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Cait Bareth

ninjajermz Sep 19th, 2011 92 Never
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  1. Your name is CAIT BARETH. You're 14 years old right now and love airships. You plan to be a captain when you grow up, in fact. You're a PRETTY SMART DUDE nearly genius level... unfortunately you have the attention span of a gnat. You've always had this difficulty concentrating and so you have BILLIONS OF HALF DONE PROJECTS scattered about your room. In fact the only one you ever finished was a large malfunctioning steambot that ended up obliterating half your house. Your UNCLE was not pleased in the least, no matter how many times you explained to him you just wanted someone to clean your room for you.
  3. When not running around like an INSANE MONKEY CHILD your interests range from the Absurd to the Ridiculous this is partially because of your MINISCULE ATTENTION... wait you already spoke about that didn't you. The one true constant in your life has been AIRSHIPS, your UNCLE pilots one and since he's your biggest ROLEMODEL you want to pilot one too.
  5. Despite all your faults you generally try to be a GOOD PERSON, always offering to help those in need. If the person you are conversing with is talking about something RELEVANT TO YOUR INTERESTS then you are sometimes capable of holding a conversation that doesn't change subject every three seconds and once you GIVE YOUR WORD on something you always complete it... however since you tend to FORGET THINGS this may take much longer then originally thought.
  7. You are also The Master of Space and will gallivant through the LAND OF LIGHTNING AND FROGS. Not that you have a clue what that means.
  9. You do know however that your botherchap handle is oilyGearmaster and you talk in [color=saddlebrown]and you talk in a very distrac---- OH MY LORD WHAT IS THAT-[/color]
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