Mar 7th, 2014
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  1. Brandan> omkar: OpenGL isn't optimised.
  2. [TDM]Powerof3> nici i forgot to respond to ur email, but the pack has been uploaded
  3. [SW]SylvesterStalone> hmm
  4. Brandan> omkar: the code for the import and export is.
  5. [TAS]Nici> Nice
  6. ermansau> survival
  7. Brandan> omkar: and thats how you're suppose to do it in vb .net
  8. ermansau> hey are you afraýd me :D
  9. [TAS]Nici> wooooooooo
  10. [TAS]Nici> there it is
  11. [TAS]BeastHunter> relogging
  12. [TAS]Nici> Challenge Worlds [Unrated]
  13. Ano-pop out
  14. [TAS]Nici> Ty
  15. omkar out
  16. [TDM]Pain in
  17. Ano-pop in
  18. sufig_POP out
  19. [TDM]Powerof3> np
  20. Brandan> omkar: Right now all the save function does is save land.
  21. sufig_POP in
  22. Brandan> omkar: so if you load a map
  23. Brandan> omkar: then save it
  24. Brandan> omkar: it'll delete all the objects etc.
  25. [TDM]Powerof3> is this arranged?
  26. [TDM]Powerof3> or may i?
  27. Brandan> omkar: and save onyl land
  28. omkar in
  29. Brandan> omkar: because I havent' gotten that far to load it.
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