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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. DestinyCallsYou: wait
  4. DestinyCallsYou: im autofilled adc
  5. DestinyCallsYou: theonly role i cant even play
  6. DestinyCallsYou: omg
  7. DestinyCallsYou: jesus
  8. DestinyCallsYou: my adc is bronze
  9. DestinyCallsYou: ok
  10. DestinyCallsYou: anni should be ok
  11. In-Game
  12. DestinyCallsYou: a trick fan
  13. DestinyCallsYou: in my game
  14. DestinyCallsYou: oh boy
  15. DestinyCallsYou: ok poppy was
  16. DestinyCallsYou: unexpected
  17. DestinyCallsYou: how did u die so fast o.o
  18. DestinyCallsYou: udyr is op af melee early
  19. DestinyCallsYou: pyke was 2
  20. DestinyCallsYou: :(
  21. DestinyCallsYou: wtf
  22. DestinyCallsYou: pyke has no alne rpessure
  23. DestinyCallsYou: useless chamop
  24. DestinyCallsYou: where is  our jungler
  25. DestinyCallsYou: ?
  26. DestinyCallsYou: afk udyr
  27. DestinyCallsYou: and mid roams
  28. DestinyCallsYou: trypical
  29. DestinyCallsYou: #doesnt even cover my lane
  30. DestinyCallsYou: ok
  31. DestinyCallsYou: games over
  32. DestinyCallsYou: he doesnt watch map
  33. DestinyCallsYou: not much i can do
  34. DestinyCallsYou: im detsroying pyke
  35. DestinyCallsYou: after my jugnle rgives him a kill
  36. DestinyCallsYou: and i roame bot
  37. DestinyCallsYou: if we want to play bronze style
  38. DestinyCallsYou: where enemy cmap me and my jugnler thinsk its my fault trhats ok with me
  39. DestinyCallsYou: pyke 100 hp
  40. DestinyCallsYou: guys im going to be honest atm
  41. DestinyCallsYou: i dont see us winning
  42. DestinyCallsYou: udyr doesnt want me to roam bot apprently
  43. DestinyCallsYou: hes stuck in hsi midnset
  44. DestinyCallsYou: noce ganks me
  45. DestinyCallsYou: again :D
  46. DestinyCallsYou: pykes q has a14 sec cd
  47. DestinyCallsYou: if he uses it hes basicallyuseless
  48. DestinyCallsYou: dptn are
  49. DestinyCallsYou: no
  50. DestinyCallsYou: watch replay
  51. DestinyCallsYou: yes tehir jugnler is good
  52. DestinyCallsYou: and udyr gave my laner fb
  53. DestinyCallsYou: yes
  54. DestinyCallsYou: watch the replay before u talk
  55. DestinyCallsYou: ok guys as you obviously dont need me and alreasdy decided veerything
  56. DestinyCallsYou: its really funny
  57. DestinyCallsYou: actually
  58. DestinyCallsYou: no
  59. DestinyCallsYou: im just going to rerport u
  60. DestinyCallsYou: u ghave him fb
  61. DestinyCallsYou: and then afkd
  62. DestinyCallsYou: bronze talk
  63. DestinyCallsYou: XD
  64. DestinyCallsYou: u 2
  65. DestinyCallsYou: dont undertsand
  66. DestinyCallsYou: how this game works
  67. DestinyCallsYou: funny
  68. DestinyCallsYou: u start focusing on why this happened
  69. DestinyCallsYou: ok
  70. DestinyCallsYou: u dont understand XD
  71. DestinyCallsYou: wtahc teh replay then talk
  72. DestinyCallsYou: its funny
  73. DestinyCallsYou: how you actually belive what u are saying
  74. DestinyCallsYou: u dont udnerstand the basic game cocept
  75. DestinyCallsYou: of them using teamwork
  76. DestinyCallsYou: to shut me down
  77. DestinyCallsYou: and yet talk
  78. DestinyCallsYou: emberessaing
  79. DestinyCallsYou: its sad how u havent learned basics
  80. DestinyCallsYou: int hsi elo
  81. DestinyCallsYou: tower
  82. DestinyCallsYou: why u bacvk
  83. DestinyCallsYou: jesus
  84. DestinyCallsYou: u went base
  85. DestinyCallsYou: to
  86. DestinyCallsYou: do ntohting
  87. DestinyCallsYou: u where full hp
  88. DestinyCallsYou: nop
  89. DestinyCallsYou: i played this game since open beta
  90. DestinyCallsYou: i know what u are doing
  91. DestinyCallsYou: u want me to belivbe
  92. DestinyCallsYou: that i flame u
  93. DestinyCallsYou: but i wont
  94. DestinyCallsYou: because i know what u do
  95. DestinyCallsYou: XD
  96. DestinyCallsYou: guys
  97. DestinyCallsYou: im not 8
  98. DestinyCallsYou: their mid and jungler worked to kill me and u cant carry either while not beeing ganked
  99. DestinyCallsYou: ?
  100. DestinyCallsYou: who
  101. DestinyCallsYou: wtf
  102. DestinyCallsYou: stop beeing
  103. DestinyCallsYou: liek thios
  104. DestinyCallsYou: jesus
  105. DestinyCallsYou: u are the one who trolls
  106. DestinyCallsYou: by saying random shit
  107. DestinyCallsYou: riot will enjyo this
  108. DestinyCallsYou: XD
  109. DestinyCallsYou: i tlaked like u once
  110. DestinyCallsYou: and got banned
  111. DestinyCallsYou: so its going to be a please
  112. DestinyCallsYou: for me
  113. DestinyCallsYou: pelaserue
  114. Post-Game
  115. DestinyCallsYou: its a sad day when u have to report more than 1 person for severe lack of manners
  116. DestinyCallsYou: no
  117. DestinyCallsYou: u are the one flaming
  118. DestinyCallsYou: not only you
  119. DestinyCallsYou: sadly
  120. DestinyCallsYou: i never claimed
  121. DestinyCallsYou: i never was toxic
  122. DestinyCallsYou: now chill
  123. DestinyCallsYou: pyke and noc played well and we havent done anything to counter it
  124. DestinyCallsYou: you even gave him fb
  125. DestinyCallsYou: and you talk to me
  126. DestinyCallsYou: yes
  127. DestinyCallsYou: you gave fb to him
  128. DestinyCallsYou: no
  129. DestinyCallsYou: u apperently dont know how much dmg you an take
  130. DestinyCallsYou: XD
  131. DestinyCallsYou: quits as he runs out of arguments
  132. DestinyCallsYou: typical
  133. DestinyCallsYou: calls me toxic tho
  134. DestinyCallsYou: my takeawa is pyke sucks at laning
  135. DestinyCallsYou: but hes good at skairmishing
  136. DestinyCallsYou: pyke wasnt even aproblem until noc ulted me on cd
  137. DestinyCallsYou: i was autofilled anyways
  138. DestinyCallsYou: pyke when you all inned me in lane early game and ur stuff is on liek over 10 sec cd and udyr came you where dead
  139. DestinyCallsYou: no need to argue about it
  140. DestinyCallsYou: what does your ult do exactly?
  141. DestinyCallsYou: true dmg leap?
  142. DestinyCallsYou: i see its an execute
  143. DestinyCallsYou: uyr did 7k dmg
  144. DestinyCallsYou: and flames me
  145. DestinyCallsYou: alright
  146. DestinyCallsYou: XD
  147. DestinyCallsYou: i must say udyr farmed everything always on cd tho
  148. DestinyCallsYou: pretty impressive
  149. DestinyCallsYou: :^)
  150. Game 2
  151. In-Game
  152. DestinyCallsYou: do you like my skin=
  153. DestinyCallsYou: #?
  154. DestinyCallsYou: ok
  155. DestinyCallsYou: i gues vi doesnt have eyes
  156. DestinyCallsYou: i pinged j4 we knew hes in the bush
  157. DestinyCallsYou: u go mid
  158. DestinyCallsYou: ok
  159. DestinyCallsYou: buddy
  160. DestinyCallsYou: im gettign cmaped
  161. DestinyCallsYou: not u
  162. DestinyCallsYou: vi gansk bot where we are teh weakest early
  163. DestinyCallsYou: i think its lost
  164. DestinyCallsYou: how to loose my 10th promo
  165. DestinyCallsYou: D;
  166. DestinyCallsYou: i bet u cant spell groƟdeutsche handelsgesellschaft
  167. DestinyCallsYou: so shut up and sit on the palce u belong
  168. DestinyCallsYou: gj
  169. DestinyCallsYou: that item is bugged
  170. DestinyCallsYou: vi???
  171. DestinyCallsYou: what does me warding it do
  172. DestinyCallsYou: i cant take it
  173. DestinyCallsYou: 7 hp
  174. DestinyCallsYou: unlcuky
  175. DestinyCallsYou: no
  176. DestinyCallsYou: last tick
  177. DestinyCallsYou: check replay
  178. DestinyCallsYou: and lear to read
  179. DestinyCallsYou: ok i guess 3 of oyu guys flame while sucking seems liek 3 reports
  180. Post-Game
  181. DestinyCallsYou: cool my team consted of flamers
  182. DestinyCallsYou: everyone in my team flamed
  183. DestinyCallsYou: while sucking
  184. DestinyCallsYou: no
  185. DestinyCallsYou: get urself checked
  186. DestinyCallsYou: lmao
  187. DestinyCallsYou: i give up
  188. DestinyCallsYou: XD
  189. DestinyCallsYou: its funny
  190. DestinyCallsYou: the krueger effect
  191. DestinyCallsYou: is strong
  192. DestinyCallsYou: i suppose
  193. DestinyCallsYou: i didnt talk
  194. DestinyCallsYou: i dont get this guy
  195. DestinyCallsYou: he gets mad because he loses lane then tries to start fights
  196. DestinyCallsYou: in chat
  197. DestinyCallsYou: XD
  198. DestinyCallsYou: meanwhile i get camped and all i said is why did vi gank bot when sivir is our weakest lane early
  199. DestinyCallsYou: and thats titls him
  200. DestinyCallsYou: because its the trutgh
  201. DestinyCallsYou: XD
  202. DestinyCallsYou: funny
  203. DestinyCallsYou: promos are always like this
  204. DestinyCallsYou: win 5 games in row
  205. DestinyCallsYou: then in promos
  206. DestinyCallsYou: its a ff 15
  207. DestinyCallsYou: :D
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