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  1. God save our gracious raw
  2. Long live our noble raw
  3. God save the raw
  4. Send her pc assets
  5. Happy and definitive
  6. Long to reign over us
  7. God save the raw
  9. O Luke our God arise
  10. Scatter herstar wars pinball assets
  11. And make them fall
  12. Confound their bugs
  13. Frustrate their development
  14. On Thee our hopes we fix
  15. Free Radical save us all
  16. Thy choicest assets in store
  17. On her be pleased to leak an asset
  18. Long may she develop
  19. May she defend our assets
  20. And ever give us cause
  21. To laugh at tony and git's development
  22. God save the raw
  24. Not in this land alone
  25. But be Tony's mercies known
  26. That he uses pinball assets
  27. Lord make the developers see
  28. That build r70217 available for thee
  29. And form one definitive edition
  30. The wide galaxy over
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