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Dec 2nd, 2015
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  2. 1- Are you an Ethic-Hacker? No
  3. 2- Did you buy or make yourself the plague mask? How much does it cost? I made it myself. The material cost was something like 25USD.
  4. 3- Did you spread the DVD in other places? (except the park and gadgetzz) I left it also in an metro train (subway), and sent it to a one more individual. It should be noted, the park bench was in Poland, not Spain.
  5. 4- For other people - not for me - asking this question (i know it's very annoying but due it): is the video related on somehow to terrorism acts (example Paris attacks)? Do you have some informations about that? No, although one could predict, in today's world, that something like Paris would happen, and connections would be made. I did that, nothing more.
  6. 5- How many people are involved in video making? Two; myself and a cameraman
  7. 6a- How can be sure you are one of authors? could you provide a real evidence, that could not counterfeit? I am the only person who can explain it without sounding like I'm making stuff up/stretching, I have the mask, and three of the LED gloves, minus the one (right hand) used in the video. I gave that one to an undisclosed collector.
  8. 6b- Could you give solution and method of the unsolved "less meaning" puzzle, to prove your identity? No. I will clarify the 4x6 cipher, in the next video. That one was intentionally obscured, to ensure it wasn't cracked.
  9. 6c- Could you establish a safe way to communicate with the solvers? After you prove your ID, can you provide a GPG sign? I'm sure I can figure something out.
  10. 7- Are you present in the irc channel ##11BX1371? I am not, but from what I am told, I should be.
  11. 8- Why did you "wrong" with the audio cut at 12,5KHz of the audio menu? did you know the encoding MP2 specification? Initially, I intended to release the piece on VHS, where I would have had a lot more options of hiding things, and no digital signature. I engineered the audio around that. The DVD menu was an afterthought, any effort to find meaning therein, will be fruitless.
  12. 9- What did you expect from the video? (or the next ones)? I didn't expect *this*, that much is certain. Honestly, I thought it would have a very small group of people cracking it, and maybe some spoofs ... Maybe.
  13. 10- Do you know aetbx? are you friends? No, I can only assume AETBX is a 4chan user, given the proximity, in time, from when it arrived on 4chan, to when he uploaded it. I have not been in contact, ever, with AETBX, and I didn't leave the DVD on a park bench (outside) Spain. I only left one DVD on a park bench, and that was in Poland. For what it's worth, the one I did leave on a park bench could very easily have been thrown away.
  14. 11- The video could be related to the actual geopolitical situation, do you want people "wake up" to see what you saw? Yes, in the sense that people need to wake up to the rest of the world, and what is going on. There is a virus of ignorance, and the media propagating it. My video should stand as evidence of that. Sure, I put stuff in there, to keep people jumping. But the thing is, had I been wrong in my assumptions on how the media/people would react, it would never have spread so far, and we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  15. 12- The new video you want spread, is it to reinforce the message of actual video or will be another message? I'm hoping to reinforce the original message, and a bit more complex/systematic.
  16. 13- Did you ever take part of cicada? as solver or as author? No. In fact, I hadn't heard about Cicada until I was working on the first video.
  17. 14- if nobody decided to publish your video (from the park or from gadget), what should your next steps? I would still make a second part, but it wouldn't have public feedback, which has played a very important role in how I have written the next part
  18. 15- How do you judge the solutions found until now? I haven't had a chance to see them all, there are so many. However, the speed at which people cracked the codes was right on par with my expectations. Speaking more in line with the overarching message, There are people who touch on what I am trying to say, but they never quite get there. I hope, now that there is contact with an artist, and not a terrorist threat/warning, we can get on with interpreting the art.
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