Tildes 2020 Census: Dislike

Sep 19th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. It is too serious, and the variety of discussion is hampered by it's techy population.
  2. Political alt left
  3. Needs more members
  4. Too much civil discourse
  5. I think it grows too slowly, so it doesn't suffer reddit's problem of "what do we show our user" but at the same time, the "front page" has three-day-old posts.
  6. Typically the lack of activity compared to some other sites I visit. I imagine also the lack of diversity, but we'll see about the results from this!
  7. Low volume of activity in certain topics
  8. Slow content tends to lead to very lengthy discussions. Sometimes I'd just like to see some content.
  9. The leftist bias, and I'll preface this by saying I lean pretty left although significantly more libertarian than most users. I don't think there is much* insitutional bias built into the site and by itself it isn't problematic, but the sheer amount of backlash and subtle hostility you receive from critiquing any element of current progressive culture regardless of how small. I find people replying to me as if I'm on the far right despite agreeing with them on 90% of issues and mostly disagreeing in the details.
  10. Small userbase
  11. Not enough activity
  12. Lack of content compared to reddit
  13. ?
  14. Can be slightly elitist.
  15. Increasing creep of low effort posts
  16. Too male, white, and otherwise homogenous, still too similar to the culture of Hacker News or Reddit
  17. Too little activity. There's never anything new when I come here.
  18. The occasional misunderstandings.
  19. N/A
  20. There isn't a whole lot of activity all the time
  21. * Link aggregators are inherently unhealthy for me to use * Too many jerkward centrist/right-leaning folks who post pernicious articles under the guise of balance and discussion and both sides!!!!11!
  22. Nothing, so far, but I haven't been a member for very long
  23. There are very few active users.
  24. the small size of the community means you miss out on some news, or don't get them as promptly.
  25. Not federated. I personally think that the only way to avoid network effects always re-creating monopolies is open standards and federation. While small communities are useful and good, networking them together is what the internet is all about, IMHO. Refusing to federate creates lock-in, and lock-in doesn't become desirable simply because a website's management is benevolent (what if it ceases to be benevolent?).
  26. Doesn't have the many niche communities of Reddit.
  27. Subjects all really close together like a bubble
  28. Discussion is dominated by white male far left tech bro powermods
  29. It can be a little slow, and I rarely find myself able to contribute, but I try my best
  30. not enough users
  31. When people get into pointless argument chains and won’t just agree to disagree.
  32. Sometimes less-than-optimal content spends too long on the front page — presumably because of the lack of downvotes, or possibly lower engagement? But that's a pretty minor complaint, and of course I could hide anything I don't want to see.
  33. Small community
  34. That I have to request an account. But i understand why and am overall very supportive of this policy!
  35. It’s inactive and I feel there’s a culture of conformity or “niceness”
  36. Cultural discussion is almost suffocatingly rooted in stereotypical STEM interests - ie. frequent and serious discussion about video games/anime daily but virtually no representation of dance, visual design, fine arts, music scenes, contemporary novels, theater etc.
  37. I want to participate in discussion, but it feels like the topics on tildes are above me :/
  38. The try-hards.
  39. I worry Tildes May be encountering similar use cases as the early days of Reddit and I worry it’s traveling down the same path of mass commercialization.
  40. All these damn surveys. (... joke. Nothing comes to mind.)
  41. It's a bit inactive
  42. Some topics just don't get much discussion
  43. The high bar for quality means that contributing to or even reading a thread can feel like a homework assignment.
  44. Not much "sustained" discussion outside of recurring threads, haven't found a use for any other groups aside from defaults yet, low amount of content getting reposted on niche topics from other sources compared to other social media.
  45. That it's so small
  46. Geared more towards programming posts which aren't of particular interest to me, but I read through some of them anyways.
  47. there's no mobile app
  48. conservative echo chamber
  49. not enough activity, kind of slow
  50. Can't signup ;/
  51. As much as I like the approach to "meaningful conversation," I often feel that quick comments are not acceptable, and therefore do not engage as much.
  52. Lots of empty posts. With no comments or the only comment being a quote. Nothing to springboard off of.
  53. Lack of activity
  54. Some of the post dont have any responses
  55. No thumbnails.
  56. Sometimes it's a bit slow.
  57. The types of links don't interest me all the time
  58. It's not quite something that I dislike, but I would like if there were more users (but always quality ones), to have more content on the site to discuss.
  59. Website design is too minimalist or 'sterile' (like FaceBook and present-day MySpace).
  60. Closed minded fools that use the "noise" button to downvote because they can't get out of the 'I shall censor anything I disagree with' reddit mindset.
  61. A phone app would be better than the browser. I almost never look it on my phone because of that.
  62. I think it could grow a little faster. I've posted several times what I felt were good conversation topics and received very little response.
  63. I miss my pretty embedded pictures :(
  64. I can't think of anything.
  65. Lack of activity.
  66. The hurdles to account creation ( though understand how that has helped moderate the space and prevent it from descending to voat levels).
  67. A lot of discussion skews towards technology/computing
  68. Mobile links can be small and tough to find sometimes (I like to open the comments before the link so I don't lose track of the discussion after I've read an article and the comments link is small)
  69. That annoying yearly census where none of the questions are optional
  70. It is not active enough
  71. Little bit to US centric for me, but that's not a Tildes problem, it's an English language internet problem.
  72. - tech/pol heavy discussion, creative, food etc. are not very active - small european community, I sometimes feel a bit left out
  73. the lack of discussion in some threads
  74. not enough new content, I still use reddit and hackernews because there is more content on those sites
  75. Basically a platform for male IT pros, not much diversity
  76. It's not as active as I wish it could be.
  77. More content, particularly in niche areas, would be nice.
  78. I think it would be better if it was a tad more lively even though I myself am not an active poster on it.
  79. limited intellectual diversity.
  80. That it isn't federated.
  81. Poor quality discussion. Culture around respectful, good faith discussion has eroded significantly and is getting progressively worse. A little culturally homogenous. Lack of gender and ethnic diversity. Lack of non-tech/hacker news people.
  82. 1. Europeans 2. Rather ugly layout 3. Could use more features
  83. WAY too many commenters think comments should be about proving their own opinions or beliefs correct and others wrong. jesus christ, can't we just discuss topics to explore the topic? too many entertainment topics (games, music, leisure activities). the ship is fucking sinking, people! it seems like tildes is going to be asking "what have you been listening to this week?" with its last breath of air before going under.
  84. A lot of meta-discussion about the site, and sometimes it can be kind of slow.
  85. Same problems with power users as most other communities; I'm also a little worried about what form the migration of askbiblescholars might take -- I'd much rather a with ask tags than, say, ~humanities.askbiblescholars
  86. Everyone writes so pretty that you have to read very close to see someone's personality.
  87. Not being able to block a handful of highly annoying, highly active users
  88. It's a little slow sometimes. A little more activity would be nice.
  89. Still too American-centric.
  90. Activity page has not changed a lot, though I've only been on for about a week.
  91. Narrow demographics; tendency for arguments to recycle over time.
  92. Low number of communities.
  93. There isn't nearly as much content as even many subreddits, let alone all of Reddit, and occasionally I think some people (including myself) get a little too passionate in discussions and forget to keep ourselves level headed. Overall the likes definitely outweigh the dislikes though.
  94. not much
  95. Lack of userbase. Lack of memes.
  96. Not terribly active.
  97. It has low activity!
  98. People still aren't open to genuinely having their opinions changed or coming into a conversation in good faith.
  99. No culture, most posts are about politics or technology.
  100. Political opinions tend to skew left and thus be imbalanced. On the same note though, I wonder if politics is appearing too frequently altogether; hard to tell if this is the case or just due to 2020 being a hell of a year.
  101. Too quiet, I wish more content would be posted per day.
  102. Too US focused
  103. Going to my home page and not seeing anything new
  104. Nothing in particular. It's not very active.
  105. - lack of content at times
  106. The (relatively) small userbase prohibits discussion about certain niches which I'm interested in.
  107. n/a
  108. No images, embedded videos
  109. The limited breadth of discussion on most topics.
  110. I feel that much like Reddit and other forms of social media Tildes has turned into an echo chamber where only hive opinions are welcome. In many areas the hivemind at Tildes is progressive and mature. But in others it is extremely conservative and childish like Reddit. In particular the way that the Tildes hivemind openly mocks veganism and the animal genocide that takes place is extremely concerning. The refusal of most Tildes users to challenge themselves or consider that they may be on the wrong side of history makes them appear hypocrites when they ask republicans in the USA to question themselves. Also of note is that the Noise tagging system is being used to hide posts that the hivemind disagree with much like downvoting on Reddit.
  111. Not much. It's a nice place!
  112. US centric AF, or rather US-liberal centric AF.
  113. Not enough people.
  114. A lack of any true innovation when it comes to discussion. At it's core it's basically still a forum.
  115. Certain topics (often politics) are certain to drive tons of activity, and dominate the feed for a day or two. I think the recent (ish) changes regarding comment frequency between two users have helped in this respect through.
  116. My large inability to start to contribute something to it, it isn't related to Tildes itself, but might be social codes I'm missing? No idea.
  117. Nothing
  118. User-base is still too small; certain subjects get are rarely discussed (e.g. literature, history)
  119. still feels somewhat of an echo chamber
  120. Would be nice to have a group for humor/memes and less serious subject matter. General tone is pretty serious and sober.
  121. Seems to be a lull in activity and people, not really an effort to recruit or make a place outside of the disaffected Redditor Profile.
  122. It's tougher to find something specifically aligned with my interests, but I also enjoy cultivating new interests so it's not really a big deal.
  123. #tildessowhite
  124. Political discussions going down the tubes because of two people with incompatible ideologies talking past one another. There's no real technical fix, and there aren't any truly objectionable ideologies represented on tildes, I just wish the participants would realize when it was happening and disengage.
  125. Errr, not much. Because it's so broad, I feel like some tech/comp submissions get drowned but otherwise it's pretty neat. I'm still on the default theme, though I really shouldn't complain.
  126. Generic comment threading.
  127. like many social websites that lure technically-proficient people, certain discussions can become hampered by needless pedantry. though, I appreciate pedantry when it's appropriate.
  128. Small community.
  129. Lack of content
  130. Same people contributing on every story
  131. also the community. there is still that lingering high-brow attitude from Þe Olde Days and its reification in incredibly exhausting-to-read bickering. there still are threads that i won't click on because i instinctively feel that the comments are gonna be of that sort (usually if there's 30+ on a recent post, heh). we're not ...particularly diverse - iirc in the last census there were almost or actually more enbies like me than women? not a good look, we simply don't make up ~50% of the population. same (and probably worse, don't remember the stats on this) goes for ethnicities other than white[tm]. mind you, it's not that i've seen many bad takes (altho they occasionally crop up) against either of these groups from members coming from the majority, it's just that there is a conspicuous absence of good takes about them from themselves.
  132. it's still very tech-broey at times
  133. Certain powerusers (even some of the tagger people!) are... how shall I put this... combative? "I'm-right-you're-wrong"? They seek an argument. If they operate under good faith, they don't always operate under reasonable expectations; i.e. they are not imagining others complexly.
  134. Echo chambery, low activity
  135. A little too small of a community
  136. The lack of a downvote button, or at least a label that can be used to signal strong disagreement without having to get embroiled in a pointless argument: some things might not count as noise, offtopic, joke or *malice*, while contributing less than nothing to the conversation.
  137. Some niche interests of mine (primarily music) aren't as represented as on reddit, but I use that as a fallback. It isn't a large dislike.
  138. Not enough shitposting
  139. The lack of posts about anything other than tech or lgbt+ politics. A lot of high frequency posters are not very nice. People editing titles/links without asking the poster before doing so.
  140. The frontend is written in Python and Jinja.
  141. Nothing worth complaining about.
  142. Lack of honest discussions
  143. Too much tech talk
  144. A lack of political diversity
  145. I think rather than promote actual discussion, sometimes contributors refuse to be open-minded and do not tolerate perspectives that differ from their own.
  146. veers in to echo chamber territory in political discussions
  147. Hard to differentiate between reasons why a post was bumped in the activity feed
  148. Lack of content
  149. There are two users who are mildly annoying. One of them picked a fight with me and ended up getting my comments deleted and that REALLY annoyed me.
  150. No major dislikes. I'm happy with the site so far.
  151. Homogeny of the user base
  152. It’s a bit too small.
  153. The fact that the variety of content is less wide than on reddit.
  154. Low activity
  155. There's a few out-and-out hostile commenters, but tagging them and ignoring them using with the tildes reExtended firefox plugin fixes that issue.
  156. There seems to be a few "power users" who dominate posts. I'm wary of such users dominating such as "gallowboob" from reddit. Also, sometimes I feel there's a certain "smugness" among posters/users which is a bit of a turn off on using Tildes.
  157. Would like to have a larger number of active people
  158. Voting system for comments. Early comments tend to stay at the top, even if better comments are posted later.
  159. The fact that Deimos doesn't have enough support (for now, hopefuly) to work on Tildes full time, the reliance on third parties or asking Deimos directly for site statistics, and my biggest concern is how the BUS_FACTOR == 1.
  160. Perhaps this is a good thing for some people, but overall lack of activity is a negative.
  161. There's not much to dislike, to be honest. Perhaps the low volume of new content.
  162. The very slow pace in which further development takes place.
  163. Political discussions
  164. The reddit-style structure
  165. Some of this stuff is about site development, some about us/the community. Not enough activity. This site needs 5-15 times more users probably. Because of this activity, we can't have as many groups as I'd like. The Donations can currently sustain the site but not Deimos and I find that important, even if Deimos has told us that's okay. I don't know if I'm ranting or it's just me but I've always felt "core admin/mod/dev of Tildes" should be an occupation. The issue with mods is that they're unpaid volunteers right? Also a lot of stuff gets put on hold for long unless someone else decides it's worth adding coding it in for you, although admittedly, a lot of this is predicated on how hard it is to code or not. Smaller stuff: Content is pretty US-Europe centric, although I can't blame us too hard given it's an English speaking site. Sometimes the privacy stuff does come with some convenience stuff that bothers me. The fact that you can't see the topic log from stuff more than 30 days old is a bit weird for example.
  166. Could be a bit bigger to at least reliably cover all major news in its sub-groups.
  167. It's not the best for explicitly political discussions, as it prioritizes civility over the needs of oppressed people.
  168. It;s mostly an echo chamber, and when there is an opposing view, that view gets ganged up on.
  169. Lack of growth, slow content.
  170. nothing at the moment
  171. That often there isn't any discussion on a posted topic
  172. Lack of activity Uncertainty where to post when a topic covers more than one group The fact that you have to hold shift on the average keyboard to type one
  173. Samey thinking/echo chamber.
  174. Seems like we could use slightly more people. Lots of topics have 0 discussion.
  175. That it hasn't totally replaced reddit for me. But that's on me.
  176. North American link bias
  177. Could be just a tiny bit more active I guess? Can occasionally venture into some deep pedantic territory.
  178. How broad most conversation must be on account of the small user base. I cannot speak say, specifically about my favorite sports teams with other fans because no one will care.
  179. there are way to many gringos ;-)
  180. N/A
  181. Is too small, although making it bigger will most likely make the thing I like the most disappear.
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