Speed 7

May 26th, 2022
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  1. As Ikki stepped into his spear’s range, Moroboshi unleashed three
  2. lethal thrusts towards him in the blink of an eye.
  3. It was Moroboshi’s high speed strike, Sanrensei.
  4. Ikki took them on with lightning-like slashes, which left only afterimages in his vision.
  5. The downpour of steel was like that of falling stars. He pushed forward, trying to cut through, but… (This is…!)
  6. Try as he might, he could not advance.
  7. Countless Sanrensei strikes rained down in a flurry.
  8. The speed and density of the strikes were beyond comparing with those in the previous match.
  9. Even using Twin-Wings’ technique, he could just barely repel the
  10. strikes.
  11. “Are you surprised? Kurogane.”
  13. “…!”
  14. “During the tournament, I was using Sanrensei as bait for Tiger Bite. You prepared to enter my range by depending on your speed. However, if I don’t mix in Houkiboshi, don’t use Tiger Bite, and focus on speed, even I am capable of this much. If you can get through, then show me!”
  15. “Ku…”
  16. His voice was full of confidence.
  17. He was by no means overestimating his own ability.
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