Rainbow does drag racing

Jul 7th, 2016
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  1. Rainbow dash had always wanted to try drag racing.
  3. Originally by Phase 2
  5. She pulled up with a 409 cubic inch, fuel injected coupe, with a bright blue paint-job that smelled faintly Of fruit, she got ready with two blinks, and a coping mechanism that included and was entirely limited to making direct and uncomfortable eye contact with
  6. anypony and everypony through her darker than dark aviator sunglasses.
  8. She took a long, drawn out deep breath that, truth be told… Did absolutely nothing to stifle her growing anticipation.
  10. "Okay, I trust me." Rainbow dash said in a blocky, rumbly tone- reassuring herself and shifting in her seat to show proudly that she is above freezing at the line. And as if on cue… her wings had expanded in furious glory as a response to her growing adrenaline. She had arrived earlier than her opponent, whom had come to the line with a eastern made, supercharged, gray sedan. This one smelled faintly of the ink and paper which marks the cars musk with the smell that is unmistakably like an office.
  12. The pony driving that vehicle, however, was not from the office… she reeked of brake cleaner and oil and transmission fluid and leather and all the other things you'd find in a car, except the smell of gasoline, which seemed to have been taking the day off portraying itself on her rough polyester jacket. And even though she smelled of imported engine, she also reeked of confidence. Like as if she was way out of Rainbow's weight class for this sport. But alas, she knew in her heart that driving straight requires a fast car, and she was certain she had her hooves on something much more than an office sedan.
  14. The stoplight in front of her had lit up, which meant to Rainbow dash what waking up in the morning means for most of Equestria, at this point… Rainbow dash felt strangely calm, as if all the racing she did without a car was preparing her for the quarter mile'd adventure ahead of her.
  16. The light had cycled to green, and she took off in a light cloud of smoke, careful to not have much tire-spin upon her smelly takeoff. She bolted down the road in mind-numbing acceleration which to Rainbow dash, was comparable to sexual stimulation at that point. She slammed her left rear hoof down on the clutch of the vehicle, and with surgical precision she jammed the coupe into second. The opponent had gotten off the line much better than rainbow, and was a car length away, but by the time she shifted into third, the gap was no more, and they stood neck and neck for two full gear shifts, with Rainbow's heart pummeling to the speed of the combustion of her V8 engine. Her opponent's car had flipped a switch, and Rainbow Dash heart suddenly stopped and the air grew thick, with time seemingly slowing as she saw her opponent's sedan blast off to two full car lengths in front of her own coupe, getting over the line before Rainbow had even began to realize that there was a weight class in drag racing, and the mare in the office sedan was way above her own.
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