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Thyy's Video Transcript

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May 27th, 2019
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  1. English Transcript of Thyy's Matchfixing Allegation Video - May 27th 2019
  2. by Thotomartins
  5. Well guys, I am making this video to answer some questions about the controversial tweet which I ended up deleting. If you are not aware of what the tweet was about, I will read it entirely right now: “When I came back to the [LATAM R6] scene, I knew it had evolved a lot, but unfortunately, the bad things became even worse. I witnessed an embarrassing action made by Faze and Black Dragons players.
  7. The Pro League match played in the 4th of April was a farce, as far as I know, Gdn made an agreement with Ion in which BD would throw their PL game against Faze in exchange for a throw from FaZe in a BR6 match that will happen in the next month. Black Dragons, as an organization, has no knowledge about what happened. I don’t know about FaZe. I am very sad that this kind of player is representing the organization that I love so much [BD]. It [BD] certainly doesn’t deserve this kind of player. I am leaving the scene as well because of personal issues that are related to things outside the game [R6], I have no words to describe how important Cherrygumms is to me, she is part of my life and supported me through the good and bad moments of my career. Thank you, BD supporters for everything <3. GL next season!”
  9. Well, guys, I didn't tweet this to get clout or something like that, everyone who knows me is aware that I'd never do such a thing. The purpose of this video is to clarify some things about the controversial tweet that I've deleted, and I need to say that I can prove everything written in that tweet. I didn't want to leak all those proofs on the web but I had to, in order to avoid being considered a liar by the community. This is a screenshot of a conversation I had with the players. In this conversation, I tried to argue with them but they were totally indifferent to me as if it was not a big deal. After this conversation, I also talked to GdN about the situation via TeamSpeak but he treated me equally until I threatened to leak what was happening.
  11. Some people may say that by doing that I am damaging the R6 Brazilian scene's image, but I will have to disagree, these things happen a lot not only in the R6 community but also in the CS:GO or LOL communities, but most of the times it's not leaked. But man, I've been playing this game since it was launched, even though I took a break for a while, and I've recently come back as an analyst for Black Dragons and I've always believed in R6 competitive scene. But unfortunately, this kind of episode is getting increasingly common. In the past, teams did share things about the others, but today it's worse as they are even sharing VODs from scrims. But it's very hard to prove that these things happen.
  13. Anyways, what I am trying to say is that these things don't impact the teams directly involved only, but also entire careers of people who have nothing to do with the situation, and therefore I can't put up with it. I've already sent the proofs to Ubisoft and ESL and I want to make clear that I can prove everything that I am talking about and that Black Dragons and its owners, Cherrygumms and Pings, had no information about what the players were planning to do. I don't have enough information to say the same or the opposite about FaZe. What I can prove though, is that Ion is involved. I won't leak any more proofs though, this is up to ESL or Ubisoft, they will decide what will happen from now on. My role was simply to show what happened. Moreover, I've been constantly threatened, someone leaked my phone number, and I've been receiving plenty of hate messages.
  15. So yeah, all I wanted was to explain that tweet and say things should change, the scene should be more professional. Things like throwing games, scrims, or trash talking other players can hugely impact other people's lives. So yeah, thank you for your attention. This video will be deleted after it's published, as there is no reason for me to keep it for a long time on the web. This is it, thanks.
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