Yuki-chan solicitation

Mar 19th, 2015
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  1. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan Blu-ray and DVD Limited Editions have been solicited! Both versions will be released monthly starting June 26th for 6 months releasing on the final Friday of each month. The Blu-ray edition will cost 6,980 yen (+tax) and the DVD edition will cost 5,980 yen (+tax). Both versions will come with 2 episodes per volume. Kadokawa Shoten is the publisher and distributor for this title.
  3. Included in the limited edition is a bonus CD containing part of the soundtrack, a digest of the radio show, and a newly recorded audio drama. Each volume's CD will have new content. Also included in each volume is newly drawn cover art by the original mangaka Puyo (for the BD) or by the anime character designer Ikuko Itoh (for the DVD) on a digipack. Postcards containing both artwork will be included as will a 8 pg booklet. Audio commentary will be available in two types: a cast commentary and a staff commentary. Volume 1 will also have the stage greeting from the preview showing of episode 1, commercial footage, and the textless opening and ending. No further bonus footage is announced at this time.
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