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  1. Dear Mr. Bibby,
  3. This communication is to notify you that the Wikimedia Foundation has globally banned you from Wikimedia Foundation websites and platforms (including but not limited to any site listed at www.wikimedia.org, mailing lists hosted by WMF, WMF Labs, and the Wikimedia blog).  You accordingly may not participate in, edit, contribute, or otherwise modify any content on those sites, platforms, or lists without permission.  This ban is placed against you, not against a particular username.  It applies to any alternate accounts that you may control and any accounts you may create in the future.  Furthermore, you may not participate as an anonymous user (“as an IP user”).
  5. We are taking this action based upon because of a history of sockpuppetry and legal concerns as well as other violations of our Terms of Use.
  7. This action is permanent and non-appealable.  
  9. Sincerely,
  12. Philippe Beaudette
  13. Director, Community Advocacy
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