The tournament arc

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  1. SandLand tournament chronology
  3. Round 1: Space is the first one to form a team with other popular users. They agree not to vote for each other and to spend their votes together. From now on they will be referred to as Populars. Levibob introduces Von to the team, and a decision is made to use him as a double agent. His job was to find and join other teams, and then leak their information back to the Populars. Enjonkou makes a post proclaiming war on all the populars, but he still hasn't made a proper team.
  4. Once he realized there are no other teams yet, Von changed his plan. Him and Walle decided to create a team of new and less active users, and from now on they will be known as the Underdogs.
  5. Enjonkou declares war on all the OG users.
  7. *Team members at this point:
  8. Populars:
  9. -Space
  10. -Tito
  11. -Alex
  12. -Dhun
  13. -Moye
  14. -Messi
  15. -Levibob
  16. -Nanaba
  17. -Von
  18. Underdogs:
  19. -Wallle
  20. -Von
  21. -Levibob
  22. -Azunyan
  23. -Daylight
  24. -Doggened
  25. -Alex
  26. -Dhun
  28. *Eliminated
  29. -Bear
  30. -Dishout
  33. Round 2: Levibob decides to help the Underdogs, and she quickly becomes their leader. Together with Von they work together to lead them. To keep the other team from finding out about their plans, Underdogs create a new group without Alex and Dhun since they are also members of the Populars. New recruits join them as well, and they start choosing their first victims.
  35. *Team updates
  36. Underdogs new recruits are:
  37. -Es
  38. -LCC
  39. -d_
  40. -Daphne
  41. -Ragnarok
  42. -Goodfella
  43. -Alex and dhun are kicked out
  45. *Eliminated
  46. -Ragnarok
  47. -Dhun
  50. Round 3: Everyone is confused by dhuns sudden elimination. Since Enjonkou publicly proclaimed war on popular users, he was the main culprit.
  52. Levibob and Von create a group with bear, where they share all their information. Bear has been influencing the game from the shadows. From his alt called whistleblower he was gathering intel and hinting at various things in the thread. The three of them share the same ultimate goal, to start a war between the two teams, and so their group is named the Chaos order.
  54. Because various members were hinting at a coup, Space loses trust in his team and smaller group chats are constantly being made in order to weed out the traitors.
  56. *Eliminated
  57. -Space
  58. -Enjonkou
  61. Round 4: A plan is made with the Chaos order. Von was supposed to accuse random users of being in a team against Space. That way Populars are kept distracted, and Chaos order can make them vote out whoever they want. But things change before the chance to do that.
  62. Molecule approaches a bunch of people trying to make them vote for ZCC. He also reveals that Nanaba voted for messi, despite them being in the same team. This lead to Populars kicking out Nanaba.
  64. Vold publicly reveals that he wants info on the teams, and will offer platinums to anyone who leaks. Tito takes his offer, and she leaks all the members of her team for 4 platinums. This was a huge blow to the Populars who were already very distrustful.
  66. Underdogs briefly considered to vote for ZCC, and Daylight immediately warns him about it. Her betrayal is revealed by Molecule who leaks their conversation, and Daylight leaves the team. Frustrated by all the traitors, Goodfella leaves the group and reveals all Underdog members as well. Daphne is concerned that Underdogs will lose trust in her because she is close to Vold. To avoid that, her and Levibob decide that she will leave their group chat. Despite that, she is still voting alongside them.
  68. *Team changes:
  69. Populars: After many traitors their group is scattered, but the main members include:
  70. -Space
  71. -Messi
  72. -Moye
  73. -Von
  74. Underdogs:
  75. -Daylight, Goodfella and Daphne have left
  77. *Eliminated
  78. -Vold
  79. -ZCC
  82. Round 5: Levibob finds out that Tito wants d_ to lose. In order to protect her, Underdogs attack Tito together. Betrayals had little effect on them, they are still united and motivated and no one is targeting them yet.
  84. A completely different story with the Populars. Titos backstabbing and Alexs potential involvement can still be felt in their group. Their numbers are too small to make any difference at the moment.
  86. Despite being out of the game, Vold is trying to gather more information. Molecule is working with him, but in reality he is feeding him false info.
  88. *Eliminated
  89. -Tito
  90. -Molecule
  93. Round 6: The Underdogs show no signs of weakness, and they are on a steady path towards winning. This round they decide to attack Alex. In order to bring balance to the game, and avoid a dominating victory by Underdogs, Von turns towards the other group.
  95. He warns Space about the theat they pose for them. Together, they make a brand new chat with extra members, meant to counterattack them. From now on, the new team will be known as the Opposition. But the team was made a bit late, and some people have already voted. As a result they don't accomplish anything this round.
  97. *Team changes
  98. Oppositions members are
  99. -Space
  100. -Dishout
  101. -Messi
  102. -Moye
  103. -Von
  104. -UtgardCastle
  105. -Muckyduck
  106. -HK
  107. -Mudermarshmallows
  109. *Eliminated
  110. -Alex
  111. -Ghost
  114. Round 7: the Opposition tries again, this time with more success. Underdogs decide to finally get revenge on the traitors.
  116. *Eliminated
  117. -Daylight
  118. -LCC
  121. Round 8: Space adds Levibob to his chat, and she immediately warns her team about the new group.
  123. Opposition turns their backs to them, instead focusing on Lord Setherus.
  125. *Eliminated:
  126. -Muder
  127. -Lord Setherus
  130. Round 9: Since HK gets several votes each round, everyone suspects that another team is involved. Both teams decide to shoot blindly in order to stop them.
  132. *Eliminated
  133. -Killinrin
  134. -Reimi
  137. Round 10: Vold becomes a temporary host of the tournament
  139. *Eliminated
  140. -Messi
  141. -Azunyan
  144. Round 11: Molecule shows interest in joining an alliance. Space invites him to his group, but Molecule starts leaking immediately. Moye suggested they vote for Levibob, and he warned her about that. This lead to Moye becoming a target for Underdogs. In the end Nanaba is picked by the group instead, and he finds that out. But because the group only had four voters at the time, Von asked Levibob to find one more person that could vote with them. She asks Daphne for help. Because of his leaking Molecule is kicked out of the group.
  146. In the previous round Vold introduced some new voting rules that included PM vote confirmation. Jsk didn't follow them so he refused to count his vote. To get back at him, Jsk and Goodfella wanted to eliminate Daphne. They offered to work with the Underdogs under the condition that they vote for her as well.
  148. *Team changes
  149. Opposition
  150. -Molecule briefly joins the team
  151. Underdogs
  152. - Jsk and Goodfella are helping them
  154. *Eliminated
  155. -Nanaba
  156. -Daphne
  158. Round 12: Levibob makes her group vote for HK, while she tries to gather outside votes for Moye. This way she hopes to secure two both eliminations.
  160. Daphne wants to get revenge on people who voted for her. She starts spreading screenshots of conversations with Levibob, and with her group as well. This exposes Von and Levibob as traitors to the Opposition. In a sticky post Von confesses to betraying both the teams.
  162. In this round everyone who participated was allowed to vote again.
  164. *Eliminated (after a tie between Levibob HK and Moye)
  165. -Levibob
  166. -HK
  169. Round 13: A special round, where voting was split. Eliminated users voted for three people to take out, while users left in the game voted for one who gets revived. Around this time a new group is made by Vold and Tito. They wanted to destroy Levibob and her group. They will be know as the Borg Punishers.
  171. *Team updates
  172. Borg punishers are created, and their members are
  173. -Vold
  174. -Tito
  175. -Nanaba
  176. -Molecule
  177. -Daphne
  180. *Eliminated
  181. -Von
  182. -Walle
  183. -Moye
  185. *Revived
  186. -Levibob
  188. Round 14: Screenshots revealing Volds plans are released. He has been using the tournament to make his name rise on the modlist.
  190. Borg Punishers are after Levibob. Because she is trying to make hee win, d_ becomes a target as well.
  192. *Eliminated
  193. -d_
  194. -Britneychan
  196. Round 15: Es becomes the new host of the game
  198. *Eliminated
  199. -Levibob
  200. -Yahya
  202. *Still in the game
  203. -Es
  204. -Utgard
  205. -Muckyduck
  206. -Jsk
  207. -Goodfella
  208. -Doggened
  210. Round 16: Molecule returns as the host. In the final rounds there aren't any exciting events
  212. *Eliminated
  213. -Goodfella
  214. -Utgard
  216. *Still in the game
  217. -Es
  218. -Muckyduck
  219. -Jsk
  220. -Doggened
  222. Round 17: The penultimate round. Here everyone votes on who they want to stay in, with the two most voted ones advancing to the finals
  224. *Eliminated
  225. -Muckyduck
  226. -Jsk
  228. Round 18: The final round between Es and Doggened. They are both members of the Underdogs. This means that their plan has worked. From the start they were willing to sacrifice themselves so one of their group can win, and they succeed
  230. In the end, the winner of the tournament and the !nuke command was Es. And thus, the SandLand tournament arc was ended.
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