrifice of various Divine Spirits and Soulfire (Fire) while simultaneously channelling the Dragon Stream (Devil Survivor 2; obtained through training with Miyako) fused with Gaia’s Sorcerous powers via Dual Art as an additional layer of mystic rebar. The effect of the former working will be to force the gossamer-construct into a real series of interconnected demesnes while the latter will be used to infuse them with Gaia’s Essence-patterns such that they will have an aspect of growth and creation, a crucial aspect of the project. If the nanites have not been severely damaged by this process, they will subsequently be used to terraform the demesnes into personally attuned manses; if not the Herald’s (SMT) knack for creating angels out of base materials will be combined with the Dresden Files-native genius locii awakening technique (Worldwalker) to awaken the demesnes and have them build themselves into manses.
  88. This territory will be the primary infrastructure for the remainder of this project: Laboratory, samples and mechanism combined as one. For the purposes of this project, this territory will be designated “Elysium”.
  90. Initially creating such a zone in the Wyld is normally a challenge undertaken only by the lost principles of First Age Shaping technology. Lacking immmediate access to the Solar Deliberative's research, one may instead apply the following methodology to begin constructing an appropriate land:
  92. -Sorcery Savant (Buffyverse) + The Emerald Circle/Artificer (Exalted: The Dragonblooded) + Guru (Chrono Trigger) + Dimensional Device (Undertale) + Calamitytech/The Bastion (Bastion) + Octarine (Discworld) + Black Moon Crystal (Skies of Arcadia) + Elemental Synthesis (FF14) Song Science/Hardened Cosmosphere (Ar Tonelico) + Lambda Driver (Full Metal Panic) + One Hit Wonder/Triple A Title/Lost Art/Programmer (Generic Videogame Developer) + App Master (Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers) City of Heaven (Lord of Light) + Jumper is a Genius! (Devil Survivor 1) Inner Self (Demon’s Souls) + Correspondence Course (Fallen London) + Reload (Biomega) + Karmatron Dynamics (GUNNM) + Orb Design Plans (Swat Kats) Dark Matter (FF9) + Jumper is a Genius!/Naoya’s Notes (Devil Survivor 1):
  94. While Creation is anchored by the Elemental poles, a project such as this requires something more personal. To whit, one should conjoin Sorcery with Buffyverse magic for intuitive mastery. Following this, one should apply KD sciences to Essence artifice before converting the Micro-Brain repair unit technology into an Essence-using artifact, in order to generate a self-improving artifact capable of converting the Wyld's energy into useful mass and energy. Following this a Seed of Wonder (Created by using Demonology from Buffy, Biotechnician from The Polity and To Call Forth from Sword & Sorcery to reverse engineer the corpses of Old Ones into self-contained perpetual magic-outputting ecosystems then taking advantage of one's nature as the most powerful Buffyverse practitioner of magic to spawn a Seed from one's own body), songstone elements, an alloy of Octarine as well as Black Moon Crystals, RPIP, Shards and the City of Heavens’s seed's blueprints will be integrated into this prototype, before reforging it in a similar fashion reverse engineered from the Dawn Machine-an eldritch mechanism with properties that allows it to integrate into fundamental constants such as time, which here will be utilised to commence experimentations into mechanistic manipulation of the Shinma. However, the most important components will be all five magical materials (which appear to be necessary components in the most advanced forms of Essence-creations ever created such as the Five Metal Shrike and the Pattern Spiders), built into the City-seed to convert it into an N/A artifact, aided by necessary crafting information derived from the Contract of Samsara. Elven Enchantment (LOTR) is particularly vital in this device's construction as by infusing this mechanism with a few universe's worth of one's LOTR-native soul one may impose one's will on and through it as well as utilise it to amplify one's power for any mystic feats performed with it, all to better bind the very Shinma to the project's execution. This gestalt device will then be allowed to fuse with reverse-engineered constructions of the most advanced forms of Shaping technology requisitioned from the godedess of lost things' treasury.
  96. This device will be activated by a deluge of Soulfire, ensuring as it forcibly terraforms, stagnates and catalyses upon the Wyld its' growth into a singular region will be guided by one's will as a platform attuned to the fundamental forces of existence; the octarine-crystal alloy will be especially useful due to the application of its' conceptual inversion upon the Wyld as a defence/construction mechanism. The Seed is crucial due to providing a stabilised field of magic in which a world may come to be-and thus acting as a fulcrum for vast metaphysical workings, as the FF9-native dark matter enables the device to construct infrastructure in realms of normally inaccessible existence even as reverse engineering the Bastion's inner workings for the devise will grant immense recompilation capacity to the device, now supercharged from being powered by a gravity furnace.
  98. As this occurs, the contracted mystic abilities from Gaia will be used to cover as much terraformed area as possible into Rank 5 Demesnes with her creation abilities, while her synergy abilities will be used to link them together into a harmonious whole greater than the sum of their parts, culminating in a singularity of Dragon Lines focused on the Seed such that the Seed functions as a mystic cruicible for concentratic the flows of Essence. Additionally, the capstone-boosted Twice As Bright (Boktai) knowledge will be required to harness Cytherean essence in tandem using portals (Wakfu, Eliatrope's Portal) and the Dragon Stream as a meta-engineering component. Drawing on and supercharging (Abyss of Magic, Overlord) as well as refining control over (Dragon Stream learned via A Monster's Streanth) Gaia's magics will also enable one to cap these demesnes as they form into Manses, enabling greater overall control over the flow of Essence by tying it into a unified system. Each manse designed in this manner should have the following aspects:
  100. Exotic Aspect: Cytherea (including the Primordial herself as well as any Third Circle Souls willing to contribute)
  101. Geomantic Relay
  102. Living Manse
  103. Self-Stabilizing
  104. Immutable
  105. Regeneration
  106. Atelier-Manse
  107. Consecrated (Self); Titan's Blood-enhanced Empathic Environment may aid in implanting this feature
  108. Extended Zone of Influence
  109. Factory Cathedral
  110. Genesis Laboratory
  112. Additional mechanisms reverse engineered from the Moon Cell (Fate/Extra) and a probability distortion drive based on Nox Nyctores technology (Smelter, Blazblue) will be implanted herein to warp the flow of possibility itself for the purposes of isolating and integrating into the Shinma. Once it does, the device will expand rapidly defined by the dragon lines and absorbing essence to exponentially hypercharge already thermodynamics-breaking mechanisms through refined Essence manipulation systems. But instead of merely expanding to create vast amounts of mass and energy, the goal of this structure will be programmed to serve as a dome-shaped mystic anchor of stability and control mechanism for the rest of Elysium through which other Essence-engineering can be more easily conducted while stabilising the flow of energy within it, with the eventual goal of using sympathic occult ties to enable thaumaturgy conducted from Elysium to affect the Shinma. To ensure total control of this territory is achieved, the Moonstone (Lone Wolf) will be converted into a Hearthstone with Gaia's magics before being used to cap one final manse upon the territory's origin point with the above features as well as a variant Synergistic Overmind reliant on one's own consciousness as a control mechanism, thus using the Moonstone's property of macrothaumaturgic projection and the Dragon STream to harness all manses into a supreme N/A rank ever-expanding manse network. Integration of components based on Canopus-associated lifeforms, God-Machine infrastructure and angelified materials is currently being researched although individual results may vary.
  114. Following this these additional modifications to the territory will be used in order to further optimise it for making contact with the Shinma:
  116. -Ruinous Impulse (FF14) + Empathic Environment/Titan’s Blood (God of War) + I Am The Fortress (Might of Magic) + Landscape Attunement (Endless Legend): Achieving an innate connection to the land in order to draw on its’ power will prove to be a vital advantage in the course of the project. In particular, exposing the Seed to Ruinous Purpose's effect will improve sympathic connection between oneself and the territory, both bending the very laws of existence upon it to one's will as well as easing the transposition of mystic effects to and from it.
  117. -Defragmentation Device (Blame!)+Void Relic Refiner (Warframe)+HYDRA Blueprints (MCU)+Artificer (Exalted: The Dragonblooded)+Artifactory (Dragonlance)+Jawbreaker Jar (/co/co/'s Bizarre Adventures)+Mystic Eyes of Imaginary Numbers/relevant A+++ NP (Fate/Extra): In miniaturised emulation of the Daystar's engines, these devices will be constructed out of all five magical materials and plumb the Wyld for energy. Once a jawbreaker is placed into each hybridised device, they will perpetually refine each other and the jawbreaker until each jawbreaker holds potentiality akin to a Protoshinmaic Vortex-immersed in the imaginary space to ensure sufficient time for this refinement is available. These energy units will be networked into the essence-flows of the superstructure to provide additional self-image enhancing energy to the final process.
  118. -Wizard (Discworld) + Trigram Knowledge and Manipulation (Journey to the West) + Old Tainish/Pymeric Theory/Prodigal Composer (Unsounded) + High Speech (Mage the Awakening) + Correspondence Course (Fallen London) + Sympathic Magic (Libriomancer) + So That's What's In A Name (Bartimaeus Sequence): The most fundamental purpose of this infrastructure is to make contact with the Shinma. These systems are all used to define reality to some extent through using symbols to represent aspects of reality, so to attune Elysium to the Shinma several summoning circles written in translations of the Shinma's names written in each of them will be inscribed as a parameter into a circle primed for a similar spell as the wizards' harnessing of the platonic idea of the horse to make Sam Vimes' carriage fly in Thud! for the purposes of calling forth the Shinma instead
  119. -The Act of Gehenna (Jade Cocoon) + The Goddess Seal (Drakengard) + Guru (Chorno Trigger) + Necromancy (Geneforge) + Wizard (Discworld): As a punitive defensive measure, a twofold magic circle drawn in Octarine (Discworld) will be etched around Elysium's parameter, and several Raksha will be snared into the spells bound to it for the primary, Discworld-based spell to be sentient, and thus seek to snare nearby Raksha for fuelling the other spells
  120. -Unbound Casting/Resolved Casting: While Unbound Casting makes the thaumaturgical construct more stable in the Wyld, as one's magic is already tied to one's will Resolved Castiing greatly strengthens its' overall potency
  121. -Order Magic (Young Justice) + Specific Specialisation: Warding (Overlord): Additional layerings of thaumaturgical reinforcement, these abilities are especially pontent as defences against Raksha
  122. -All Practitioner perks and Wizard (Dresden Files) + Architect’s Eye (LoSS) + Well of Purpose (FF14) + Magic Circles (Tales of Symphonia) + Magic Circles (Mayou Hero and Demon King) + Gravity Furnace (Blame!): Merlin exhibited the ability to build the same structure at multiple points of time upon the same spatial coordinates. Using aeons of mystic experience this multidimensional aspect of engineering will be applied to all structures created here, with City-based technology allowing for resources to be pooled across space and time. As an advantage inherent to Exalted’s setting, it is arguable that technically no laws of wizardry are being broken because time is a meaningless concept in the Wyld save that which its’ inhabitants impose.
  123. -Flame of Tar’Valon (Wheel of Time) + Crystal Working (Geneforge) + Calamitytech (Bastion) + Crystals of Power (Dissidia Final Fantasy) + Crystal Isolation Methodology/Crystal Cache Seeds/Vein Revitalisation/Materia Synthesis/Materia Extraction/Material Hybridisation (FF14) + various Fal’Cie replications and samples (FF13, FF13-3) + Better Red than Dead (Dragon Age: Inquisition) + Enchantment? (Dragon Age): Crystals from various settings have supernatural and conceptual powers of conductivity and memory; in some cases they literally are fragments and memories of supernatural beings. By hybridising the mystic composition of crystals one can augment the dragon lines built into this land. The integration of a quasibiological component in the form of Lyrium is also significant, as being the blood of immensely powerful entities known as Titans in Dragon Age the perks-
  124. -Inner Self (Demon’s Souls) + Metaphysical Biology PhD (Evangelion) + Soul Smith (Dark Souls): -may be used to incorporate Essence production into the leylines on a scale undreamt of in Creation; while the leylines of that realm may hold more raw mystic power, humans were specifically designed as optimum Essence batteries by the Primordials. Thus using an apparatus such as to mass produce one’s human soul-structure may serve to infuse the essential nature of said souls into the new world, allowing it to generate Essence at significantly greater rates. These souls will be sealed within the S2 Engines described below
  125. -Metaphysical Biology PhD (Evangelion) + Temple of Thought (Binbougami-ga) + Throne of Creation (Etrian Odyssey) + Research Notes (Geneforge) + HYDRA Blueprints (MCU) + Void Relic Refiner (Warframe) + Defragmentation Device (Blame!) + Lambda Driver (Full Metal Panic): By combining the essential natures of AT-FIelds and Essence, Elysium can be lined with S2 Engines which provide perpetual Essence output seamlessly merged with two different refinement technologies to continuously enhance their output. Moreover, as willpower and Virtue are tangible forces in Exalted, applying Lambda Driver technology to theses units will enable the flow of Essence to be optimised and regulated by expending units of Willpower to increase the essence out[ut herein.
  126. -Gem Science and You (Steven Universe) + Metaphysical Biology PhD (Evangelion) + The Power Cosmic (Kamen Rider Neo Hessei) + Herald (SMT) + Shaper’s Authority (EVO) + Angel (Supernatural) + To Call Forth (Generic Sword & Sorcery): As there is likely to be an extreme propagation of crystals from the veins’ harnessing of Essence, one may consider how to maximise the advantage gained herein. The obvious solution is to create an angelic race based on the Angel of Thunder spawned from the crystals and “rapidly” incubated to maturity; effectively such entities are Crystal Gems endowed with an Evangelion angel’s capacity for metaphysical strength and an Exalted human’s capacity for Essence generation to make the most of excess Essence drain. These entities are likely to form a society/culture of some sort; this is an acceptable side effect of creating what is effectively a capacitor system for additional crystals generated by the self-contained surges of Essence in this area
  127. -Favor of Tashlan (Narnia) + A Tangled Web Weaved (Asura’s Wrath) + Semblance: Jam (RWBY) + Arcane Interface (Storm Hawks) + Founder: Worm Entities (Cortex Command) + Thorn Forged To Kill Kings (Tower of God) + Structural Conversion Tower (Blame!) + 0-D for Dummies (Megas XLR) + Guru/Mega Bomb (Chrono Trigger) + The Emerald Circle/Artificer (Exalted: The Dragonblooded): The requirement for a suitable defence system was discussed earlier in this article, and this piece of infrastructure exists to address it. By grounding excess energy through artificial leylines into a ring of towers bounding the perimeter of Elysium the Thorn’s emulated capabilities can be used to calcify Raksha by the thousands in currents of swirling Essence-Semblance that violently quash Shaping before turning it against the Raksha themselves or obliterating it in puffs of glamour. Should any prove resourceful enough to break through this aura, the towers will release limitless armies of Safeguards carrying miniaturised Essence blasters reverse engineered from the Realm Defence Grid
  128. -Herald (SMT): The conceptual transmutation of all materials will be used to upgrade the entire structure once it is mostly established.
  130. The Namaskratti Giant: Initial attack will use a Herald's (SMT) attack aura synchronised (CT0, Final Fantasy 12) with Halted Time (Valkyrie Profile) supplemented by an Aspect of Stasis (Lord of Light) and Anti-Madness Wavelength (Soul Eater) to wipe away lesser Raksha from the Giant’s surface without incinerating the entity entirely. Following this a broadly similar methodology listed above will be used to subdue the Unshaped within, with the exception that the Unshaped must be corralled into a suitable container. Multiple iterations of the Dragon Stream will be used to restrain the Unshaped, before utilising Talisman of Sealing (Jade Cocoon) as well as further adapted Warding and Summoning techniques from Overlord modified through Elder Scrolls conjuration (Spellmaker/Alter of Spellmaker, Elder Scrolls) and Arcane (Smite) to target narratives instead of lands, to restrain the Unshaped and herd them to Elysium.
  132. Prince Laashe: As Prince Laashe is a) extremely formidable and b) currently trapped in the beyond, a unique means of engagement is required. Initially we will require a magic circle (Tales of Symphonia) layered (Wizard, Discworld) five times in octiron (Discworld), phase-iron (Light of Terra), cuendillar (Wheel of Time), dragonbone (Fall From Heaven; harvested from Drifa’s corpse) reinforced with Angel Slayer (Valkyrie Profile) augmented by Embodiment of Evil (and Titan’s Blood, God of War as well as a separate project stemming from it: and Wraithbone (Bonesinger, Eldar Jump) with symbols from Old Tainish (Unsounded) inscribed throughout the circle to transfer the properties of its’ materials into the magic (but, crucially, on a conceptual level based on binding rather than damaging) creating an extremely powerful sealing effect. Preparations for this should also include being a master oneiromancer, whether through training and mystic boosters (Gift of the Thousand Master, Mahou Sensei Negima; Magical Power House+appropriate Divine Tier equipment+Specific Specialisation: Warding+Level One Hundred+The Realm of Heroes+The Abyss of Magic; Magic Body, Elona; Warring Warlock, Young Justice; Body of a Mind/Mind of a Body, Smite; Sorcery Savant, Buffy) or use of Dark Wisdom (Overlord) to transcribe high-level oneiromancy into another system. This will, of course, ripping out a suitably powerful Cup grace from one of the captive Ishvara to forge into a 5 dot artifact Oneiromantic spell.
  134. Tracking Prince Laashe’s whereabouts will require using a computation system capable of scanning all of space and time ( as the basis for observing the Beyond-and for that matter, imposing the concept of a fix location in the Beyond so that Laashe may become a valid target for effects. The Moonstone (Lone Wolf) will be used in order to subtly weaken dimensional boundaries between oneself and Laashe. At this point, the Page of Void's (Sburb) innate ability to extend the concept of one’s identity to concepts of arbitrary vastness will be used in tandem with the Noble Eightfold Path's (Lord of Light) property of exploiting oneness with the universe augmented by Trigram Manipulation and Alchemy (Journey to the West) as well as a reverse engineered D-Ripper from GUNNM modified (Technosorcery, Gargoyles) to run on Essence as well as biologically (The Flesh Is Strong, Hive Queen Quest) emulated through an S2 engine (Metaphysical Biology PhD, Evangelion) containing both Adam and Lilith DNA seamlessly integrated (Cobra-La Biotechnology, GI Joe) with the Ripper’s technology in order to modify its’ property of ascending the user to a region beyond time and space into being able to project one’s soul into realms beyond existence. The Moonstone (Lone Wolf) will then be used to project part of one’s soul into the region of the Beyond where Laashe would exist if he could, at which point the ALmighty, sin-igniting light of the Herald (SMT) and the pseudo-Fire of Sinai of a Dorman Power-boosted Chosen of Raphael (SMT) will be deployed as attacks augmented by Megalovania (Undertale), which in combination with Stacked (Lone Wolf) and Ruinous Impulse (FF14) will synchronise with the Anti-Demon Wavelength (Soul Eater) to broadcast an identity-corroding wave of spiritual energy and psychic assault to assail Laashe’s soul by surprise. This will also supplement an arbitrary amount (CSB, FF13) of vexing, snaring and ravishing attacks founded on Unassaible Tower of the Adamant Soul and Heroic Tempring (Exalted: Mortal Hero Gauntlet) aimed at stealing Laashe's Graces, neutralising his affinity to his own Virtues to weaken his capacity to fight back, which will be greatly aided by the N/A Oath. As a consideration to strategy Status Effects-Perpetual Destruction (Phantasy Star Online) will be used to rain millions of such effects on Laashe while Exploiting the System-The Way The World Works (Phantasy Star Online) will be used to defend oneself by retreating from the Beyond to negate Laashe’s attacks by shifting into Purgatorio (Environmental Excursion, Bayonetta) while whittling him down.
  136. This process will continue until Laashe has been effectively mote tapped, at which point the Necrotelecomicon (Discworld) will be used to summon Laashe’s helpless form into the center of the circle. The next step is to use Talecrafting (Changeling) to mantle the narrative role of the new villain who backstabs the original villain in order to surpass him in such a manner as to demonstrate his strength and darken the very tone of the entire narrative. Finally, The Binding (Storm Hawks) will be used to assault Laashe's Heart through Salt’s Blessing (Sunless Sea) as augmented by the Touched By The Protoculture boosted form of Listen To My Song, Ineffable (Evangelion) and The Art (Generic Music Jump) in order to seize control of his Heart Grace, at which point he will be forced to allow spiritual possession of his form.
  138. The point of this exercise is to assimilate Laashe, thus gaining an undefined skillset noted to be similar to the Unconquered Sun’s and directly tempered by his power.
  140. One of the most important yet simple components is simply access to the Daystar's flame itself. It goes without saying that surviving this acquisition is a quest in itself, hence the initial requirement to make a good first impression with the Unconquered Sun through voluntary disassembly of some of Creation’s greatest enemies (to appeal to his Conviction), the truthful confession of one’s goal being to make Creation great again (to appeal to his Compassion) and a blunt but concise assesment of the net result of the Sun's actions (to SAFELY appeal to his Valor; the combined persuasiveness of Apostate, Exemplar and Tongue of a Shepard from Mass Effect will be vital for knowing how to phrase this in a persuasive but not overly vitriolic manner) while the honesty of such a confession in itself will hopefully appeal to his Temperance to some degree. Even so, it is nonetheless likely the Sun will raise an eyebrow at the nature of this project and harbour great suspicion due to past events for the remainder of one’s stay in Exalted but such is life and this is preferably to the successful requisition being immediately followed by the Unconquered Sun showing up with all his Virtues intact and launching the Godspear immediately.
  142. Extracting and harnessing the Daystar's flame will require an inferred understanding of Dark Souls' metaphysics in order to understand why an Undead who has conducted milennia of research into both Pyromancy and Hexes is in a unique position to utilise fire-based metaphysical forces of creation. As revealed in Dark Souls 3, the First Flame has a symbiotic relationship with the disparity created by the advent of light and darkness, with darkness (in the form of Humanity) acting as a "fluid" fuel to sustain it while concepts such as civilisation and ambition resulting from the flame's emergence create a driving motivation even for sentient life created directly from the Dark. While tranquil, Humanity is meant to "flow" towards the fuelling of flame-either as a natural process of the world or due to some sort of change enacted by Gwyn, it is unclear-and when left to stagnate can mutate into inhuman manifestations. The latter seems more likely in light of the Painted World inhabitants' acceptance of a different system, and in any case it is made clear that the Lords' approach of artificially prolonging the cycle through undead is unhealthy in the long term for the world as a whole, resulting in metaphysical diminishing returns given the Flame's attempt at summoning the Unkindled (undead who failed to serve as fuel and were annihilated by the fire, only to be brought back as walking cinders) results in a being strongly implied to be inherently incapable of sufficiently linking the flame to replenish the world; by implication, it can be inferred that Humanity being rendered stagnant caused the world as a whole to decay. However, one who can wield the Dark Soul and First Flame in equal measure is capable of usurping the fire, subsuming and internalising it, leading to an Age of Hollows with undetermined consequences. It would seem that being reborn from the First Flame was sufficient to establish a connection to that force, while to gather sufficient humanity the Ashen One was granted dark sigils (described as a bottomless accretion of "curses") in addition to his evidently strengthened soul, and also tasked with absorbing the dark sigils from another fairly powerful Unkindled, presumably adding her spiritual strength to his own. The logic of this plan is supported by Vendrick in the second game, who was capable of fusing the crowns of three other kings into an artifact that prevented hollowing but lacked access to the Unkindled. For the purposes of this project, the artificial emulation of this feat will serve as a vector for internalising the Daystar's flame.
  144. As a being reborn from the Daystar, Laashe provides the link needed for the fire principle of this process. As a Dark Sign is equivalent to the Sigil, one must then reinforce one's own connection to it to continue; mastery of both hexes is advised, but the key part is the use of A+++ Mystic Eyes of Nothingness/Imaginary Numbers (and an A+++ Noble Phantasm that multiples their ranking 3-4 times over) to create a small, localised spatial bubble of magical energy futher refined with Master Craftsman (King Arthur) into the equivalent of a fairy-crafted Noble Phantasm around the Dark Sign wherein time has no meaning, allowing normally infinite calculations to take place i.e. creating a vast amount of Humanity, which can then be prevented from stagnating through the elemental infusion of Nasuverse's demonic energy causing it to manifest in a form corresponding to one's desires i.e. completion of this project. As the Daystar's flame likely exceeds the First Flame in potency by incalculable orders of magntiude. one should take futher countermeasures: Omega Energy (Beyond Hope, Captain SNES) will be transposed into the sigil in order to grant it resistance against reality-defying forces. Additionally, if one has not already done so one should contract with Cytherea (The Deal Maker, Disney) to be able to draw upon her regenerative essence at this point, infusing oneself in preparation for a successful act of creation. Then using the expertise provided by the capstone-boosted Twice As Bright (Boktai), when the time is right one can simply light oneself on fire while alloying the all-consuming flame with reality's cold emptiness to rise again as cold truth sustained by recursive perfection.
  146. This completes Phase 1 of the project.
  148. Phase 2: Chrysalis
  150. Having set up a suitably resilient workplace, one must then consider precisely how precisely to go about achieving reality enforcement. Conflicting reports make it difficult to determine whether Primordials attained this level; while Qaf was noted for designing the concept of Perfect Defences it is clear that the deaths of the Neverborn show some concepts remain immutable and unchangeable for them, although their hubris and partial infighting during the Primordial War may have also been a significant contributing factor. The answer may lie in Stephen Lea Shepperd’s commentary ( on the Ebon Dragon’s hypothetical ultimate goal: Namely, to exploit his nature as a being that does not exist to become one of the Shinma, thereby allowing himself to dictate his terms upon existence rather than the other way around. Michael Goodwin’s commentary on Yozi set theory ( elaborates on this by comparing the Primordials’ manipulation of the Shinma to a mathematician performing equations. This seems to show while the Primordials could manipulate the Shinma, in an abstract sense they were ultimately subordinate to them due to the Shinma being more constant.
  152. It is clear then, that achieving this goal requires specific recalibration of the Shinma in determining the nature of one's existence. At this point it is assumed that the participant has the Nobody background from Kingdom Hearts and Enter the Void, which grants basic control over non-existent energies and structures as well as status as a nonexistent entity, which will be crucial for metaphysical viability for the following steps. However this alone is merely used for crude energy release, and the infrastructure in the Wyld exists to serve as the focal point for rituals which directly tap into the fundamental forces of existence to achieve this effect.
  154. Returning to the furthest reaches of Pure Chaos, the participant must now extract a great many Protoshinmaic Vortexes (p. 116, Lords of Creation)-at least as many as there are suborned Ishvara in captivity. This is an orb of pure Essence, the structure of which "compresses physical and metaphysical laws too tightly for scrutiny, though a leading hypothesis proposes that the core pandimensionally folds an entire Wyld continuum into the artificial congruity” and under normal circumstances can only be only be created by a Solar with the Charm Wyld Shaping Technique with Lore 7 (coincidentally the same Lore rating required to perform Shinmaic Communion). At this point, it is assumed the participant’s mental processing capacity exceeds that of a baseline human by many orders of magnitude in order to qualify, which in tandem with Laashe’s Unconquered Sun-like powers, a basic knowledge of how to manipulate Essence (The Emerald Circle/Artificer, Exalted: The Dragonblooded) and Lore (FF6), Copycat Technique (Ranma 1/2) and A Monster’s Strength (Tower of God) is deemed sufficient to emulate this technique in tandem with the Show of Power exploit. Using this, one should gather at least as many Protoshinmaic Vortexes as one has captive Raksha.
  156. Next, gathering the subjugated Unshaped one must kill the Ruling Emulation (the subdivided Virtue-personality aspect which is dominant over others) and use its’ remains a thaumiel-class SCP (Sufficiently Analysed+Anartist, SCP) to neutralise the other Emulations. Then using Angel Slayer (Valkyrie Profile) and Corrupting Corruption that Corrupts (Obsidian), one should charge a Protoshinmaic Vortex with corruptive energies before forcibly integrating it into the Ishvara’s Essence flows-and imbue it with one's own custom beyond-Shinmaic Oneiromancy to enforce the concept of one's identity upon them. The Dragon Stream should then be used to bind the Ishvara (in their modified-Preserve the Land forms as artifacts) into the infrastructural dragon lines of Elysium. Additionally one should harvest the Cup graces from the Emanations in order to use Great Works of the (Grace) to forge them into oneiromantic spells of at least 5 dots. Such spells are individually defined as Shinma Circle Spells (Graceful Wicked Masks, p. 138) which "influence the primal substrata of the Wyld that exists before dreams, from which the shinma, the Primordials and certain of the Unshaped were made”. Subsequently Dark Wisdom (Overlord) should be used to emulate these effects through Elder Scrolls magic so that the Spellmaker practice (Elder Scrolls) can be used to reverse engineer and modify a comparable effect that causes individual oneiromancy spells to synchronise with and amplify each other each other, which should then be applied to all such spells integrated into Elysium via Cantrips (Obsidian Trilogy).
  158. The net result of this phase should be to integrate a massive mystic framework combining the power of multiple at least 5-dot Shinmaic Oneiromancies empowered by the sacrifice of numerous Ishvara to achieve an effect greater than the sum of their parts.
  160. Phase 3: Communion
  162. At this point, Discworld magic should be combined with Oneiromancy as well. During the final portions of this phase a split thaum event based on the Roundworld experiment will be used to jumpstart a profound act of metaphysical creation.
  164. The third phase of this project will require at least one (and preferably two or three) lovely assistants capable of performing the Shaping charm Shinmaic Communion-and having repurchased it up to (Lore) times-should use this charm to calibrate the shinmaic parameters of Elysium in its’ entirety, rendering Nirupadhika, Nirvishesha, Dharma, Nishkriya and Nirvikalpa malleable; this will have the likely advantage of increasing the central axis of Elysium’s integration into the Shinma. At this point, one should have had enough practice at using combined power of a Virtue (SMT) and Page of Void (Sburb) to make contact with the Shinma in order to participate, emulating this technique.
  166. This having proceeded, Lore (FF6), Copycat Technique (Ranma 1/2) and A Monster’s Strength (Tower of God) along with Arcane (Smite) should be used to further aid emulating the charms during the process through use of Laashe’s Unconqeured Sun-like powers over automatic success (implicitly present due to the fact that during their duel the Unconquered Sun was losing until Luna's intervention, and only suppressed Temperence and Valor, but not Conviction or Compassion-and his innate ability Perfection Beyond Imagining, as described on page 1 of Glories of the Most High: The Unconquered Sun, is Conviction-dependant). Stacked (Lone Wolf) ensures any action defined as an attack becomes an aggregate of disparate power pools, and so Well of Purpose (FF14) which drastically increases area of effect as well as allowing all allies are able to participate in a spell, Synchronized Conjuration (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) which allows separate spells to amplify each other, Full Circle (Dragon Age: Inquistion) which drastically increases the power of a working through multiple participants and Dual Art (Castlevania) which synergises mystic and spiritual techniques will be used to allow all participants to benefit from the exponential Forge Destinities activated up to this point for this project. In preparation for this, Real Eater (Medaka Box) will be used to modify Stacked to apply to ritualistic actions instead of attacks-and for the next step, to alter [CT0] to apply to mystic acts of synchronisation instead of attacks.
  168. The next process requires once again using the magic circle for a process of absolute meditation and a form of spiritual projection based on Ptolemy's work translated via Dark Wisdom (Overlord) as a custom Shinmaic Circle Oneiromancy to enable contact with the Shinma; the original spell's details are here (, and the most likely addition is the use of [CT0] (Final Fantasy 12) to combine the power Enter the Void (Kingdom Hearts) grants over nonexistent energies alongside the standard Shinma-related Shaping Charms, in order to project one's consciousness towards the largest mass of nothing that does not exist. Additionaly aptitude with the mystic mechanisms will be provided by A Spirit's Power and two purchases of Might Actually Does Makev Right (Batimaeus Sequence). Page of Void (Sburb), The Noble Eightfold Path (Lord of Light), Apotheosis (Baten Kaitos), Artificer (Exalted: The Dragonblooded) used to engineer the D-Ripper from GUNNM to run on Essence and the Light of the Orokin-enhanced Mindful Transference (Warframe) will be used to assist in making contact with the Shinma-specifically, the aspect of Nirguna (Existence) known as Advaita Iraivan which is defined as the Divine Creator. Using the Behemoth, Treasure, Oath and Oneiromancy crafted from one's virtues as mystic foci may expedite this search through use of Sympathic Magic (Libriomancer) and the Abyss of Magic (Overlord)
  170. Once this has been achieved, Virtue (SMT) will be used to form a connection to Advaita Iraivan, gaining control over thaumaturgy pertaining to the highest levels of creation in the setting. With access to this power, Sympathic Magic (Libriomancer) will be overcharged with Abyss of Magic (Overlord) by pouring all magical abilities into this link of sympathy between oneself and the Shinma, a feat assisted by Elysium’s eldritch architecture slowly subsuming and integrating the Shinma as this has been occurring. Finally, Cast Aside This Vessel (Sword & Sorcery) will be used to attain a powerful but temporary form aligned with this intrinsic entity, temporarily becoming an indescribable avatar of the Shinma as expressed by one’s own identity.
  172. Following this, Shinmaic Calibration should be performed in tandem with the assistants; in Creation this takes a day, and so it is advisable to create the concept of linear time briefly to allow it to progress. For best results, 5 dots (or more if possible; it is unclear whether the 5-dot cap on Shinmaic Calibration is meant to be a softcap as per Resources ratings or a hardcap as per Essence ratings) should be placed in both Nirvikalpa (to ensure it is as potent as possible), Nirvishesha (to ensure it is permanent) and Nirupadhika (to ensure all existence and beyond recognises one's Primoridialhood) and 1 in Dharma (to ensure it is targetted upon oneself specifically). While demonstrated feats from Solar Circle Sorcery appear unable to achieve the task at hand, the calibration may provide a conceptual effect to render the process more likely to succeed which draws on the collective Essence of the Wyld's infinite depths.
  174. Finally, the user should use Pyromancy (Dark Souls) to absorb the gestalt flame, consuming Laashe in it wholly before absorbing its’ power, thus fully internalising a narrative of perfect resurrection. At this point all Oneiromancies as well as the Shinmaic Calibration should be activated, enveloping Elysium simultaneously in an overloaded miracle and a Wyld-based effect comparable to it.
  176. Phase 4: Apotheosis
  178. With the power of the supreme creator entity in Exalted harnessing vast amounts of Essence, the power of the Wyrd internalised through a perfect flame, the narrative of a Raksha who stalemated the Unconquered Sun with only two of his Virtues suppressed, the activation of the oneiromancy-gestalt and the miracle, the first act is to sing the Soulhymn (FF13-3) and Salt’s Blessing (Sunless Sea) as foci for transmuting all of the protoshinmaic vortexes into the foundational essence-patterns of a Primordial that define its' Excellency and jouten. This is where one's Devil-Tigerdom will be critical; one will essentially draw upon one's own nature as inspiration in the grip of an indefinite training effect to realise the full potential of one's own charmset.
  180. As there is next to no information on the Shinma, it is difficult to determine how many Vortexes it takes to make one or whether some would naturally merge with others to become aspects of each other. The intended goal is to at least one jouten to represent each Shintai charm one knows, but it is difficult, if not impossible, to quantify events taking place at a stage where multiple miracles are simultaneously occurring; while the perk I Am What I Am And Always Will Be (Innstrad) as well as Fathomed Pages (Sunless Sea) will aid in reconciling unwanted changes to some extent, the fact that one is currently in a complex state of having no external or internal boundary poses a significant challenge. While this hypothesis ( is technically not confirmed canon, the account of Cytherea “awakening” herself and the other Primordials in the Wyld (Ink Monkeys, p. 164) as well as Shinma Circle oneiromancy’s description indicates it is at least broadly similar in scope and nature.
  182. By using The Magic Found In Stories (Innstrad) further refined by Wordbound: Narrativium (In Nomine), the history of the Primordials (as supplemented by the descriptions from the Viridian Legend Exoskeleton and eyewitness interviews) followed by the most recent edition of the Broken-Winged Crane as a catalyst will be used to create a perpetually escalating cascade of charms. It now falls upon the celebrant to harness the combined power of Advaita Iraivan, the overloaded miracle and the N/A Oneiromancy identity-based spell to define the newfound parameters of their existence; Hasty Hexer (Young Justice), Ruinous Impulse (FF14) and Resolved Casting, Unbound Casting and High Speech (Mage the Awakening) will greatly decrease the time taken as well as the control over the process. Given the nature of the Daystar's engine systems, it is likely that as a consequence a "vast" portion will be consumed as fuel in this process.
  184. The net result of this project is to transform oneself into a hypothetical missing link between the Primordials of old and the Devil-Tigers who have yet to be, posessing vast reserves of cosmic power as well as mental flexibility, greater mote efficiency due to one's core as a human Exalt form and freedom from the weakness of a Fetich soul.
  186. Notes:
  187. -Due to the nature of the Wyld, the entities within it, the Primordials and the Shinma themselves hard numbers are difficult to ascertain in this project
  188. -It is also quite likely the Raksha and Ishvara will panic and attempt to assault the subject as soon as they realise the implications of what is occurring. It falls upon the subject to arrange for their own protection.
  189. -All things being equal, transformation into a Primordial will have extremely severe consequences for one’s fundamental identity and basic capacity to interact with the world. However, perks aside ssuming certain other self-modifications are in place i.e. having already been a multiverse and several extended concepts of identity beyond said multiverse, the “Primordial” aspect of one’s personality is not necessarily the only one or even the dominant one due to the sheer transcendent extent of one’s being existing beyond the scope of Primordialhood due to conscious awareness and affinity to the internalised Shinma. An analogy can be raised here from SMT: YHVH has largely been the chief avatar of the Great Will. But he is not strictly speaking the Great Will itself, merely an especially prominent aspect of it, and the Great Will is wholly capable of operating independently to oppose YHVH. However the Great Will is a great deal more abstract than YHVH, as it appears incapable of physically manifesting and instead empowers others to surpass its’ own subdivided aspect.
  190. -A Primordial's self-image is vital to maintaining optimal meta-biological health. Thus, enlightenment in all its' forms is likely to vastly aid one's comprehension in this advanced state. The Power of Faith (Samurai Deeper Kyo), Page of Void (Sburb), actual enlightenment (Journey to the West), being a Lumenwood Kin (Bloodborne), Light of the Orokin/Mindful Transference (Warframe)
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