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Sargon of Akkad's `How SJWs see the culture war` TRANSCRIPT

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Feb 28th, 2017
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  1. Sargon: Right, I'm going to talk about the culture war and how people need to understand how these people think of it. Now, if you don't know what GamerGhazi is, this is a reddit message board that was set up at the beginning of GamerGate to be a counterweight to GamerGate. And it's got twelve thousand people on it I mean, back when I remember when I last looking at it had about five or six thousand people, so it's grown very slowly over the last few years. I mean, the GamerGate subreddit KotakuInAction has got seventy seven thousand people on it. So it gives you an impression of how many people are actually fighting on their side of the culture war. It's much fewer than the people fighting against them.
  3. This is a really interesting post though, and I love the way they phrase this, because these people are talking strategy. They're talking grand strategy, they are looking at this as if it's a risk map, and they're right when they say "it feels that we've lost youtube" because they have in fact, I don't think they've ever had it. Which, they'll probably say actually in this, but, so they say "there is near unamimous support of Pewdiepie. Even Case Neistat, a huge liberal youtuber is being vocal in his support of Pewdiepie. All of this even though he just gave support to Sargon of fucking Akkad." [laughter] Disgusting. [laughter]
  5. They hate me because I'm going to destroy them. That's why they hate me. I'm going to make their ideology an invalid political position, and they know it, and that's why they despise me. I am, of course, not any kind of bigot [tsnote: DOUBT!!] or racist or sexist or anything like this, I am in fact a hardcore egalitarian, and that's the problem, a hardcore egalitarian will also say "Well, you can't you know, it's not acceptable to go around being racist towards white people or sexist to men, or prejudice against straight people and whatnot." but that's the thing, and that's their entire platform. The idea of people who are [birds chirping in background] fucking those birds man, jesus, the idea that people who are part of a majority group should be in some way fundamentally be ashamed of being in that majority group, I don't agree with.
  7. So anyway, "a few weeks back a youtuber called out another one's use of the N-word and SHE was the one chastised and even lost a significant amount of subscribers. All while he was skyrocketed from it. " [tsnote: Not sure who] I don't know who that is um, but yeah. If someone says nigger, tough shit that's not your problem. You can say I dislike it and if people say I don't care if you dislike it tough shit. That's life isn't it? That's how people give a shit about this. "The weirdest one in recent memory is Jontron going full blown fascist" [laughter] that's not even spelled right Jontron is not a facist [laughter] he's pretty red pill but he's not a facist. "In his video today we had a 'thanks goy' and '/ourguy/' jokes in the video."
  9. You know, I haven't actually seen his Q/A video yet but it's quite funny, but yeah they're jokes. That's the thing, you have to understand they're jokes. When someone jokes about something it's not a serious political position. "It's scary, because these people have a scary influence on kids." Oh well, oh won't someone think of the children. "and it seems that youtube itself has turned right" actually I think it's turned um, sane.
  11. Youtube is okay so yeah, these people view the culture war as a risk map. They're looking at like, you know, they look at like say, google, that's their territory. We know that's not our territory but youtube you know like, google hangouts the whatever google technology thing that Sarkeesian [tsnote: Go girl!] and co went to that's not our territory, but youtube is our territory. And we do need to defend this with vigor. They can't, they won't get a hold on this to be honest, but um, we have to be consistent uh, other plll [tsnote: sargon's stumbling is insufferable!] I mean, uh, the mainstream media is their territory. Whereas brietbart [tsnote:Booo!] could be considered to be quote our territory. Our being anyone simply opposed to social justice because that is simply what their platform is. It's you're either with social justice or you're against it, and anyone who's against it is in all of these, is slapped with a bunch of labels and that's it. So, I haven't looked through the rest of this thread yet but I like this.
  13. "I don't think there ever was a time when we had youtube to be honest." And I agree I think social justicism incursions into youtube were met roundly with rebuttals, denounciations and mockery which kind of chased them off and I can see why it's just not their area. "If anything, it's a good thing we don't, I mean, jokes about the youtube comment section being the lowest common denominator is essentially become the internet 'what's the deal with airline food?'. See, I'm quite lucky - my comment sections are usually reasonably interesting. "These big youtubers turning fascist is worrying but I feel like they've always been like this Jontron in particular and are simply do what big youtubers do best - pandering" [laughter] So they believe this thing, but if they express their belief in this thing they're pandering. Can't win for. Can't win can you? It's just the way it is.
  15. But uh, "there are a few genuinely progressive youtubers of a decent size namely people like the game grumps, pbj, projared, and brutal moose, [tsnote: Some strange sound here...] but they're just quiet for now, which is an issue but it does take balls to take the ire of pewds' fanbase." "I can't get mad at a youtuber for not standing up because they have pretty much not protection from the law or youtube when they get hit by harassment." You mean criticism. Criticism. "Nothing gets done except a lot of pain and suffering, hell, Jacksecpticeye [tlnote: Sargon fails at pronouncing] was pretty big lplayer on about Markiplier's level and was getting shit for criticizing Pewdiepie even though after saying Pewdiepie's his friend and he doesn't think he's racist." Fascinating. [Sargon sounds bored lol]
  17. [new comment] "I think this have been trending ever downwards ever since Youtube started sharing their ad revenue. Then it became less of a hobby or a fun thing people did and started to become a serious business. Youtubers are going to be very protective because they've built up their careers around it. It is right there in the name, they rarely call themselves video producers and instead they are youtubers. It's a strong brand also because it's basically a monopoly there's no where else to go, if one guy gets in trouble the rest have to worry about what could happen to them." Well, that's true. I mean, calling yourself a video producer is what, less catchy than calling yourself a youtuber. Uh, but yeah. It is a significant platform and there is a lack of competition for it. I mean, I would expand onto multiple platforms if there were other decent platforms around that could monetize, but unfortunately they can't.
  19. [new comment] "Remember it's important to remember [tsnote: Sargon got this wrong] professional youtubers are in constant fear of losing their platform" well, anyone who has a job is in constant fear of losing their job aren't they? "You'd think this would make them back away from fascists and not cozy up to them" [laughter] One think you've got to remember about Gamerghazi and the SJWs in general is that they can't accurately represent anything I mean they don't I don't think they'd be able to define a fascist if you wanted them to, I just don't think they're capable.
  21. [new comment] "Seems to me that Sargon and company are trying to force another GG. You can really see a familiar narrative forming from the musings of the people involved in this." That's cos it looks so much like another gamergate. That's it. That's that's it looks just like it. It's the same mode of operations it's the same way you act it's the same everything. But yeah, Basically they're complaining that um, [laughter] look at this. [tsnote: hard to hear him over his own laughter!]
  23. [new comment] "Now that we have larger Youtubers who do nonstop videos like Pewdiepie, Boogie, Phillip DeFranco, h3h3, and CGP Grey jumping on the 'fuck mainstream media, listen to Sargon' train, this is fucking dangerous" ' Who is it dangerous for? It's dangerous for you. That's it. It's not dangerous for me, it's not dangerous to the people who're listening to me who are actually listening to what I'm actually saying. It's not like. [tsnote: Great sentence there sargon] At no point are you refuting a damn thing I say. You never do, ever. You don't bother. And I know why you don't bother because it would force you to have a talk to me and if you came and had a talk you would have to eventually say something like well, yes you can on an individual level be racist to white people or sexist to men and then your entire ideology starts unravelling because there's no way that the rest of your crew can accept this. So, [laugh, yes, an individual laugh] I guess you can just go 'oh no Sargon is satan' which I think I might be to these people. But that's fine, I'm happy to be their devil, because I don't think I'm everyone's devil. [laughter] And I know that what I'm doing is the right thing.
  25. [same comment] So, uh, "Youtube/Google need to step up before their platform and brand gets toxic to Twitter's level." or what? You won't use it? No loss. "I'm actually hoping that the WSJ fights back to do more exposé research." [laughter] He even said a joke about black people six years ago, yeah who cares. "Hell, Pewdie'sfans are going after the WSJ journalist and JK Rowling with his newest video. Something has to be done before something really awful happens" Yeah, someone might get mocked! There might be mockery of those terrible terrible people you love so much. [skimming comments] "Oh no. Fuck you Felix. Oh no, not him too!" Yeah, it's all going down, it's all going down. [laughter]
  27. "Youtube was always a dumpster fire. I've always hated youtube REEEE! [Sargon now misrepresenting the comments]" [laughter] "*nervously clutches Jim Sterling, Noah Gervais, MrBtongue, Moviebob, and SuperBunnyHop*" Don't worry guys, you have Jim Sterling and Moviebob for life, and you can keep them. [tsnote: You mean Jim Fucking Sterling son.] [laughter]
  29. Yeah, welcome to the culture war. This is what these people think about, this is how, this is the frame that these people work within, you are either pro-social justice in which you are their man, or you are anti-social justice in which you are the enemy. [tsnote: They're learning]
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