Nasseau - Trixie's Big Splash

May 5th, 2014
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  3. Mumbles coursed through the audience. Rumour from Dodge Junction had it this unicorn was actually pretty good at putting on a show.
  5. In her cart, the blue unicorn took a deep breath and fondled her pregnant belly for the last time. ''Ok Trixie, you can do this, you've done it a thousand times before...'' she whispered to give herself courage.
  7. She didn't know who the father was. All she remembered was the harsh winter in Manehattan 11 months ago, almost a year. She was so hungry and broke she stepped low enough to... whore herself... she wasn't proud of it, especially considering where THAT got her.
  9. She did remember the stallion, quite an handsome stud, but with too many drinks. He mounted her, and she dared not show any signs of enjoying it. It was one thing to whore yourself, but ENJOY it?
  11. ''Urgh... can't hold it in... gotta juice!''
  13. ''Whaaaat?! NO! Please! Ah... NOT INSIIIIIIIIDE!''
  15. ''Fuck... too late... I'm sorry but it feels too good. I can't stop... gonna cum...''
  17. And so those 11 months of misery started. She still carried on with her wandering show. It was her only source of bits, and she didn't really have a family or a home to come to...
  19. Winter was back, and she had amassed a comfortable amount of bits. She could just lay down for a while to birth her baby then resume the spectacles after a little while, but Trixie loved the scene. Besides, a little extra bits wouldn't hurt right?
  21. Thankfully, it seemed she made more bits while she was filled with foal. In the early weeks it didn't make a difference, she didn't show yet. But as her tummy started bloating and her marehood gave off the typical musk of a pregnant mare, stallions (and some mares) started flocking, fascinated by her gorgeous, sexy body.
  23. Trixie felt shame at first when she noticed her audience looked at her... ''that'' way. She was aware of the erect penis and wings and truthfully, she was now flattered. Flattered that they acknowledged the superiority of her pregnant, fertile body.
  25. With the usual assortment of fireworks and smoke bombs, the curtains of the little stage opened and Trixie waddled - the only way she could move with her big churning belly - into view.
  27. ''Weeeeeeelcoooooome to the shoooooooow of a lifetiiiiiiiime my little ponies! Watch in awe, as the GREAT and POWERFUL TRIXIEEEEEEE unleashes her magic for your own pleasure!''
  29. She raised from a colourful wood chest two regal-looking, finely crafted puppets made of fabric and wood. She gently craddled them with her magic, and made them whirl around her, around the stage, around the audience. A dance not unlike birds free in the sky, wind coursing through high grass, pollen floating free or will-o'-the-wisps through the night forest. It was a mesmerizing sight, and the audience gasped at the sheer fragile beauty of their movement, and the skill Trixie put into manipulating them.
  31. The sheer concentration of the act helped Trixie forget about her belly for a second. The foal inside was so reckless. ''Hush little one, mommy is busy'' thought Trixie, but it did nothing to stop the churning of the babe ''please my dear, let mommy finish this, then we can go back to the cart and I will bring you into the world''.
  33. But things didn't quite go Trixie's way. Her water sack broke up, and water gushed out of her tight marehood, soaking her tail and legs. The sheer pain of it made Trixie moan and blush. Her conversation was lost along with the water and the two puppets crashed to the floor, thankfully still intact.
  35. For the crowd, things now started to get interesting. The sight of the cute, gravid mare was already a big bonus to the show, and now they might get to see the dénouement.
  37. Thoughts of Trixie moaning and turning around, lifting her tail and pushing as hard as she can to bring the foal into the world crossed the minds of many ponies, who then found themselves hard or wet at the very thought of it. Realizing what was going on, and what was the audience thinking, made Trixie panic. It was one thing to get pregnant like a common whore from prostitution, but it was another to expose herself giving birth to everypony present, like a common sybarite devoid of morals.
  39. With the foal now engaged in her birth canal - this was happening so fast! - she ran off to her cart, locking the door, and taking care to pull a small ''do not disturb'' on the window.
  41. ''Alright, you're ready to come out aren't you? Mommy will take care of that''
  43. Her reply was a violent kick that made a bulge under her fur. She moaned in pain and bore down, the foal sliding out slightly.
  45. ''I... I need to do... something for the pain!'' She readied herself for a spell she took care to learn a few weeks prior, something to numb the pain...
  47. failed. For some reason, it did nothing to dull it. ''Oh no no no NO!'' moaned Trixie out loud, not caring at this point if anyone heard. The foal slowly came out of her, tearing her flesh apart, and Trixie screamed as it came into the world, lying on her back, legs spread apart...
  49. ***
  51. The filly was now a few hours old. Luna's night covered the small village in benevolent darkness, and Trixie rested on her bed with her little love gently suckling her teats.
  53. ''I'm gonna call you Wintermoon, my love''
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