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  1. I live in Maine. The State of Maine has a program called MLTI (Maine Learning Technology Initiative). They issue millions of Macbooks to every public school student in grades 7-12. Every Macbook they issue is on an image, meaning they all have the same exact filesystem, with the same applications, same passwords (the student can change the password for their account), same firmware password, etc. Because the image is "customized" in so many ways, a software update would cause both compatibility and stability problems. This is why I:
  2. 1. Don't have an administrator password:
  3.     a. Don't have Xcode.
  4.     b. Don't have the Sharing prefpane.
  5.     c. Can't install UNIX software.
  6.         i. Can't compile binary "xyz".
  7.         ii. Don't "Use Fink, it's much easier".
  8.         iii. Am still on Python 2.
  9.     d. Can't install Python libraries.
  10.     e. Can't view and/or modify
  11.     f. Can't use the Mac App Store.
  12. 2. Am still on 10.6.7 and can't update.
  13. 3. Have a firmware password that I don't know:
  14.     a. Can't enter single user mode.
  15.     b. Can't boot Linux.
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