C-Part Summary: 2022-02-01, Asobi Taizen

Feb 1st, 2022 (edited)
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  1. Summarized from: https ://
  3. >Collab with Polka and the carrot eating stream(1:37:20)
  4. When talking about how lucky she was in Yathzee she suddenly shifts to say that tomorrow there is a collab with Polka at the usual evening timeslot. What they'll do is still a secret but she lets on that it is a game she hasn't played for a long time. Someone guesses ARK and she says it isn't that briefly says that she is currently searching around for a new place to establish her base. Someone else brings up Splatoon and she feigns being caught and shortly afterwards says there is no way it is Splatoon since she hasn't touched that at all, but she is looking forward to the third one coming out. A last guess is Asobi Taizen and she laughs and says if that were the case then she wouldn't have played it today.
  6. Which brings her to talk about her previous mentioned "Carrot bucket eating stream"* which she is going to try fit in somewhere, perhaps Thursday although she isn't sure, so she asks everyone to prepare their own carrots so they can eat together. She isn't sure how many she'll eat but her idea is to do something like a; "Can I finish these carrots within an hour?" deal, so somewhere between 3 to 5 but eating them raw feels like it will be very tough for her and she thinks if she boiled them first to soften them up it'd be another thing. The idea came to her after having seen Ponpoko and Peanuts** do a video about eating her carrots, she even ended up leaving a comment on that video. She gets asked if she watched the whole thing and she says that she finds it embarrassing to listen to people talking about herself so she skimmed through it.
  7. The chat gives various suggestions for something to dip the carrots in to make it a bit less tough to eat and she figures she'll ready a bunch of different ones or else she'll surely give up, but upon request from someone in chat she does agree that she'll eat at least one of them as it is.
  9. *The "Carrot bucket" from the hot spring collab https ://
  10. **https ://
  12. >Does really respect the number one female streamer(1:44:05)
  13. After a superchat congratulating her on the third most popular female streamer spot and suggesting that for her to take the number one spot she should fight with ASMR, she laughs and says that there is no way she'd win by just doing ASMR, she'd have to do long hour streams every day to beat her. She has talked about this before but she really does find her amazing, since she streams for roughly 12 hours every day. If Pekora was in that situation she'd destroy her throat, hence she can't do it and thus finds that part of her respectable, that stamina is something else she thinks. And sure she does lewd things too but Pekora doesn't think it is all about that even if it plays an important part, but what is impressive for Pekora is that she handles these long hours flawlessly, and she thinks she does stream this much practically every day since whenever Pekora does check out Twitch she seems to be streaming.
  14. Someone suggests that if Pekora too were to be lewd on stream then there is a chance she'd win and Pekora disagrees with that saying that she wouldn't win. A Nousagi suggests to start "Holo Bathing" and she laughs and says she doesn't want to do bath streams.
  16. >Pekora wasn't selected for the "Oshi Talk" event and talking about when she went to her oshi's handshake event(1:49:35)
  17. A Nousagi asks why Pekora didn't participate in the "Oshi Talk" event that got revealed today and she dejectedly says that she wasn't asked if she wanted to participate. She doesn't know why but she didn't know that the event would take place and she probably thinks the event wasn't such that you sign up for it if you want to participate, because if it was like that then she'd without a doubt say she wants to participate. A Nousagi jokes with a; "Ah... My condolences" and she snaps at him to not pick a fight and that she is fine because she talks with the nousagi every day anyways.
  18. A Nousagi asks if she'd be able to talk for that one minute and she says of course she could if it is just a minute, that's a short time after all and reacts on being informed that it is merely a minute, feeling that it is really short. She reflects further on that saying that the people coming to the event to speak with their oshi is likely to be thinking before hand about what to say, and how to express themselves, but once they actually get to speak with her they are likely to crumble from the nervosity.
  20. Which leads her to explain that she has actually been to a handshaking event once in order to shake Momoko Tsugunaga's* hand and she crumbled under the nervousness, and furthermore it wasn't like she had a minute to speak with her or anything as she was just directed away after the handshake like normal. She continues to say that she was the first person in line right after a scheduled in-between break which made her think like; "Oi oi oi, nobody has touched her yet, there is a chance she went to the bathroom and washed her hands and won't that mean I will be the first one she touches!?" which only added to her nervousness because, after all, when she was in front of her all she could stutter out was a; "I-I-I love you!" and then she was the next person was brought forward. If she remembers correctly Momoko was the first one in line and she thought to herself that she wasn't going to overwrite Momoko's touch with another member's so she shook her hand with her right hand and for the rest of the members the left hand.
  21. A Nousagi asks if she hasn't washed that hand even to this day and she says that of course after all this time she has, besides she has been bathing right, and as for the tactile sensation of Momoko's hand it is sadly something she has already forgotten. She laughs at this conversation making it sound like she is a creepy Momoko otaku, saying stuff like; "Ah-ah, I've forgotten what it felt like to touch her hand".
  23. *A member of the Berryz Kobo idol group
  25. >Happy about the female fans she has as it is rare(1:54:10)
  26. She reads a superchat saying that he'd like to try speaking to her but that he'd like be so nervous he wouldn't get any words out and she understands that since it would be a one and one talk and that isn't something that happens, since it isn't like there are streams where she takes calls from her viewers and talk with them, so being nervous is normal. Pekora too thinks she'd be nervous since for her it would be a case of seeing which kind of people are the ones supporting her and such, which would make her happy and she'd be glad if there comes another event that would allow her to talk with the nousagi one-to-one.
  27. A nousagi asks if she would be fine with it even if it was just a bunch of middle aged men coming and she says it would be perfectly fine, which reminds her that she was ego searching earlier and saw a very cute female nousagi on Twitter that had uploaded an image of her posing in front of a Pekora poster, which made Pekora happy. A nousagi says that maybe he should do some ego searching later and she laughs at that saying that they don't have to search her up. Speaking of this makes her say that she did think about this during the Sankisei Live as well, the fact women also watch her is something she is personally very happy about, and she throws in that of course she is happy about her male fans as well. Speaking about Sankisei she is often told that they have a large amount of females watching them and while she doesn't know for sure, perhaps it is more so than other groups, and during the live it was amazing how it was roughly half-half males and females.
  28. As for what it is that makes her happy about having female fans is, while she is of course happy about being liked by male fans as well, there is something about having even the same sex following you too that she feels just sounds very nice. She continues to say that when it comes to vtubing it is common for someone to come to like the opposite sex, but if it were the case of a "Cool-type" female vtuber then she'd understand if they had female fans as well.
  29. She puts on an exaggerated cute voice and jokes about that they are following her because of her innocence and femininity and after being accused of being someone else by the chat she laughs and says that since it is unusual to have same sex fans in this business she is happy about it, but of course all her fans are important.
  30. But she is curious about what it is about Pekora that makes females interested in her, since she doesn't think she has a cool side to her. A nousagi suggests it might be because she doesn't really tell a lot of dirty jokes or otherwise play on that erotic appeal but Pekora counters that by saying that aren't there also females out there who do like people who do these things. Someone else says that it is her energetic and happy way of streaming that draws them in and hearing that makes Pekora glad.
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