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  1. Millons of angry fans raid furry confrence, causing thousands distress.
  3. But this time there were different responses from all over the country — at the Oakland Zoo in San Francisco, at the Los Angeles Zoo in Los Angeles, and at the Saint Louis Zoo in St. Louis and many dozens of others. In Seattle and Boston, angry protestors stormed the furry confectionery store and threw their own cups of water at the owners. And there was some controversy.
  5. In a piece for Yahoo News on Sunday, Oakland's Parks and Wildlife Service said it was concerned citizens could "make the world a better place by allowing a furry community to thrive," and the zoo has decided not to have an adult on staff.
  7. The Oakland Zoo's Chief Executive Officer Tim Renshaw said in an e-mail that the zoo doesn't "have any plans to have an adult on staff and will not be able to have children of our species any time soon."
  9. The city's Parks and Wildlife Department in the Bay Area and local police force are on hand to intervene if or when animals do get "sink in" into the food chain.
  11. The Oakland Zoo's statement said that as far as the zoo is concerned, the furry community is healthy and that the zoo and its furry employees are "respectful of the rules of the road." It added that the zoo also is "not in receipt of the Oakland Humane Society's annual "Safe and Responsible Animals" report, which lists the zoo as a sanctuary.
  13. "Any zoo employees who are harmed by animals or those who have a desire to be responsible are encouraged to call the animal shelter, but we don't want to be perceived as an animal shelter in those cases," said Mark Ligman, zoo manager. "To date, we haven't found anybody who's seen a furry person, not even one that has been a part of us for the last 20 years, but what an outrage it is to see one animal that wasn't there in a place like this. I feel really betrayed on the level of the animal community."
  15. "It's our belief that we can do something," said Amy Aylant, director of safety at the shelter. "We understand that there will be more people trying to kill this individual because they know they can."
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