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  1. Kiran: The Summoner.
  2. Tactician for another Askr. A kind-hearted soul with a sharp mind who cares deeply for the world of Zenith and its people. Can be incompetent, but always tries hard.
  4. Summoned: "Ah, so *that's* what it feels like! Good to meet you. I am Kiran, the Summoner. I will fight for the safety of Askr and Nifl with all I have."
  6. Tapped on:
  7. *laugh*
  8. "Oh! So that's what I've been doing to everyone? Hm."
  9. "It seems not every Askr has the same Heroes. I have some you don't, and you have some I don't. Interesting..."
  10. "A Summoner summoning another Summoner! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."
  11. "That Loki may seem like just a nuisance, but don't fall for her tricks. She's...powerful. Inhumanly so."
  12. "It's good to see your Princess Fjorm is alive, albeit in poor condition. The Fjorm of my world...well. You can probably guess, can't you?"
  13. "Hm? Having trouble making a Hero stronger? Just put Fury and Moonbow on them and call it a day."
  15. Castle Quotes:
  16. "I'd like to take over the next battle, if you don't mind. Have to keep my tactical skill honed."
  17. "Lif and they and their people must have suffered. I know they're the enemy, but..."
  18. "You want to know my...?! What, do you expect me to hoist up my robe and show you?! I...don't feel like I'm either, all right? ...Oh, you don't mind? Thank you."
  19. "It's nice to see the people of this world happy. I've always valued their happiness, sometimes at the cost of my own."
  20. "Out on patrol, hm? Try to stay safe- I don't know if I could take over for you if something were to happen."
  22. Selected in battle:
  23. "Let's move out."
  24. "With me, everyone."
  25. "Breidablik's locked and loaded."
  27. Attack:
  28. "Take this!"
  29. "Hah!"
  31. Damaged:
  32. "Ow..."
  33. "Gah..."
  35. Special:
  36. "You're about to get pity broken!"
  37. "For Askr!"
  38. "Heroes, grant me your power!"
  39. "No Light's Blessing for you!"
  41. Defeated:
  42. "Another...3-star..."
  44. Confession:
  45. "Oh, hello, (Summoner). You know, I like that name.
  47. (If your Summoner's name is Kiran): Heh. Is that narcissistic of me?
  49. (If your Summoner's name is not Kiran): It's interesting that Summoners can even have different names.
  51. Regardless, however...I wanted to thank you. Yes, yes, I know plenty of Heroes have already sung your praises, but I mean it. You know what it's like to be suddenly thrust into a position of power, to have the weight of the worlds on your shoulders...and to lose people who are important to you. I can relate to you. And two Summoners are better than one, so I may as well stay here a while. Besides, my Askr is not in the best condition. Alfonse, erm...I'd rather not say, yet. But knowing your kindness, I'm sure I'll open up to you one day. Now, shall we discuss tactics? I had a plan I wanted to run by you..."
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