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Mike Pence Nicknames

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Nov 20th, 2016
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  1. Mike "LGBBQ" Pence
  2. Mike "Electric" Pence
  3. Mike "LGBT BBQ" Pence
  4. Mike "Homocaust" Pence
  5. Mike "Deus Volt" Pence
  6. Mike "Ohmocaust" Pence
  7. Mike "Ohmosexual" Pence
  8. Mike "Drag the Fag" Pence
  9. Mike "Disco inferno" Pence
  10. Mike "AC/DC for LGBT" Pence
  11. Mike "Gayvy Crockett” Pence
  12. Mike "Hang the homos" Pence
  13. Mike “Gayger Counter” Pence
  14. Mike "Electric Fence" Pence
  15. Mike "Zaps for traps" Pence
  16. Mike “Dykes on spikes” Pence
  17. Mike "Electoral Volts" Pence
  18. Mike "Enola the Gays" Pence
  19. Mike "Tase the rainbow" Pence
  20. Mike "Fatal attraction" Pence
  21. Mike "Orlando commando" Pence
  22. Mike "The Dapper Zapper" Pence
  23. Mike “Nuclear Homocaust” Pence
  24. Mike "AC/DC for the LGBT" Pence
  25. Mike "Raiden for gay men" Pence
  26. Mike "Turn down for Watt?" Pence
  27. Mike "Ignite the sodomite" Pence
  28. Mike "turn a jew into stew" Pence
  29. Mike "A Silo Just For Milo" Pence
  30. Mike "Command and Conqueer” Pence
  31. Mike "270+ Electoral Volts" Pence
  32. Mike "Assault with Battery" Pence
  33. Mike "Pikachu, I choose you" Pence
  34. Mike “Sodomite First Strike” Pence
  35. Mike “Homoshima and Fagasaki” Pence
  36. Mike "Gamma Ray the Gay Away" Pence
  37. Mike "Mount a dyke on a pike" Pence
  38. Mike "The closet electrician" Pence
  39. Mike "The destroyer of dykes" Pence
  40. Mike "Like men, dial up to 10" Pence
  41. Mike "Suck Cock? Suck a glock" Pence
  42. Mike "Set phasers to straight" Pence
  43. Mike “Fry Away Your Inner Gay” Pence
  44. Mike "The bug chaser disgracer" Pence
  45. Mike “Beta males get beta rays” Pence
  46. Mike "Like a Trap? Get the Zap" Pence
  47. Mike "Suck a cock, eat my glock" Pence
  48. Mike "Put the fags in body bags" Pence
  49. Mike "Kill a dyke for the reich" Pence
  50. Mike "Act camp and get the amps" Pence
  51. Mike “Dump a mag into every fag” Pence
  52. Mike "Pillage Greenwich Village" Pence
  53. Mike "Take a load, hit the road" Pence
  54. Mike "If you're bi, you will fry" Pence
  55. Mike "Gettin' shocky on liberace" Pence
  56. Mike "Blast gays with tesla rays" Pence
  57. Mike "Kill a queer and I'll cheer" Pence
  58. Mike "Want some cock, get a shock" Pence
  59. Mike "One less jew for me and you" Pence
  60. Mike “Voltage spike for every Dyke” Pence
  61. Mike "Scissor twats, eat megawatts" Pence
  62. Mike “Ass is loose, gets the noose” Pence
  63. Mike "If you're black, you go back" Pence
  64. Mike "Putting fags into past tense" Pence
  65. Mike “Plutonium rods for every poz” Pence
  66. Mike "No free pass for Dick in Ass" Pence
  67. Mike "Blast gays with tesla's rays" Pence
  68. Mike "Mass graves for jewish knaves" Pence
  69. Mike "Soap dropper meet live copper" Pence
  70. Mike "Putting lightning in your rod" Pence
  71. Mike "Race Bannon Arming the Cannon" Pence
  72. Mike "Suck some meat, feel the heat" Pence
  73. Mike “Blasting gays with Tesla rays” Pence
  74. Mike "pay the gays their daily rays" Pence
  75. Mike "It's fun to turn on the YM-AC" Pence
  76. Mike "Feeding Huma to a Hungry Puma" Pence
  77. Mike "Making America straight again" Pence
  78. Mike “Turning fruits into vegetables” Pence
  79. Mike "If you're Queer pack your gear" Pence
  80. Mike "Electroshock Your Love of Cock" Pence
  81. Mike “Electroshock your love of cock” Pence
  82. Mike "Turning Fruits into Vegetables" Pence
  83. Mike "Sending Obama Back to His Mama" Pence
  84. Mike "Suck a rod and you’ll meet god" Pence
  85. Mike "I Like Mike You Shrill Fat Dyke" Pence
  86. Mike “Thows grenades at pride parades” Pence
  87. Mike "Lightning strike the turbo dyke" Pence
  88. Mike "A volt a day keeps the gay away" Pence
  89. Mike "The chosen few will end the jew" Pence
  90. Mike "Christ is lord, or die by sword" Pence
  91. Mike "Putting the trans in transistor" Pence
  92. Mike “Grab my jewels, get some joules” Pence
  93. Mike "Burn San Francisco to a crisp-o" Pence
  94. Mike "Touch the jewels, get the joules" Pence
  95. Mike "Nuclear ice age after anal stage” Pence
  96. Mike "Crashing this Plane on CIA Kaine" Pence
  97. Mike "Blaspheming God to lightning rod" Pence
  98. Mike "Empty my mags on a crowd of fags" Pence
  99. Mike "Bend the gender, time to end her" Pence
  100. Mike "Use some Sense, build that Fence" Pence
  101. Mike "Being the Best since Jonny Quest" Pence
  102. Mike "Free the slaves, feel the lathes" Pence
  103. Mike "Deal with semen, deal with demon" Pence
  104. Mike "The Indiana Lion You Can Rely On" Pence
  105. Mike "Kill the queens with laser beams" Pence
  106. Mike "Gay and proud? Get a thundercloud" Pence
  107. Mike "Like to fap? You're getting a zap" Pence
  108. Mike "One Watt for Every Impure Thought" Pence
  109. Mike "For every dyke a lightning strike" Pence
  110. Mike "Gays get Thomas Edison's medicine" Pence
  111. Mike "Kill a queer, you're in the clear" Pence
  112. Mike "Homosexuality gets you a fatality" Pence
  113. Mike "Begin 4th reich to kill the dykes" Pence
  114. Mike "Last Hope for the Day of the Rope" Pence
  115. Mike "If you're brown, you're going down" Pence
  116. Mike "An Ampere a Day Keeps the Gay Away" Pence
  117. Mike "Electrocution is my final solution" Pence
  118. Mike "If you're gay say hello to Faraday" Pence
  119. Mike "Gay marriage gets you brain damage" Pence
  120. Mike "Electrodes for questionable chodes" Pence
  121. Mike "Faggot medicine from Thomas Edison" Pence
  122. Mike "Harbor a jew and I'll come for you" Pence
  123. Mike "When gays get laid, I get my blade" Pence
  124. Mike "Clam-on-clam vs. hydroelectric dam" Pence
  125. Mike "Turning fruitcakes into vegetables" Pence
  126. Mike "Pleasure yourself, meet bad health" Pence
  127. Mike “Fly the rainbow, feel nuclear glow” Pence
  128. Mike "The untermensch shall dig a trench" Pence
  129. Mike "Electric potential for homosexuals" Pence
  130. Mike "Feel the itch? I'll flip the switch" Pence
  131. Mike “Sucked a chode? here's an electrode” Pence
  132. Mike "Popular vote, meet the popular volt" Pence
  133. Mike "It's the (alternating current year)" Pence
  134. Mike “Hit this dyke with a lighting strike” Pence
  135. Mike "Ass full of juice, face full of Zeus" Pence
  136. Mike "If you're a queen I'll zap your peen" Pence
  137. Mike "Dick in your chasm? Prepare to spasm" Pence
  138. Mike "Like 'em gay, taste electric railway" Pence
  139. Mike “If you like cock, prepare for a shock” Pence
  140. Mike "Closing gay chapters with AC adapters" Pence
  141. Mike "Enemies of Trump Better Learn to Jump" Pence
  142. Mike "Shooting Binge Shall Not Be Infringed" Pence
  143. Mike "Cum on your face, to hell you'll race" Pence
  144. Mike "Cross two dicks, cross the river styx" Pence
  145. Mike "CTR's Starving Because he's Lee Marvin" Pence
  146. Mike "Electron surge for those with the urge" Pence
  147. Mike "Fairies beware you're in for the chair" Pence
  148. Mike "Insult the race, get sprayed with mace" Pence
  149. Mike "10 megawatts a day keeps the homo away" Pence
  150. Mike "Turning Jihadis into Dead Muslim Bodies" Pence
  151. Mike "Turning bathhouses into slaughterhouses" Pence
  152. Mike “If you're gay and proud, mushroom cloud” Pence
  153. Mike "Nationalist Horror to Evil George Soros" Pence
  154. Mike "like to suck chodes? you get electrodes" Pence
  155. Mike "Mass electrocution is my final solution" Pence
  156. Mike "If You Like Men, The Dials' Going to 10" Pence
  157. Mike "Follow God's Path or Feel Tesla's Wrath" Pence
  158. Mike “Today is the day we X-ray this gay away” Pence
  159. Mike "The Orlando Shooting Gave Me a Hooting" Pence
  160. Mike "Follow God's path or feel Tesla's wrath" Pence
  161. Mike "Spooky Ghost Haunts the Huffington Post" Pence
  162. Mike "If you vote left, your skull gets cleft" Pence
  163. Mike "Give gays a frightening using lightning" Pence
  164. Mike "Like men in nylon, become a human pylon" Pence
  165. Mike "Take it in the ass and face Zeus's wrath" Pence
  166. Mike "If you enjoy cock, you're in for a shock" Pence
  167. Mike "Training El Rato for the Ultimate Battle" Pence
  168. Mike "Building the Pillory for Crooked Hillary" Pence
  169. Mike "Get an abortion, I'll take off a portion" Pence
  170. Mike "If men you demand, off to the power plant"Pence
  171. Mike "Slegdehammer Splatter Black Lives Matter" Pence
  172. Mike "Ending curiosity with electric furiosity" Pence
  173. Mike "Bringing the Chinese Down to Their Knees" Pence
  174. Mike "If dick you desire, fear my electric wire" Pence
  175. Mike "Queer retribution with near electrocution" Pence
  176. Mike "HIV isn't a death sentence anymore. I am." Pence
  177. Mike "If you like bumming, this chair's humming" Pence
  178. Mike "Act like a queer and you'll get an ampere" Pence
  179. Mike "Public castration (of gays) is a good idea" Pence
  180. Mike "Clean Your Closet with an Electric Deposit" Pence
  181. Mike “All perversion is an electrical conversion” Pence
  182. Mike “Feminine penis no match for Tesla's genius” Pence
  183. Mike "If dick you admire, fear the electric wire" Pence
  184. Mike "Like It in the Crapper? You Get the Zapper" Pence
  185. Mike “Wanna be a gay bitch? Check out my voltage” Pence
  186. Mike "Guys give you an erection? lethal injection" Pence
  187. Mike "Pray the gay away or stay for the death ray" Pence
  188. Mike “If you suck with aplomb, get ready for bomb” Pence
  189. Mike "If it jumps the fence, it gets the currents" Pence
  190. Mike "Blessed by the Abbot? Time to Gas the Faggot" Pence
  191. Mike "If you're from mexico, your brains will blow" Pence
  192. Mike "Let men in your bed, electrodes in your head" Pence
  193. Mike "Pussy please, or I'll shoot you on your knees" Pence
  194. Mike "Power for Queers Measured in Volts x Amperes" Pence
  195. Mike "If you're gay and proud, get the thundercloud" Pence
  196. Mike "Your peversion needs an electrical conversion" Pence
  197. Mike "Consider a lobotomy before engaging in sodomy" Pence
  198. Mike "Your perversion needs an electrical conversion" Pence
  199. Mike "Saving Those Babies from Feminists with Rabies" Pence
  200. Mike "if he still wants men, hit the juice once again" Pence
  201. Mike "Repent for all your sin or get some volts again" Pence
  202. Mike "Your member enlarged? You're getting some charge" Pence
  203. Mike "Man wants a penetrator, I'll start the generator" Pence
  204. Mike "The only power for queers is volts times amperes" Pence
  205. Mike "Get your ass pounded, the wire won't be grounded" Pence
  206. Mike "If dicks make you damp, then I increase the amps" Pence
  207. Mike "If Men Make You Jerk It, You Complete the Circuit" Pence
  208. Mike "Turn your back on the Lord, you'll hang by a cord" Pence
  209. Mike "If men make you jerk it, you complete the circuit" Pence
  210. Mike "Think about a lobotamy before you engage in sodomy" Pence
  211. Mike "When men seem seductive, you're getting conductive" Pence
  212. Mike “Crashing the gay club circuit with some real energy” Pence
  213. Mike "After these elections, say goodbye to gay erections" Pence
  214. Mike “I keep all my electromagnetic static up in my attic” Pence
  215. Mike “took part in the gay sensation? Have some radiation” Pence
  216. Mike “Opposites attract, fact, this charge will counteract” Pence
  217. Mike "Mister thinks he's a sister, become a human resistor" Pence
  218. Mike "Believing in Evolution Explains Your Sexual Confusion" Pence
  219. Mike “They used to sing songs til I showed 'em my electrons” Pence
  220. Mike "You've got one in the belly? Better find a back alley" Pence
  221. Mike “Fuck a man in the bum, feel the heat of a thousand suns” Pence
  222. Mike “Take in the ass and the plutonium reaches critical mass” Pence
  223. Mike "According to the constitution you belong in an institution" Pence
  224. Mike “My daughter said she loved her, turned her into a conductor” Pence
  225. Mike “If you're into wearing thongs well check out these electrons” Pence
  226. Mike "Dicks give you an erection? This circuit's making a connection" Pence
  227. Mike "These Fags I Will Not Kill, But You Gotta See My Electric Bill" Pence
  228. Mike "If inside butts your sperm is hid, I'll hook your nuts to the electric grid" Pence
  229. Mike “They call it queer, they call it gay, I call it just a lack of Michael Faraday” Pence
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