Twilight of the Abyss, Prelude

Jun 21st, 2018
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  1. <WindStrike> -=WELCOME TO THE DEPTHS OF DESPAIR- wait, you'd rather enjoy that
  2. * Corsava opens her eyes "Whoa."
  3. <WindStrike> *Corsava, after being warped through a vortex of madness, EA customer service, Cuil Theory, and Zoidberg, you emerge in what appears to be Hyrule City's town square. The town is bustling with business as usual, lots of townsfolks walking around, going about their days.
  4. <WindStrike> *For some reason, the voices seem subdued. Might be the mass of madness you absorbed earlier.*
  5. <WindStrike> *In fact, your mark has absorbed so much madness, oh so much, it just begs you to use it! Unleash it some poor soul! The poorest of souls! Why not give that homeless man more power? UNLIMITED POWER!
  6. <Corsava> "I...I don't understand. How would I- How would that work?"
  7. <WindStrike> [???]: Why, just cut yourself open and let the pain out, of course.
  8. <WindStrike> *A tall, skinny man approaches you, dressed in god darn bright purple clothing. He's got a wide smile across his face. Also, his voice isn't subdued unlike the rest of the plaza.
  9. <WindStrike> [???]: Let the voices, the chaos in your mind, consume you... and then focus it!
  10. * Corsava watches him closely, thinking at the mark "I...alright."
  11. <WindStrike> *You actually do hear lots of unintelligible voices in your head.
  12. * Corsava raises her hand, letting the dissonant whispers guide her
  13. <WindStrike> *Suddenly, your whole body cuts itself open, bleeding from everywhere. You scream from the sheer immense pain, though it would seem no one actually hears it.
  14. <Corsava> "Oh shit. OH SHIT! it!"
  15. <WindStrike> *From the experience of pleasure, you're able to focus that pain, all those voices, into a single point.
  16. <WindStrike> [???]: Now... focus it... on any target. Anyone you so choose...
  17. * Corsava extends her pointing finger towards the purple man and whispers, "by His glory, I choose you."
  18. <WindStrike> *He looks ataken back, shock transforming his face to pure horror!
  19. * Corsava observes her handiwork
  20. <WindStrike> *With the power of your mind, you inject the purple man in the flames of madness incarnate! He writhes in agony, collapsing to the ground, and screaming in absolute agony.
  21. <WindStrike> *Though... you notice after a bit, the screams turn to sheer laughter.
  22. * Corsava laughs to herself
  23. <WindStrike> *He slowly rises back up, still cackling, and he appears to be adorned by a cloak of red and purple flames, the flames themselves turning to ghostly faces that speak in unintelligible whispers, scream in soundless chaos.
  24. <WindStrike> [???]: Oh, so you chose... me, did you?
  25. <Corsava> "Perhaps, perhaps I was guided to you. We all play our parts, and it is not to us to decide what our role will be."
  26. <WindStrike> [???]: Oh, you were most definitely guided. I mean, I wasn't expecting you so soon, oh yes, very soon indeed! But to have you here at last... yes.... yeeeesssssss yessss...
  27. <WindStrike> [???]: Oh, pardon me.
  28. <WindStrike> *He does a courtsy bow, and you notice on his back, there's a lot of different masks.
  29. <WindStrike> [???]: I am the Happy Mask Man. Perhaps... you've heard of me, yes yes?
  30. * Corsava curtsies "I am new to this place, as it happens, but am pleased to meet you."
  31. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Why yes, you see...
  32. <WindStrike> *As he says that, a person seems to pass right through the Mask Man.
  33. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: We're in my realm. Or, should I say...
  34. <WindStrike> *He flicks his fingers. Suddenly, the landscape turns to flames, all you can hear are screams, endless pain, torture, and chaos. He flicks his fingers once more, returning you two back to the plaza.
  35. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: A realm of chaos. This is Majora's Realm. Surely you know of him, yes?
  36. * Corsava nods "I have."
  37. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Why, he's the one that powers your Dark Mark. He's the one that powers the great Ganon...
  38. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: But, sadly, since Ganon has been locked away, the powers of this realm are trapped inside of this realm. You see, that moment of flames and chaos I showed you before, it is that we wish to bestow upon the land! But the realm is trapped here... away from the land. A pity, is it not?
  39. * Corsava keeps respectfully silent to hear him out fully before speaking.
  40. <Corsava> "There must be some way to rectify that..."
  41. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Now now, we need the power to restore it. I've got a minio-... a partner, you see. He's on a hunt to collect some... very powerful artifacts. And that will aid in our shared dream. Would you be willing to help our mutual... *he laughs*... friend, get his artifacts?
  42. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Why yes, plus with your Dark Mark and its new powers... I believe you can spread chaos on your own! Of course, you don't wish to be caught, so.... be a bit subtle, then surprise surprise, it's Daddy Majora! Heehehehhahahahah!
  43. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Why, don't you agree?
  44. <Corsava> "I will seek out this ally, then. If we are to turn the tide towards madness, we will need to grow together in secret, revealing our power once we've secured triumph."
  45. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Oh yes, yes yes indeed! Just... imagine the surprise on their faces when they experience pure contempt. Oh I cannot wait for such a sight myself, it makes me giddy inside, and a smile on the outside!
  46. <WindStrike> *He half-orgasms from laughing here. Not creepy at all.
  47. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: I'm going to transfer you to the Twilight Realm now. This little item here...
  48. <WindStrike> *He pulls out a set of three rings, which seem to levitate around his arm.
  49. * Corsava watches closely
  50. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: It lets me transfer you there. Meet up with the other party of adventurers there. Work your way in, stay close to them. According to our friend, Bloodwind, they may know where the last Majora artifact is. I'll have him tail you, and be close by should you need anything.
  51. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: And secondly, help him acquire the Twilight Mirror. Though, I recall him saying it may be a bit broken... Find the missing piece, reunite it, and get it to him.
  52. <Corsava> "I will blend in with them, appear as an ally, and my true intentions masked until the moment of victory."
  53. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Masked? Masked you say?
  54. <WindStrike> *He breaks down into uncontrollable laughter.
  55. * Corsava joins in his chorus of laughter
  56. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Oh, that's.... ohhohohho, that's good one, you see! I love masking things! Masks are..... masks are my blood, my life, MY SOUL! You get me VERY well, yes yes!
  57. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Oh, and I should note... the inhabitants of the Twilight Realm. They should be very susceptible to your new ability. Should you manage to... isolate one... it should proof to be an interesting treat for everyone there.
  58. * Corsava asks "There is a matter I would like to discuss before I go,"
  59. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Oh?
  60. * Corsava draws Garudo's trident "This weapon is currently bound to a man who is dead at my hand. Could it be made to serve *our* purpose?"
  61. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: A simple curse such as that? Oh please, this is child's play to me. But, since you'll need more power in the Twilight Realm... I shall play the child for you.
  62. <WindStrike> *He grabs the Trident, grasps it firmly for a moment, then hands it back to you.
  63. * Corsava takes it in my hand and smiles "Thank you for indulging me. Having this silver trident, so obvious a specialty, should help to mask my true talents."
  64. <WindStrike> (refresh profile)
  65. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Yes yes, it shall! Oh, and if you reeeaaaally want to have some fun with your new ability... In the case that your new party finds out about your true loyalties... target the furry fellow. He's already injected with some of Majora's Madness.
  66. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: He might go a bit... eheheheh... rabid... feral... ooooohhhhhh, it would be FUN!
  67. <Corsava> "Perhaps feeding him more of it in his sleep would help him to embrace that gift."
  68. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Ohhhhhh you're getting the hang of this quite well, YES quite well indeed!
  69. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Are you ready?
  70. <Corsava> "Yes, I am."
  71. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: Excellent, yes yes! I have already informed Bloodwind of you, though... don't expect him to trust you. Or anyone, for that matter.
  72. <WindStrike> *He taps the rings around one of his arms. A teal and black portal, formed of squares and squiggly lines, spiraling down into a circular abyss.
  73. <WindStrike> [Mask Man]: One ticket for the Twilight Realm. Enjoy your stay!
  74. * Corsava smiles "Of course not. He wouldn't be properly mad if he trusted anyone." Steps through the portal "I'll give the land a touch of madness and watch it spread like a fell shadow over the land"
  75. <WindStrike> *The irony, given the Twilight Realm is LITERALLY the land of shadows.
  76. <Corsava> (twas intended, my fwend)
  77. <WindStrike> (well played)
  78. <WindStrike> -=SESSION END=-
  79. <WindStrike> okay, so now we've established just how the heck you get to the Twilight Realm quest
  80. <WindStrike> so we're just gonna assume there's a shop somewhere in there
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