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  1. The Bloodthirster Malathax roared in triumph. The puny rabble before it all lay dead or dying. Now, nothing would stop it from breaching the fortress walls. It cared little for the reasons it had been summoned, or why those who had called it wanted this fortress destroyed, for all it sought was blood for the blood god, and much blood had been shed this day. It knew that within the walls were more battles, and the skull of an Inquisitor, quite the prize compared to the chaff they had sent to delay it. All it had to was break the walls.
  3. And, as fate would have it, the walls broke for it.
  5. A meltabomb from within the fortress ripped a hole in its defenses, and Malathrax heard a strange keening from within. Before the smoke even had time to clear, a black blur flew screaming from the hole and was upon Malathrax before he could even react.
  7. quote:
  9.     Eversor Initiative: 36
  10.     Bloodthirster Initiative: 8
  13. The little figure almost moved faster than even Malathrax's infernal senses could perceive, but Malathrax felt more pain than its mortal shell had ever known as it crashed into his torso and ripped huge strips of flesh away. Its hide of brass and daemonic power were as useless as flak before its assault.
  15. quote:
  17.     Eversor Round 1:
  19.     Berserker-Slaught grants 5 extra attacks on the charge
  21.     Lightning Attack w/ Power Sword 53/90, Lightning Attack w/ Neuro-Gauntlet 69/90, five attacks with Power Sword 6/90, 86/90, 18/90, 26/90, 11/90 for a total of nine powersword hits and three Neuro-Gauntlet hits.
  23.     Power Sword damage: 34, 32, 30, 32, 33, 35, 34, 36, 36, Pen 6 each vs Armor 13 and TB 16 = 95 wounds of damage.
  25.     Neuro-Gauntlet damage: 31, 26, 28 Pen 8 vs Armor 13 and TB 16 = 22 wounds of damage. Immune to Toxic.
  27.     Bloodthirster wound count: 80/192.
  30. Malathrax screamed in fury as the thing danced around its swipes before finally catching it with one hand and throwing it to the ground. It looked like a man, but smelled like nothing it had ever encountered. Its helmet resembled a grinning skull, almost mocking his pain, as if the Blood God himself had sent an emissary of his contempt. Malathrax bellowed once more, and smashed his axe cleanly into the abomination's torso.
  32. It didn't stop flailing.
  34. quote:
  36.     Bloodthirster Round 1:
  38.     Bloodthirster attacks: 9/99. Eversor dodge attempt: 98/78.
  40.     Second attack: 14/99. Eversor dodge attempt: 23/78.
  42.     Axe of Khorne damage: 41 Pen 28, Felling 8, total of 36 wounds.
  44.     Eversor wound count: 18/54
  47. The man - the thing - actually heaved the axe out of its chest with one hand and sprung up, pulling two small charges from its belt as it sheathed its sword in a single fluid motion. Somewhere in Malathrax's fury-addled mind, it recognized the threat these charges posed, but its pride and rage refused to let it give any ground to this insolent little mortal.
  49. The Eversor, exploiting Malathrax's stubbornness, ducked under its swipes and stuck its melta charges on both of its knees. As they exploded, engulfing the daemon in flame and nearly ruining its legs, it slid out of range of the blast, letting out its maddening keening.
  51. quote:
  53.     Round 2:
  55.     Eversor switches drugs to Auto-Coagulants, fails Regeneration roll.
  57.     Sheathe sword, pull out two meltabombs, throw/stick on
  59.     29, 46, both successes regardless of WS or BS
  61.     35 and 32 damage, Bloodthirster fails to dodge the first (80/50). 25 Wounds of damage. Bloodthirster is lit on fire. 55/197 Wounds.
  63.     Dodge to avoid first blast by Eversor removes him from radius.
  66. This wasn't right. This wasn't fair. A pathetic worm had not only carved open its chest, but it had survived a blow from an Axe of Khorne Himself and blown most its legs to ribbons. As fire engulfed Malathrax's body, it experienced fear for the first time in millennia.
  68. quote:
  70.     97/85 WP roll for being on fire, Bloodthirster runs around screaming.
  73. The Eversor's mind ran at a thousand miles an hour, seeing the great daemon before it screaming in pain and trying to flap its great wings to escape. The Machine within it screamed with the same fury as the voice of the Emperor, both demanding the blood of the beast. He drew his sword and ran at the fleeing Bloodthirster, belting an inhuman screech.
  75. quote:
  77.     Eversor Round 3:
  79.     Eversor activates Berserker-Slaught, gets three bonus attacks, charges once more.
  81.     Power Sword Lightning Attack: 95/90 rerolled to 81/90, Neuro-Gauntlet Lightning Attack 36/90, Power Sword bonus attacks 31/90 39/90 98/90 for a total of three Power Sword hits and five Neuro-Gauntlet hits.
  83.     Power Sword hits: 33, 33, 38 Pen 6 = 35 wounds of damage.
  85.     Neuro-Gauntlet hits: 28, 28, 28, 30, 32 Pen 8 = 41 wounds of damage.
  87.     Bloodthirster wound count: -26/197
  89.     FATALITY
  92. The Eversor lept onto Malathrax's shoulders, grasping its great neck with its Neuro-Gauntlet with one hand, and sawing its head off with the Power Sword in the other. As the Bloodthirster's body dissolved into warpfire and blood, the Eversor screamed its praise to the Emperor and to the Machine at the heavens.
  94. ------
  96. Inside the fortress, the Inquisitor watched as his little toy ripped its way through the hordes of daemons, never slowing in its eternal killing sprint. It had been quite a challenge to appropriate an Eversor from the Officio Assasinorum without them noticing anything was amiss. It had been even more difficult to bargain his way into possession of a Halo Artifact without the wrong eyes noticing. It had been nearly impossible to keep the Eversor controllable after fusing it with the Halo Artifact, even with cryostasis and hypnotic suggestions. And yet, as he watched a daemonic incursion that could break a thousand regiments fleeing before a single man, he knew that it had all been worth it.
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