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#xorg-devel log about forced 96dpi

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Jun 22nd, 2013
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  1. #xorg-devel at Sat Jun 22 12:37:21 FET 2013
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  3. * Topic set by alanc! at Thu Jun 20 23:52:09 2013
  4. <alesguzik> hi
  5. <alesguzik> My dpi is not set up correctly.
  6. <alesguzik> I found this , which says forced 96dpi is as expected
  7. <alesguzik> And I can understand why this might be a point
  8. <alesguzik> But I also found this
  9. <alesguzik> about implementing configuration option
  10. <alesguzik> to not force 96 dpi
  11. <alesguzik> It even has patches
  12. <alesguzik> It's almost 2 years since then and it's still not accepted
  13. <alesguzik> Are there any problems with patch? Or anything else?
  14. <alesguzik> How this could be fixed?
  15. <ohsix> not a lot of people are bothered, since getting the per display dpi right is a hard problem, even if you can set it for one single monitor in particular, 'fixed' is handling some difference in dpi across displays, which doesn't happen in the toolkits or anything
  16. <ohsix> also, you use randr
  17. <alesguzik> I'm not asking about making it default, but when screen size can be detected and resolution is known, what is the problem with dpi?
  18. <alesguzik> It worked at some point in the past
  19. <ohsix> it never worked
  20. <alesguzik> between 1.6.3 and 1.7, I think. It is mentioned it the first lines of first bugreport
  21. <alesguzik> *mentioned in
  22. <alesguzik> and what is the problem with randr?
  23. <alesguzik> *with me using randr
  24. <ohsix> the 'when' is the hard part, you get the information from the edid and it's wrong, when it's wrong things that are dpi sensitive are cartoonishly wrong
  25. <ohsix> there's a protocol dpi that's not sufficient for this, that's the one you can't change
  26. <ohsix> randr can know the screen size, and it's per connection/output, so you set it there
  27. <alesguzik> Am I understand correctly that correct dpi may be set correctly only when randr is used?
  28. <alesguzik> * that dpi
  29. <alesguzik> are there ways to set dpi via randr at server start and not via .xinitrc?
  30. <KiBi> man/ \-dpi \fIresolution\fP
  31. <KiBi> os/utils.c: else if (strcmp(argv[i], "-dpi") == 0) {
  32. <alesguzik> KiBi: -dpi sets fixed resolution, but I want it autodetected depending on the monitor used
  33. <alesguzik> * s/resolution/dpi/
  34. <ohsix> then you want a desktop widget that does it :> like gnome-settings-daemon
  35. <alesguzik> I don't use not gnome nor kde
  36. <alesguzik> Just tiling window manager
  37. <alesguzik> CLFSWM, to be precise
  38. <ohsix> maybe you misunderstood me, i was telling you what's expected to do it, and something that does; what you are using that lacks it isn't a very valuable thing to know
  39. <ohsix> any cobbled together thing where nobody really cares is going to miss details like that
  40. <alesguzik> are you about xorg or my window manager? window manager is not supposed to do things like setting dpi
  41. <alesguzik> it just have to manage windows
  42. <ohsix> so you did misunderstand, find something that talks to xrandr for you to set your preferences at the appropriate time, since you do not have such a thing
  43. <alesguzik> so if gnome-settings-daemon sets dpi after server was started, I think setting it in .xinitrc is really correct way to go
  44. <alesguzik> got it
  45. <alesguzik> ok, thanks
  46. <ohsix> and your wm does need to know where windows are, dpi is just one aspect, i'm guessing you expect it to do something when a monitor is plugged in
  47. <alesguzik> it uses randr to detect this and setup separate space on it
  48. <alesguzik> but it does not enables second display automatically
  49. <alesguzik> it does it after I enable it with xrandr
  50. <alesguzik> So basically it's still my responsibility, not WM's
  51. <ohsix> fantastic
  54. # solution from , despite it
  55. # doesn't look like one is actually a way to go:
  56. xrandr --fbmm `xrandr | sed -n '/ connected / {s/.* \([0-9]\+\)mm x \([0-9]\+\)mm/\1x\2/p;q}'`
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