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  1. Say you are a slave in a small city in the country-side, a part of the Roman empire. You had an enormous debt you could not pay, so to settle it your creditor slaved you and your family. Your new lord is a winemaker and a good man. He kindly accepted that only you would have to work for him for now, though your role family belongs to him. He knows you're smart, so he decides you should work as the winery manager.
  3. Because he's such a wise man, he knows that you should rest well to be the best you can to accomplish your duties, so he allows you to go back every day to your home. And he even allows you to stay there a couple of days per week. When the grape crop is satisfying, he shares the most desirable bottles with you. He knows you like to write. And he is such a good man, that he buys you feather and ink.
  5. The village where you and your lord live has a weird old law custom: it was called The Freeing Eagle Tradition. It says that any slave that can catch the feather of an old eagle known to appear in the region, that slave will be set free immediately. No one knows exactly the origin of the custom. But it is said that a wise politician set the tradition a long time ago. You've heard stories of such traditions in other remote places. Stories told by freed slaves, and what amazing adventures they lived to have their freedom.
  7. Your old grandfather was an adventurous man. He used to camp, hike and sail, and had a lot of knowledge about nature. One day, while you're working, you remember a story that he used to tell you when you were visiting him in his big country-side villa: it is the story of a big bird, an eagle, that lived in the top of a mountain nearby, and how he was able to pet the eagle once, while climbing it.
  9. You wonder: if the story your grandfather told you was accurate and if the eagle is the same as the one The Freeing Eagle Tradition expects the feather from, you could have a chance to set you and your family free again!
  11. But ofcourse, the climb is not an easy one. The eagle would be hard to find if there is one. Trying to climb would mean tiredness and a great chance you could get hurt. The eagle could not be the same as The Freeing Eagle Tradition tells. Or it could be just folklore.
  13. Now, what next?
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