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  1. 007E1048: But he can't tell exactly what's it made out of, nor how it works.
  2. 007E10A4: This is, according to Rinnosuke's ability, the core of a kedama.
  3. 007E10D8: Kedama's Core
  4. 007E10E4: It's surprisingly furry and soft to the touch.
  5. 007E1124: A bundle of fur taken from a kedama.
  6. 007E1140: Kedama's Fur Bundle
  7. 007E1150: An annoying piece of cloth that tries to float back to the heaven whenever you're not looking.
  8. 007E1190: A hagoromo with Heaven's power residing within.
  9. 007E11AC: Celestial's Hagoromo
  10. 007E11BC: Perhaps for angels, carrying feathers is an obligation.
  11. 007E1208: Furthermore, it's dropped by an a wingless angel.
  12. 007E1230: A piece of feather dropped by an angel.
  13. 007E1254: Heavenly Messenger's feather
  14. 007E1264: Makes for a manly decoration.
  15. 007E1284: A mane that is said to be the symbol of Dragons' power.
  16. 007E12B4: Dragon's Mane
  17. 007E12C8: This is not an insult to whiskers, but it's an easy material to handle whether its made into a string or a whip.
  18. 007E1318: A small bunch of whiskers grown on a dragon.
  19. 007E1338: Dragon's Whiskers
  20. 007E1344: they're rather like oni themselves.
  21. 007E1368: For Reimu and co. who'd steal the symbol and identify of an oni like that,
  22. 007E13A8: The horn of an oni as it is.
  23. 007E13C0: Oni's Long Horn
  24. 007E13D0: The way of stealing them isn't easy, but it's not interesting either.
  25. 007E1420: Oni's pants certainly look nice. They look like tiger skin, too.
  26. 007E1468: Oni's Pants
  27. 007E1478: made out of unidentified metal. It's really hard, so refining it is difficult.
  28. 007E14B0: It's some unidentifiable shield used by some unidentifiable monsters,
  29. 007E1500: Magic Iron Shield
  30. 007E150C: A really large piece of shell composed of chitin.
  31. 007E1538: Chitin Shell
  32. 007E154C: Aside from being extremely hard, it's also far thicker and larger than modern fish scales.
  33. 007E1598: A type of scale commonly found on species of fish that are long extinct.
  34. 007E15D0: Ancient Fish's Ganoid Scale
  35. 007E15E0: so even if they're eaten by accident, the mouth can safely handle them.
  36. 007E1620: They're leptoid scales, composed of only enamel and collagen,
  37. 007E1658: Scales of creatures that live in water.
  38. 007E1678: Aquatic Creature's Soft Scales
  39. 007E168C: It's flexible and very light, and gives a colorful shine when exposed to sunlight.
  40. 007E16D8: Thin insect wings that can be folded along the exoskeleton.
  41. 007E1710: Insect's Rainbow-Colored Thin Wings
  42. 007E1724: The fur that grows along the surface is kind of disgusting.
  43. 007E1758: Insect's exoskeleton that's somewhat hard.
  44. 007E1780: Insect's Exoskeleton
  45. 007E1790: Most of them are quite colorful.
  46. 007E17C0: Used for intimidation, wooing the opposite sex, and baiscally as an appeal of its existence.
  47. 007E1820: A piece of feather found on the head of a magic bird, larger than any other feather on its body.
  48. 007E1864: Magic Bird's Crest
  49. 007E1878: It's well designed for capturing wind, as it needs to keep a large body afloat.
  50. 007E18D0: Wings of some monsters that nest in large trees.
  51. 007E18F4: Steady Wings
  52. 007E1908: It's shaped for the sake of intimidation.
  53. 007E1940: Claws used by large carnivores to kill other beasts.
  54. 007E1970: Huge Beast's Claw
  55. 007E197C: It's soft and feels good to the touch.
  56. 007E19A0: Skin from animals, tanned for various kind of uses.
  57. 007E19E4: Tanned Hide
  58. 007E19F4: Just drinking it makes you feel lively.
  59. 007E1A08: The delicious parts of the Great Tree's sap, collected in a bottle.
  60. 007E1A58: Great Tree's Sap
  61. 007E1A68: it might contain mysterious powers within too.
  62. 007E1AA0: Since it's grown on this rather mysterious great tree,
  63. 007E1AD8: A leaf that's beautiful even amongst all the leaves from this Great Tree that suddenly appeared.
  64. 007E1B30: Great Tree's Leaf
  65. 007E1B40: It was forcibly taken while the previous owner was knocked out. Poor thing.
  66. 007E1B78: The thing that you find on the head of a ghost.
  67. 007E1BA0: Ghost's Eboshi
  68. 007E1BB4: It was forcibly cut off while the ghost was knocked out. Might be cursed.
  69. 007E1BEC: The tail of a ghost.
  70. 007E1C08: Ghost's Tail
  71. 007E1C18: Perhaps for youkais, fire blowgun usage is moderated under cooking appliance laws.
  72. 007E1C5C: Fire blowgun that was held by a youkai.
  73. 007E1C7C: Youkai's Fire Blowgun
  74. 007E1C8C: They seem to generally like alcohol.
  75. 007E1CB8: A jar that was held by a youkai.
  76. 007E1CD4: Youkai's Jar
  77. 007E1D00: Purse that was forcibly taken from a defeated enemy.
  78. 007E1D24: Satin-Woven Purse
  79. 007E1D38: Take everything that's not nailed down or on fire: that's the way of an adventurer.
  80. 007E1D78: Whoever took this kind of stuff probably wasn't thinking at all.
  81. 007E1DBC: Amulet that was forcibly taken from a defeated enemy.
  82. 007E1DE0: Hemp Amulet
  83. 007E1DF0: It's so big and hard that you can probably kill someone by throwing it.
  84. 007E1E38: but no matter hwo you look at it, it looks more like a rock than a seed.
  85. 007E1E64: Rinnosuke identified this as a seed,
  86. 007E1E8C: Rugged Seed
  87. 007E1EA0: Spiky enough that it could probably kill some unsuspecting plumber that stepped on it.
  88. 007E1EE8: but it's really quite big and very spiky.
  89. 007E1F2C: Perhaps this is some kind of plant seed,
  90. 007E1F54: Thorny Seed
  91. 007E1F68: It's covered with negative human emotions.
  92. 007E1F90: A straw doll used by someone to curse someone else.
  93. 007E1FC8: Cursed Straw Doll
  94. 007E1FD8: It might go well with some sort of dark weapons. Sticky.
  95. 007E201C: It's some sticky thing with evil power, or so Rinnosuke says.
  96. 007E2054: Black Sticky Paste
  97. 007E2064: It glitters with a faint light, and is about as effective.
  98. 007E209C: A holy amulet with the prayer of exorcism depicted on it.
  99. 007E20D0: Purifying Amulet
  100. 007E20E0: Reimu and co. took them without a thought though, so they're probably not that faithful.
  101. 007E2120: Perhaps humans and youkai from outside placed them, or perhaps there are faithful monsters inside.
  102. 007E2178: Purifying salt that can be seen in the Great Tree.
  103. 007E2198: Small Pack of Purifying Salt
  104. 007E21B8: When used in an unsavory manner, it can contain unsavory magic power.
  105. 007E2208: Tiny crystal balls used by unsavory priests.
  106. 007E223C: Priest's Crystal Ball
  107. 007E2250: Even now, faint magic can be felt from the tip's decoration.
  108. 007E2290: A worned-out wand that was probably originally used by someone in prayers.
  109. 007E22D8: Worn-out Magic Wand
  110. 007E22EC: Commonly appreciated as a good luck symbol.
  111. 007E2314: A sprout that's very shiny.
  112. 007E233C: Shining Sprout
  113. 007E2348: Maybe it's formed from solidified tree sap.
  114. 007E2384: It looks like some sort of natural fragment, though details are unclear.
  115. 007E23C4: Natural Fragment
  116. 007E23D8: It seems to resist with wind when you try to break it with a hammer. How annoying.
  117. 007E2428: A piece of stone that seems to be able to summon wind when grasped strongly.
  118. 007E2458: Stormy Selenite
  119. 007E2468: It can be handy when you want to cool off, but then you'd get sand on your body, so not many people like it.
  120. 007E24B0: Some sand that seems to be able to summon wind when you throw it in the air.
  121. 007E24E4: Wind Sand
  122. 007E24F0: seems to melt it instantly. Kind of awesome, except it's kind of not.
  123. 007E2540: At least, it never melts when placed openly, but human touch
  124. 007E2590: A piece of ice that, for some reason, doesn't melt no matter what.
  125. 007E25D0: Eternal Ice
  126. 007E25DC: but human touch seems to melt it instantly.
  127. 007E2608: Well, at least it doesn't melt easily when placed openly,
  128. 007E2654: A piece of ice that, for some reason, is harder to melt than normal.
  129. 007E2690: Hard-to-melt Ice
  130. 007E26A0: Might be handy as a body warmer.
  131. 007E26D4: An igenous rock that still holds some heat.
  132. 007E26F8: Blazing Igneous Rock
  133. 007E2708: Although it's just ashes now, many kinds of different things may have burned to make them.
  134. 007E2744: Stuff that resulted from burning various things.
  135. 007E2770: Charred ashes
  136. 007E2780: It's not certain whether this is really metal, but at least it feels ancient.
  137. 007E27C0: A mysterious item that looks like some sort of rusted metal.
  138. 007E27E8: Ancient Fragment
  139. 007E27FC: For some reason, Marisa can't take her eyes off it.
  140. 007E2848: A brilliant piece of crystal used in magic rituals.
  141. 007E288C: Spirit's Orb
  142. 007E289C: Not much is known about it, but it's very heavy.
  143. 007E28CC: Mysterious water that emits a dull, blue light.
  144. 007E28E8: Dull Light Water
  145. 007E28F8: It's a rather blasphemous action, but Reimu and co. don't care.
  146. 007E2948: but it actually was from some holy-looking monsters.
  147. 007E2980: A brilliant feather that looks like it came from an angel,
  148. 007E29A0: Angel Wing
  149. 007E29AC: Nothing seems to happen when you open it in air. Suspicious.
  150. 007E29F8: dropped by a monster that originated from hyperspace.
  151. 007E2A28: A sealed-up bottle that contain hyperspace air,
  152. 007E2A68: Bottle of Hyperspace
  153. 007E2A78: Rinnosuke says that there's some sort of dark power involved somehow.
  154. 007E2AB0: It gives a very Trompe-l'œil feeling when looked at.
  155. 007E2AEC: "Shining Black", an extremely odd stone.
  156. 007E2B14: Shining Black Stone
  157. 007E2B28: If you collect 100 of them, you might be able to use it as a never extinguishing lamp.
  158. 007E2B78: The needle shines very brightly, but it also makes it very hard to actually sew things with it.
  159. 007E2BC8: A needle that was made with the light of the sun. Details are unknown.
  160. 007E2C08: Light Needle
  161. 007E2C10: gives quite a variance to their value. It's a world no one really knows much about.
  162. 007E2C64: Amongst curse manias, whether the curse you hear is good or not
  163. 007E2CA8: A cursed shell from which you can hear the sound of curses when placed against your ears.
  164. 007E2CF4: Cursed Black Husk
  165. 007E2D08: This kind of thing that no one can explain really tickles Marisa's fancy.
  166. 007E2D4C: A mysterious structure composed of a mysterious material, with a mysterious shape.
  167. 007E2D8C: Mysterious Structure
  168. 007E2D9C: It's unexpected handy, or so answer the Kappa folks.
  169. 007E2DD4: it can be used in place of any kind of lubricant or glue.
  170. 007E2E1C: If you ask what kind of things can this be used for,
  171. 007E2E48: Viscous Liquid
  172. 007E2E58: Handy for making small accessories.
  173. 007E2E90: Some weirdly-shaped metal pieces.
  174. 007E2EB0: Fine Metal Piece
  175. 007E2EC0: Marisa likes to collect these for no reason.
  176. 007E2EFC: Tends to be held by strong enemies, so it must be strong itself.
  177. 007E2F3C: An unknown stone that radiates heat when you hold it tightly.
  178. 007E2F6C: Stone of Power
  179. 007E2F78: It's heartbreakingly beautiful, but staring at it is probably bad for your eyes.
  180. 007E2FC8: A mysterious jewel that distorts the air a little when you shake it.
  181. 007E3008: Glittering Jewel
  182. 007E3018: Maybe it's because they're in the sea of trees, the fins are larger and weirder than normal fins.
  183. 007E3068: Fins from fishs that "swims" in the sea of trees. No one knows why they're there though.
  184. 007E30BC: Fish Fin of the Sea of Trees
  185. 007E30CC: You can't really see it properly without good lighting.
  186. 007E3108: Maybe it has ultraviolet colors on it too, though humans won't see it either way.
  187. 007E3158: A flower that blooms with seven colors, unseen in either Gensokyo nor the Outside world.
  188. 007E319C: Colorful Seven-colored Flower
  189. 007E31AC: So perhaps it can be used for that effect as well.
  190. 007E31E8: Aside from being used in accessories, it's also piezoelectric.
  191. 007E3220: It's a piece of beautiful, but not exactly rare granite crystal.
  192. 007E3254: Beautiful Crystal Piece
  193. 007E3264: According to Yamame, this will eventually be mass produced.
  194. 007E3288: but these are even stronger. Maybe it's a result of the Great Tree's powers.
  195. 007E32E0: Normal spider threads are already more durable than iron of same weight,
  196. 007E3324: Thread harvested from insects that live in the Great Tree.
  197. 007E334C: Great Tree's Thread Bundle
  198. 007E335C: Maybe you'll make the kappa happy by collecting a lot of them.
  199. 007E3394: Some mechanical parts with all sorts of difficult looking shape.
  200. 007E33C8: Mysterious Mechanical Part
  201. 007E33D8: Although they're damaged, they might be recyclable.
  202. 007E3408: Fragments of weapons and armors used by enemies.
  203. 007E3430: Piece of Magic Armor
  204. 007E3440: If you try really hard, you might be able to pry some text from them.
  205. 007E3474: Well-used parchments that were used in ancient magic books.
  206. 007E34A8: Magic Filled Parchment
  207. 007E34C0: They came from some hard things, probably.
  208. 007E34F0: Some husk that's rather hard.
  209. 007E3510: Hard Husk
  210. 007E3518: Often found on animal pack leaders.
  211. 007E353C: these are some rather rugged horns.
  212. 007E3560: Are horns always this sinister looking? …like that,
  213. 007E35A4: Rugged Horns of the Strong
  214. 007E35B4: you can definitely make good gears with them.
  215. 007E35E8: Since it looks so charmingly shiny,
  216. 007E3614: Chunks of what's probably extremely strong enmity.
  217. 007E363C: Rainbow Light
  218. 007E3648: A good light source that doesn't use up fuel.
  219. 007E3664: It's as bright as daylight even during the night.
  220. 007E3690: Chunks of extremely strong enmity that shines azure.
  221. 007E36C0: Azure Light
  222. 007E36CC: Place it in the middle of the room, and it will glow beautifully.
  223. 007E3714: Chunks of stronger enmity and power.
  224. 007E3740: Lapis Lazuli Light
  225. 007E3750: But it doesn't drop from strong enemies.
  226. 007E3778: Chunks of strong enmity and power.
  227. 007E37A0: Scarlet Light
  228. 007E37AC: It shines bright purple, and looks pretty useful.
  229. 007E37CC: A handy mixture of concepts of all kinds of things.
  230. 007E3814: Concept of Everything
  231. 007E3820: A handy mixture of concepts of all kinds of things.
  232. 007E3868: Concept of Attributes
  233. 007E3874: So they're not souls after all. Wonder what they are.
  234. 007E38A8: When a strong Dragon yawns in the morning, these precious things come out.
  235. 007E38F8: Souls from the strongest of Dragons, the strongest of species in Gensokyo.
  236. 007E3960: Shining Dragon's Soul
  237. 007E3970: First you have to find heroes who save the world, so they're rather rare items.
  238. 007E39C0: Mysterious white fuzzy things that drop from heroes, when they're kicked away after they save the world.
  239. 007E3A1C: Hero's Soul
  240. 007E3A28: with really strong force. There's no death involved in collecting them, so they're not scary.
  241. 007E3A90: When a strong fighter breathes after finishing a battle, occasionally this will fly out behind them
  242. 007E3AE8: Fighter's Soul
  243. 007E3AF8: They feel like useful equipments, so Touhou's "fairies" tend to feel kind of different.
  244. 007E3B68: In other games "Fairy's whatever" tends to come out midgame, and add agility and sometimes other bonus.
  245. 007E3BD0: After this comes out, the fairy doesn't die, but generally runs away instead, so it's probably not a soul.
  246. 007E3C28: Occasionally fly out of a fairy's mouth when you strike it really hard behind their head.
  247. 007E3C5C: Fairy's Soul
  248. 007E3C68: There were a lot of innocent souls wrongly sealed up.
  249. 007E3CA8: Since whether a soul is evil or not is completely subjectively judged by Reimu and co.,
  250. 007E3D04: A mysterious object that shines with light, born when an evil spirit is sealed.
  251. 007E3D3C: Evil Spirit's Soul
  252. 007E3D48: One of Marisa's Hakkero's materials. Probably also the Kusanagi's, too.
  253. 007E3D9C: comnpletely disappeared by about World War II.
  254. 007E3DD8: the records aren't very consistent on it. Anything that were made out of Scarletite
  255. 007E3E30: The metal either just has a scarlet aura, or maybe shines with the light of sun,
  256. 007E3E7C: Fragment of Scarletite
  257. 007E3E94: they've awakened the "Durin's Bane", and Moria was annhilated with it.
  258. 007E3EE0: It was common during the Third Age, but due to dwarves' overmining,
  259. 007E3F40: but it never tarnishes. It's found in the dwarven mines of Moria.
  260. 007E3FA8: Mithril means "grey glitter" in Sindarin. It shines like silver,
  261. 007E4004: Fragment of mithril
  262. 007E4018: So now it only takes a bunch of hardcore gamers a bit less than a year to get a Mythic.
  263. 007E4068: Rather infamous. Updates have eased their obtainability somewhat,
  264. 007E4174: Piece of Alexandrite
  265. 007E4194: increased multifold. Handy, but also rare.
  266. 007E41C8: When you use folded iron, materials you'ved used have their effects
  267. 007E4230: A metal that is effective at refining equpiments.
  268. 007E4270: Fragment of Folded Iron
  269. 007E4280: Even so, if you want a hat, the quickest way is to just fork over some cash.
  270. 007E42E8: headgears. They cover your head, but don't give any bonuses.
  271. 007E4350: reclaimed metal, then combine 3 of those and you get this. You need 3-4 of this to make
  272. 007E43C0: Smelt 2 weapons used by the same class to get a scrap metal; combine 3 scrap metals to get
  273. 007E4424: Fragment of Refined Iron
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