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  2. ======Registration======
  4. Participants must register as part of a team.  Each team should designate a captain who registers their team by
  5. posting the team's roster and Blizzard battle tags in the event registration channel of the official Discord channel.
  6. This tournament is taking place on NA server so all battle tags should be on the NA server.
  8. Team ExampleName
  9.     -UberPlayer#543 (Captain) [optional contact data/discord info]
  10.     -SuperPlayer#632
  11.     -MegaPlayer#1788
  12.     -YetAnotherPlayer#235
  13.     -NyanPlayer#444
  15. ---Teams---
  16. Teams must consist of at least 3 players and can have up to 3 extra players as substitutes.
  17. Each individual player can only participate in the tournament on ONE team.  
  18. Captains can register teams with less that 3 players and add missing numbers up to the point when Registration for
  19. teams is closed.
  21. ---Team Switching---
  22. Players can switch teams as long as registration is open. Tournament Host may agree on team switch after registration closure.
  24. ---Registration Deadline---
  25. Registration timelines will be announced in the event info channel.  Registration will close at the earliest 24 hours
  26. before the tournament start time.
  29. ======Match Scheduling and Lobby Hosting======
  31. Team captains must be on the official Discord event chat 5 minutes before the start of a match.
  32. The schedule will be posted in Discord and the brackets will be available on Challonge.
  34. If a team captain does not show, but the team still has enough members to proceed, another member can claim the captain role
  35. with the Tournament Host's permission.  If a team is not able to compete at the time of their match, they will receive a loss.
  36. If both teams are unable to compete at the scheduled time, a coin toss will determine the winner.
  38. ---Lobby Hosting---
  39. Top team in the bracket will host the lobby.
  41. ---Referees and Spectators---
  42. Referees are not allowed, unless they are the Tournament Host, or the Map Maker, or an official judge. Spectator limit is 6
  43. for each game.
  44. -List of allowed spectators follows (in order of importance):
  45.     The Map Maker
  46.     Tournament Host
  47.     Judge
  48.     Official Caster
  49.     Team members
  51. Spectators must report to hosting Captain before scheduled match start. Captain cannot refuse to invite unless spectator
  52. did not report/did not accept invite before scheduled match start or all spots are taken. Captain kicks from lobby less
  53. important spectators if necessary.
  55. ---Races---
  56. Dehaka will not be allowed in the Week 1 tournament.
  57. All races must be selected in the lobby prior to the match starting.  Participants may not use the in-game race selection menu once the game has started.
  59. ---Match Starting---
  60. Lobby host starts game when both Captains signal their match teams are ready.
  62. ---Disconnects---
  63. Match must be remade if disconnect occurs before 30 seconds mark.
  64. Disonnects after 30 seconds will result in a loss for the team with the disconnecting player EXCEPT:
  65.     -In the final round (top 2 teams) the referees and judges may decide either to remake the game or give the disconnecting
  66.     team a loss.
  69. ---In-Game Chat---
  70. Teams cut to minimum in-game ALL chat . Technical issues are exception.
  72. ---Pausing---
  73. Pausing is allowed after typing “pp“ to opponents. Unpausing requires statements from Captains about team readiness.
  74. Pausing team is the one to unpause. Pause limit is 4 per team.  Referees and judges may agree to ease these restrictions.
  76. ---Lag---
  77. All players are obliged to check their connection and graphics settings before joining Tournament match.
  78. When lag window does appear game must be paused if possible to allow player to fix his connection.
  79. If lagging player cannot fix his connection, he can be drop voted and disconnect rules will apply.
  80. Referees and judges will decide other cases (for example, no lag window but high FPS lag) on a per case basis.
  82. ---Victory Conditions---
  83. Game goes on until a base is destroyed, or until timer reaches the 45 minute mark. If so, game is paused, and the team
  84. that collected more minerals will win.
  86. ---Surrendering---
  87. A team can surrender if one of the team's members types surrender in all chat and then leaves the game.
  88. Surrendering cannot be revoked.
  90. ---Replays---
  91. Winning team will upload replay in the discord channel dedicated to it, and name it as such as it includes round number,
  92. winning team name, and losing team name.
  93. Round#_WinningTeamName_vs_LosingTeamName
  94. For example: 2_WeAreReallyGood_vs_WeAlwaysLose
  96. ========
  97. Mode: 3vs3 Commanders
  98. Tournament Structure: Single Elimination
  100. Tournament participants and other interested parties are obliged to follow Tournament Rules, Battle.net Terms of Use, and
  101. applicable state law. Rules apply while in force, in game and out of game.
  103. Rules are subject to change by Host without prior notice. Changes of Rules are posted as important announcements.
  105. Interpretation of rules by Tournament Host and Judge binds Judges and interested party. Tournament Host can change Judge’s
  106. interpretation on proposal from interested party or on his own initiative. Host can change his own interpretation if new facts
  107. are revealed.
  109. Tournament Hosts:
  110. Pano#2980 on Discord // Pano#11681 on Blizzard NA
  112. Map Maker:
  113. Tya#7888 on Discord
  115. Judges:
  116. TBA
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