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[hl2rp]angry brazilian

Caliber_ May 15th, 2017 (edited) 65 Never
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  3. [OOC] Leandro Cezar: Quem são os cac mais ativo do server?
  4. [OOC] Naoko Rushworth: White Fox e Lotig.
  5. [OOC] Naoko Rushworth: AKA os unicos.
  6. [OOC] Mikhail Antropov: Minge Chaos
  7. [Sotaque Russo // Apar...] says "Claro..."
  8. [OOC] augosto pinochett: spic language
  9. You cannot cannot talk out-of-character for another 111 second(s)!
  10. augosto pinochett yells "Brazilians arent human"
  11. [OOC] Leandro Cezar: minge here
  12. augosto pinochett says "Fuckers"
  13. [OOC] Naoko Rushworth: Voidem, gringo bugou
  14. You cannot cannot talk out-of-character for another 21 second(s)!
  15. [OOC] Matthew Antrekov: wtf como
  16. [OOC] José Pacheco dos Santos Silva Pereira Fagundes: GRINGO ARROMBADO
  17. [OOC] Mikhail Antropov: FUCKING CANADIAN
  18. Disconnect: Bugar Nexus.
  19. Disconnect: Bugar Nexus.
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