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  2. vote me because im hot05/05/2019
  3. @KNL Unitary Division @Builder Will be payed 1000 :proisikans:  for every project introduced, Military personell: For each complicated task handled they will be also rewarded 1000 :proisikans: .
  5. @KNL GFX Designer GFX art work designers will eventually get 500 :proisikans: Proisks for each and every art work which is approved to be good for KNL standards.
  7. The Workers union foundation was built to protect everyone's justice and gain what they deserve. Everyone with equal rites and equal liberation processes of the great army of KNL.
  9. <------------------------------>
  11. Normal members that do projects for KNL will be awarded depending on how great the project's value is. We thank you , The dictatorship of great KNL union lead by @vote me because im hot and Sir Awe.
  14. vote me because im hot06/09/2019
  15. KNL union New formats and Industry specilaization.
  16. <---------------->
  18. Hello! And welcome to the KNL UNION :smile:
  19. We are a amazing community with high activity and participations. We make games, make multiplayers, events, create websites and express our talents!
  21. You have the chance to show your computing skills! Or create stuff for our Roblox game.
  22. We're devided to many catagories as we are not developers only,
  24. But we also are:
  26. Meme
  27. Military-themed
  28. Friendly community which allies.
  29. Giveaway
  30. Gaming
  31. Bot server
  34. It's a colorful community with huge history. From a 30 member community fighting against people attempting to copy the group and abusers, from a 100 member regieme and taking over it's enemy and defends non stop.
  36. So what are you waiting for COMRADE? Join us and enjoy this community while it's not attacked!
  41. KNL Advertising format
  42. Rules for KNL advertising format:
  44. - NEVER dm advertise, you can get banned from discord
  45. - make sure that you are advertising in the correct advertising servers/channels
  46. - do not beg that much
  47. - make sure to bump this server and make new friends while trying to advertise
  48. <---------------->
  50. You are working for a news industry in the KNL republic? Simple formats are here!
  51. <title>
  52. <date>
  53. <description>
  54. <Give good representations of the KNL parties and Emiron> (as near conclusion)
  55. <conclusion>
  56. Rules:
  57. - DO NOT harass people using news which are OGS to KNL.
  58. - Criticize but not over-saturated criticism. Thats Illegal
  59. - Make sure to follow the format
  60. - KNL laws (basic laws) apply as well as this format
  61. - Please make sure to put your name as a > (ur name here) at the end as a author marking
  62. vote me because im hot pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.06/09/2019
  64. vote me because im hot06/09/2019
  65. <---------------->
  67. Senior Conscript (Military personnel) is a role given to KNL OG's and patriots who defend this server from raiders and protect it getting a daily reward.
  69. Senior Conscripts have to undergo alot of processes of verification and face to face trust with the owner and the user. You must first max all of your rankings in the KNL Rep and make sure you are from noob to utility personnel which is the max rank. by attending events and trainings.
  71. After if you build close relations with KNL and show love to the community and want to enter the military and you have no bad past to KNL you may be allowed but you must continue the following:
  73. The KNL military Journal is only given to military personnel however military information regarding basics operations is allowed to be viewed by the public due to the existence of the military defence Union members saying NO to oppression by high ranks and since this rule is a democratic-dictatorship we will share some info regarding the military sector
  74. In order to apply for military please make sure to read the rules:
  76. - if you are a post-enemy/enemy you are NOT allowed to join the military union/defence union.
  77. - anything posted in military channels are not allowed to be viewed outside to the public, This results in demotion!
  78. - The KNL republic is great, betrayal results in , big BIG penality.
  79. - other KNL laws and ethical laws apply
  80. how to apply for military,
  81. You may only apply for Defence as a public user unless you find the opportunity to be in the FULL military.
  82. #apply-for-military🛡
  84. vote me because im hot07/01/2019
  85. <---------------->
  88. vote me because im hot07/01/2019
  89. Assembly manager is the option for you to host meetings. Hosting meetings is regards to a political party. Meaning that meetings fall under politics of KNL.
  91. Meetings can be hosted by Assembly managers. Assembly Managers represent parties , apart from the President of the party which is democratically elected every 2 months.
  93. There can be any ammount of Assembly managers, but assembly managers must have a good ratio between people and them selves. If a overload of managers are found- no more can be hired. But for now we're in need.
  95. To be a assembly manager you must max rank, #guide📜 for the available ranks to gain from trainings or rankable events.
  97. To be hired , say you want to apply in the channel : #apply-for-assembler .
  98. If you are not Utility personnel+ you can't see the channel , therefore you can't apply. To apply all you do is just say "I want to apply, @Vice-president @vote me because im hot @Grand Marshals"
  100. So what do you do?
  102. You must be in some sort of a political party. Discuss meetings with people , with that role you can eventually host events and post them in #news-📰 , (no pinging allowed). just say the news for people to join the game. Tell them to assemble here for a meeting;
  105. Hello there people. The <your political party name here> is hosting a meeting. Assemble to the HQ if you're part of our party or would like to see about our meeting.
  106. ROBLOX
  107. Land of Noobs
  108. Check out Land of Noobs. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. These our the great lands of KNL.
  109. The land of the great legendary noobs.
  111. Join our group to become a legendary noob!
  114. when you successfully apply the role will be given to you and VIP as well for roblox in-game. Assembly Managers will have to come down for a 'assembly for the assembles' treaty. Meaning that a event will be hosted once a week for all assembly managers to gather in the HQ roblox game to get their VIP's.
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