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  2. - it can decrease performance
  3. Literally the exact opposite, shorter variables names and inlining of functions at compile time increases performance
  5. - it makes debugging in prod harder
  6. that's why you generate a map
  8. - it wastes time to configure it
  9. literally 2s to include bukkit as an external dependency
  11. - it wastes money on buying software
  12. i don't know what this means, if it's talking about buying an obfuscation program than the best one (proguard) is already free
  14. - it doesn't fully protect your software anyways
  15. sure but that's like saying you want to go to war not wearing a helmet because the helmet doesn't fully protect you
  17. - it makes your software harder to maintain if you chose to abandon it
  18. but the point of obfuscation is to deny modification to the source and if you want to abandon it but allow the public to continue it then you do something called releasing the source coode
  20. - it makes it harder to add my own modifications
  21. what, it's a compile step not a modification to your existing code
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