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  1. Okay so here's my current supplement & dietary setup. Most of this is from my own trial & error and research over the years, and some recommendations from frens (ie: BAP).
  3. If you're reading this you also already know the obvious stuff like  getting 7+ hrs sleep, limiting/avoiding alcohol and sugars, lifting weights, maintaining good posture, 10 min of daily unclothed sun exposure, eating local/organic greens, red meat, organ meat, animal fats, eggs and dairy, so I will not restate the obvious there. If you're new to all that then you might want to start here instead otherwise my list below will not help you much:
  5. Context: I'm mid-30s male, testosterone levels last measured at 554ng/dl on the low end if depressed/sick, mid 600's when I'm of average mood & adequate rest. In my teens and much of my 20s I was varying levels of fat, skinnyfat, or skinny, getting frequently sick or depressed, before becoming as fit as I am now. As I've been taking the nutrients listed below, I've had consistently much higher energy levels, better mood, libido, lower instances of inflammation, and very rarely get sick (maybe 2-3 times a year at most)
  10. With what brands to get, generally avoid anything made in China if at all possible. EU has best quality, followed by US/CAN. "GMP" seal is a good indicator of organic/non-GMO quality according to my Russian herbalist stepmother.
  12. Pills:
  13. - Life Extension Two Per Day multivitamin (if you can afford nothing else, get this at minimum)
  14. - Tumeric-Curcumin (helps reduce inflammation, very useful for athletes & artists at risk for tendonitis or carpal-tunnel. Consume with a dollop of coconut oil to aid bioavailability)
  15. - Choline CDP (your brain needs this for fuel. Normally sourced from eggs and animal fats, but modern diets are often deficient in it)
  16. - L-Theanine (energy booster/regulator. Takes the edge off caffeine and gives you a smoother alertness. Helps lower my anxiety/hypervigilance which in turn improves mood and focus. Sometimes elicits feelings of monastic contentment & bliss.)
  17. - Ashwaghanda (promotes improved mood and relaxation. Not sure I notice its effexts as much as I do L-Theanine, need to experiment more)
  19. Powders
  20. - Creatine Monohydrate (vital for weightlifting, may also be a mild focus enhancer)
  21. - L-Citrulline (similar to L-Arginine but with better taste, kind of like lemon powder. Improves vascularity/blood pump, great for all physical exercises. Men with ED may benefit from this I am told)
  22. - Glycine (Promotes calm alertness during day, relaxation if taken later on. Promotes healthy skin, rest, muscle tissue recovery from workouts. Also gives you insane psychedelic dreams if taken before sleep.)
  23. - Maca root powder (T-booster possibly. Also just plain tastes good in chocolate milk)
  24. - Beet root powder (Not sure why I got this, just trying it out)
  25. - Raw cacao powder (add it to smoothies, pancayks, make your own chocolate, etc.)
  27. Food things:
  28. - Whey protein (any brand that has fewest artificial ingredients. Before/after workouts)
  29. - Fermented foods: garlic, cabbage, carrots, and kimchi all homemade (all probiotic and promote healthy gut. Most people on modern diets have poor gut microbia which effects everything from mood to immune system to endocrine system. This helps replenish it. Also very very tasty, and garlic is very powerful immune system & T-levels booster)
  30. - Raw ginger
  31. - ... spicy foods in general are good for you, promoting everything from immunity to cardio health. Anything peppery, curry, stuff that makes you sweat a little bit. I've always noticed spikes of personal THUMOS for 24-48 hr periods after consuming such meals.
  33. Stimulants (I use these only when needed, and try to take periodic tolerance-reset breaks):
  34. - Coffee (black or blended with ghee & coconut oil. I use dark roast b/c of lower caffeine. Throw in glycine to get a nice calm level of alertness)
  35. - Phenylpiracetam 200mg (originally made for Soviet cosmonauts, can now be bought from most nootropic outlets. You need to take choline before you take this otherwise it's like driving a race car without engine oil. In my experience it only works if you're well-rested and will multiply your energy/focus like a "cleaner" Adderall. Does NOT work to combat fatigue from poor rest - I tried to use this to stay awake in the Marines with poor results.)
  37. Misc:
  38. - Carlson's Cod Liver Oil (I've also taken their fish oil too. Not sure if I've noticed any changes from taking it, possibly reduced inflammation)
  39. - Magnesium oil (apply it to skin before sleep, usually on sensitive skin areas like inner arms and inner thighs) helps relaxation and magnesium is effective when absorbed epidermally
  40. - Yell furiously at the top of your lungs when you wake up in the morning and after lunch. If you live in a dense area just put pillow on your face to politely muffle yelling. I find that this keeps my voice laconic and natural, and avoiding the nasal uptalk that occasionally creeps in.
  41. - I'm selective about my carbs, usually prefer to eat them before a big workout or on weekends. I don't eat breakfast til 12pm/1pm.
  42. - Force yourself to smile periodically throughout the day. It'll firm your cheeks up like Charles Bronson and possibly release dopamine.
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