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  1. That’s fair enough
  3. The good thing about downloading WhatsApp for PC is you don’t have to own a separate account in case you carry on with the joining fee. We’ll make it accessible to your personal computer with a very simple procedure. If you’re an Android user, you can only expect the same user interface to appear on your screen whenever you launch the same on PC. It’s basically having your own desktop-mobile version of WhatsApp so you can better enjoy its amazing features.
  5. <img src="" alt="Cultura Azteca" width="1100" height="550">
  7. <a href="">Visit W3Schools</a>
  8. No long distance charges
  9. Call, leave a message or see each other face to face
  10. Also features the lovable text bubbles for your chat conversations
  11. Shows a time stamp and lets you know if the message was already viewed by the recipient
  12. Send and share location via GPS
  13. Customise a list short of replies to use when your hands are full
  14. Attach media files to your message
  15. Wider user coverage
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