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  1. What is being applied for:
  2. Due to a change of worship in deities and recent developments to the character as a whole, he has gotten some abilities replaced with the ones from his new deity.
  6. Amulet of Vengeance: The magical relic has been turned into a darker one, a swirling crystal with dark flames burning inside it, making it always warm to the touch. It acts very much akin to to the previous amulet, preventing any mind manipulation or trickery so that he may exact his vengeance without being tricked. It vibrates in the presence of unholy/evil beings that he considers such (tieflings, vampurs, necromancers, undead, ambient evil energy etc etc)
  12. While his increased size and strength remained, his abilities of healing others did not. In return, he is capable of once per day after chanting a short prayer, boost his strength and agility and reducing pain by about fifty percent for one combat scenario with some weakness ensuing after it as the strained muscles require some time to recover, making the next 4-5 hours after the combat have him in a weakened and fatigued state, almost as if he ran a marathon and went to the gym for three hours.
  17. While exorcism is out of the table, the deity has noticed his grudge against the undead and daemonic, and as such it has granted him an ability to deal with those threats. After slaying a being, with a short chant of revenge, he may destroy the soul of the creature it killed, preventing it to go to the afterlife or being brought back to life via necromancy, of course that doesn't do him much good in combat. It can be used the same way on possessed people, by placing a hand on them which would damage the being possessing the person directly and expel it from him, though it requires the paladin to be touching the person in question.
  19. An alternative use is coating his blade in an eery black color and glow that seems to add a special effect of hurting incorporeal beings or other beings that seem to be resistant to mudane attacks. Of course, this only works for spirits, daemons and other creatures like that but it gives him no edge over regular monsters and humans, but it's still useful against the spooks if he can hit them.
  22. The last power of his is that his eyes change color slightly and the fact that all his abilities seem to be a few shades darker, for example flames would become more black, light would become more dark and all of that. Basically all of his abilities appear more edgy, even if it has nothing to do with their effectiveness.
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