Donkan na Shireikan ga Hibiki to Kyori o Chikazukemashita[u]

Sep 3rd, 2016
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  1. Donkan na Shireikan ga Hibiki to Kyori o Chikazukemashita Translation
  2. From
  4. >[Preface]
  5. >[Nice to meet you, this is Honjou Masato. Recently, I've seen the Morning Glories in full bloom on the streets, so I wanted to try drawing this.]
  6. >[Also, one of my favorite hobbies is mountain climbing. (note: probably the Yama no Susume sort of mountain climbing as opposed to hardcore Mt. Kilimanjaro mountain climbing)]
  7. >[Being in the mountains in the summer is really comfortable. While I really want to go, I haven't been able recently. How unfortunate.]
  8. >[Anyway, I've recently started to watch Beyblades Burst.]
  9. >[I never really got that many toys when I was younger, but now I'm buying a lot of tops. Tops that are specialized for fighting these days can demolish even the arena, and can combine with others based on movement.]
  10. >[I truly feel that the future is here.]
  12. >Hibiki: My Commander is
  13. >Hibiki: Hmm
  14. >TTK: Uwahh?!
  15. >TTK: H-Hi-hibiki...?! | What is it, all of a sudden?
  16. >Hibiki: Mmm...nothing, really
  17. >Hibiki: I just suddenly wanted to hug the Commander.
  18. >Hibiki: Very easily embarassed.
  19. >TTK: What do you mean just wanted to hug...
  21. >TTK: W-well, it's a little better not to do things so easily, no?
  22. >Hibiki: Why?
  23. >TTK: What do you mean why...
  24. >Hibiki: I don't quite understand--
  25. >TTK: Ehhhhhhhhh?! You don't understand?!
  26. >Hibiki: Well, | Isn't the Commander also really happy?
  27. >TTK: Why are you so sure?
  28. >Hibiki: Could it be...
  29. >Hibiki: That you hate it?
  30. >TTK: Eh?!
  31. >TTK: Uh, no.
  32. >TTK: Although I don't hate it....
  33. >Hibiki: See, isn't he a bashful one?
  35. >TTK: H-hibiki, it's a little childish to still want to hug people like that.
  36. >Hibiki: Eh, that's not true.
  37. >Hibiki: To prove it, I'll show you how adult I am.
  38. >Hibiki: Does the commander know? | When adults kiss, it tastes like lemons.
  39. >Hibiki: Well then, want to confirm it?
  40. >TTK: H-Hibiki?!
  41. >TTK: Y-you're fine with kissing over that?
  42. >Hibiki: Can I?
  43. >TTK: Eh?
  44. >Hibiki: ...Commander, I
  45. >Hibiki: am doing this completely on my own volition, you know?
  47. >Hibiki: Hm!
  48. >Hibiki: (plunger noises)
  49. >Hibiki: Joking, just hoking.
  50. >TTK: J-joking like that is...!!
  51. >Hibiki: The admiral sure is | pre co cious~
  52. >Hibiki: Our daily life is pretty much just like this.
  53. >Hibiki: But that's not good, Commander.
  54. >TTK: Hm?
  56. >Hibiki: If you can't see through a lie like that, | couldn't you end up getting caught up in a fraudulent marriage?
  57. >TTK: Marriage?!
  58. >TTK: That, t-that....
  59. >TTK: I haven't thought about that kind of thing!
  60. >Hibiki: Ehh- is that so
  61. >Hibiki: I knew he'd say that.
  62. >Hibiki: Then I'm going to reserve the Commander's principal seat! (note: probably meaning the bridal seat?)
  63. >TTK: Wha-?!
  64. >Hibiki: Wouldn't the Commander be happy being with cute little me?
  66. >TTK: W-w-w-hat are you talking about, cute...!
  67. >Hibiki: Could it be that I'm not cute...?
  68. >TTK: Eh?!
  69. >Hibiki: So, | The admiral doesn't feel that I'm cute at all, then.
  70. >TTK: Ehhhhhhh?!
  71. >TTK: I-I never said that kind of thing! That's...
  72. >Hibiki:It's fine, you don't need to say something like that out loud.
  73. >Hibiki: That's it,
  74. >Hibiki: After all, the commander clearly feels | that a girl like me isn't cute at all.
  76. >TTK: I think Hibiki is really...
  77. >Hibiki: Really?
  78. >TTK: Eh...?
  79. >Hibiki: Hey hey, Commander, next, what's next?
  80. >TTK: Hi-hibiki, you...
  81. >TTK: You've been stringing me along this whole time, haven't you?!
  82. >Hibiki: What could you be talking about?
  83. >Hibiki: ...well, | I want to hear the Commander say
  85. >Hibiki: that Hibiki is really cute, or something like that.
  86. >[Unyaa~]
  87. >TTK: Wha-
  88. >Hibiki: So what's next? What is it?
  89. >TTK: I-I'm not going to say it!
  90. >Hibiki: [Eh--] You won't say it? | Whaa- please?
  91. >TTK: Mmm...
  93. >TTK: W-wait till next time!
  94. >Hibiki: Really...
  95. >Hibiki: So you didn't say it after all...
  96. >Hibiki: Commander's too boring. | I bet he's thinking that he can't fall in love with me.
  97. >TTK: Hibiki...?
  98. >Hibiki: Even if it's useless.
  99. >Hibiki: Nothing.
  101. >Hibiki: Commander
  102. > Hibiki: I've recently been doing this kind of thing to Commander.
  103. >Hibiki: Why do you think that is?
  104. >TTK: Eh?
  105. >TTK: W-
  106. >TTk: Even if you ask me why...
  107. >Hibiki: Well then
  108. >Hibiki: ---Another day,
  109. >Hibiki: I'll tell you.
  110. >[~End~]
  112. >[THese are the sketch pages. Although I spent a long time drawing the backgrounds, color selection was really difficult.]
  113. >[In my headcanon, Hibiki's hair should be a little curly. People told me that straight hair and an ahoge aren't bad either, though, and so I gave up on that thought.]
  115. >[Cover Ideas]
  117. >[Postface]
  118. >[How was this doujin? I hope everyone liked it.]
  119. >[I added a color page this time around, and since I had never done this before time became rather tight.]
  120. >[Progress couldn't quite match up with my plans.]
  121. >[My next activity will probably be at Winter Comiket. I hope that I will enjoy everyone's continued support.]
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