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  1. Hello.
  3. I would like to report this server for reasons that it is constantly restarted or shut down for unknown reasons. No communication with players, not a single post about what you do and when the server will be turned on, until you stop playing here because you have no idea if this server will not be restarted for one day or 20 hours and you want to play it exposure.
  5. Great fail was delayed on the server start day later it turned out that the server will be restarted from 0 no one complained because I had to provide some add-ons for accounts above 30lvl I thought horny why not cool try so I come back to the game from scratch, to my eyes appeared new character and on it proverbial (shit) or the character as before the start - no sorry I forgot about the horse on 30lvl I am returning an estimate. It's nice to start luring the lvl I have 35lvl all night to play a good position with eq and upgrades, making 2 characters at the same time to get better expiło, dropiło. Suddenly, some gentle breaks and this 10min / 30min everything, I understand, the patch is a guitar with all the info given. Time 19/20 suddenly information that some technical break I still understand but with the lack of this info when the start will be people wait up to 2/3 at night to make this server take off and you make jokes at every step. The way your group is going to start going now, for example, today I have a team of 15 people I play with and I do not mention the rest of the people I brought to the server because it was supposed to be a fucking full fucking lvl and later a fire from ass hedgehog .... It turns out, however, the sorry server does not work anymore 3h what's wrong with it people are asking? What should I answer to them, listen, go to the end or wait calmly will be a moment of technical break ... which lasts 3h fucking without any information what happens and when it starts because people are waiting like these little monkeys staring at this 20 + monitor refreshing the forum and page searching for information when they can play again. Some people go to work on nights or days, others have other activities, and some have nothing to do with their lives, so they want to play Deadline and spend time spending money and spending money on an Itemie or other shit.
  7. It starts to be done in a funny way on your part, with such behavior and lack of information that you do not even provide in the forum .. and there are moderators or others who could write approximately the time to restart the server but in total for what? after all, I think it's gonna be if someone is sitting and waiting to see if he's going to be in a piss ...
  9. I hope that after what I wrote here, at least one person will speak about what will happen next with this server.
  11. Regards
  13. (I apologize for the expressions) I know I will get a ban Eloooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
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