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Improving Ruby's Synchronization Primitives and Core Libraries

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Jul 18th, 2010
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  1. Improving Ruby's Synchronization Primitives and Core Libraries
  3. This RubySoC project is divided in two parts. Both are intended to 1)
  4. give Ruby some more features and 2) make it faster, both be improving
  5. Ruby core code and writing C extensions when possible.
  7. The first one is related to Synchronization Primitives, data
  8. structures that are very useful and necessary while programming
  9. multi-thread/processes systems. Ruby has some synchronization
  10. primitives implemented on its core, and others can be found in several
  11. different Ruby-only gems and libraries. Some of these primitives could
  12. have their Ruby code polished, and others could be sped up by a C
  13. extension. The objective of this part of this project is to improve,
  14. where possible, Ruby code of existing synchronization primitives
  15. implementations and to improve their efficiency by writing C
  16. extensions for the most important and useful ones.
  18. The second part is related to Ruby core libraries. It's known that
  19. there are lots little improvements to be done on core libraries that
  20. could improve Ruby efficiency and code readability. Even more could be
  21. done to improve speed by writing more core code in C. There's a lot of
  22. work to be done here, and the objective of this second part is to
  23. improve as much as possible Ruby core by polishing Ruby code and
  24. improving more C extensions.
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