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Feb 2nd, 2017
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  1. [10:42] mark5000: Hi kimyooojung. You were reported for canceling most of your games. This is annoying to our users, who expect you to play the game. Please play your games or you may be banned from playing here.
  2. [19:35] kimyooojung: crodgers:Xylol (8k) accepted 7 game offers from a 15k, each of which was cancelled. When asked to stop accepting those games Xylol insisted that the 15k was in the wrong for not setting a rank restriction on the game and that, obviously, he was in the right to continue harassing the 15k (the 15k subsequently signed off and gave up on finding a game after the 7th attempt). Xylol then insisted that the moderator (this guy, btw) explain how accepting the aforementioned games was rude. If I have to
  3. [19:35] kimyooojung: explain it... If Xylol had acted this way in real life, he would have been arrested for harassment. Why do trolls always claim righteous indignation against the just fruits of their poor behavior?
  4. [19:36] kimyooojung: crodgers:Please, spare me. It was a simple comparison to show the severity of the behavior. This type of behavior cannot be allowed to persist simply because it takes place in an online environment. Had he behaved in this fashion IRL, the consequences would be severe
  5. [19:38] kimyooojung:
  6. [19:38] kimyooojung: look at how a fair admin crodgers responded to a troll in this post
  7. [19:40] kimyooojung: i also think that a button here is not for appreiciation
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