Nickel Mines Pennsylvania

Nov 19th, 2013
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  1. Monday, October 02, 2006
  2. Nickel Mines Pennsylvania
  3. Georgetown Amish School
  4. 4876 White Oak Road
  5. (Five dead girls, killer wheeled out; alive)
  7. Charles Carl Roberts IV (32)
  8. Milk truck driver: Employee of Northwest Food Products Transportation in East Earl Township
  9. "Angry with god" re: miscarriage
  10. Father of three (two sons and a daughter) (Abigail, 7, Bryce, 4, and a newborn child)
  11. Roberts had no prior criminal history
  13. Wife: Marie Roberts (Marie Lynn Welk)
  14. Daughter who died as an infant in November 1997 (Elise Victoria)
  16. "Gunman’s Wife Releases Statement" - Ch. 8 WGAL-TV (NBC) QUOTE:
  17. (read by family spokesman Dwight LeFever)
  19.            "The man that did this today was not the Charlie I’ve been married to for almost 10 years. My husband was loving, supportive and thoughtful — all the things you’d always want and more. He was an exceptional father. He took the kids to soccer practice and games, played ball in the backyard and took our 7-year-old daughter shopping. He never said no when I asked him to change a diaper. Our hearts are broken, our lives shattered and we grieve for the innocent lives that were lost today. Above all, please pray. Pray for the families who lost children today. Please pray to for our family and children."
  21. Two relatives of Charles Carl said they were not molested by him 20 years ago as he had claimed
  23. He had with him:
  24. a 9mm semi-automatic pistol
  25. a 12-gauge shotgun
  26. a 30-06 rifle
  27. a stun gun
  28. two knives
  29. a pile of wood
  30. a bag with 600 rounds of ammunition
  31. cans of black powder
  32. a change of clothing
  33. toilet paper
  34. bolts
  35. hardware
  36. plastic “flex-cuff” fasteners
  37. lubricating jelly
  38. rolls of clear tape
  40. Police did not fire any shots during the incident
  42. The dead named as:
  43. Naomi Rose Eversole, 7
  44. Anna Mae Stoltzsus, 12
  45. Marian Fisher, 13
  46. Mary Liz Miller, 8
  47. and her sister Lina Miller, 7
  49. About 11 a.m., Roberts apparently called his wife from a cell phone, saying he was "acting out in revenge for something that happened 20 years ago,"
  50. *
  52. State police Trooper Blain Hertzog says Roberts then told the girls: "I'm going to make you pay for my daughter."
  53. *
  55. Roberts called the 911 dispatcher at 10:55
  56. In a calm monotone, the gunman told a 911 dispatcher he would kill his hostages "in two seconds." Moments later, shots were fired inside the one-room Amish schoolhouse
  60. Dale Spencer
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