2019 Overview and 2020 Plans

Dec 30th, 2019
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  1. So I feel like I did a lot this year. From being with my dad and step-mom, going to my 1st SGDQ, my step-mom and dad breaking up, to moving in with my mom and finally getting away from my dad. I'm also happy that I finally got started on healing my stoma where my G-Tube used to be as well thanks to silver nitrates. I was gonna get inside of my stoma healed up on December 3rd, except that was unfortunately after my mom and my brothers came up to South Dakota to help me move with them to Tennessee.
  3. While I was with my dad, I felt like I was mostly in my room with my cats 90% of the time while I only went downstairs if my dad called for me, dinner, to use the bathroom, and to go somewhere. Back in the 1st half of this year, my mom tried to kill herself by overdosing on her medication, which got me really worried about her. Later on in December once my step-mom got home from the cruise trip, she decided it was best to break up with my dad due to how he was treating her. A few days later because it was just me and my dad, he yelled and got mad at me because I took too long to get out of my room to respond to him due to being in a call with my friends with my headset on, told me to check Facebook because he thought he "got hacked" or something like that, only to find out he turned off the internet while I was checking Facebook for him.
  5. This gave me some time to think what I wanted to do while mentally breaking down and taking naps. The final decision was to call my mom and tell her that I wanted to move in with her since I want to be there for her and help each other out mentally. Since my step-mom left my dad, I didn't want to be living with my dad by myself due to how he treated me in the past, like using me to take a picture of my stoma where my G-Tube used to be to "prove a point" to his sister after she went on a trip instead of paying for the house. He also drank alcohol a lot too to where he would get into fights with my brothers while I was living in Canada with them, yelled at the person we were staying with at 3 AM, and threw stuff into the pool.
  7. As for living with my mom so far, I've been enjoying it a lot. 1st Christmas I had with my family in a long time, getting to meet my other sister for the 1st time, been getting to go to places in the city that's not an hour away to get to, etc. I do feel like I'm at home compared to just living with my dad in a small town that feels kinda empty around it. I also booked my flight to AGDQ recently, so this will be the 1st time I'll be going to a GDQ by myself (my dad went with me during AGDQ 2017 and my step-mom went with me during SGDQ 2019). For AGDQ 2020. I want to spend time with as many of my friends as I can like Headstrong, Pirate, Sicky, Spike, JHobz, Zoim, etc.
  9. For my plans in 2020, I want to continue running Xenoblade Chronicles on 60hz for now until probably sub 3:09, then look into getting a PAL Wii U so that I can run on 50hz since you run faster. Along with this, I want to get back into BbSFM HD runs and looking into KH2FM HD runs as I currently miss running it. I also plan on doing a KH3 LV1 NG+ Playthrough as well to prepare for Re:Mind coming out in less than a month from now since I'm excited about it and do plan on doing a Day 1 stream of Re:Mind starting on my Critical NG+ file.
  10. Once I'm done with Re:Mind, gonna look into my other incentives too like The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Playthrough + Randomizer, FFIX Any%, and KHFM HD + KH2FM HD Platinum Trophy RTA.
  12. I do also want to push for Twitch Partner and full-time streaming next year as well now that I'm finally away from my dad and feel like I can get it with support from my family once I move into my new apartment hopefully soon. So once AGDQ is over, gonna decide on a streaming schedule with Sundays being my day offs along with talking to my family about it as well, although I do still need to get some stuff taken care of like changing my address, getting a new bank account for SSI, medical care for my stoma, etc.
  14. Wanted to type out my thoughts here how I felt about all of this earlier, but took a while to gather and think about what I wanted to say on here. Thanks for reading and I hope 2020 will be a great year now that I'm not with my dad anymore. :)
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