Justice and Fairness - Hint 21

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  1. From: Erin []
  2. Sent: Wednesday, February 4, 2015 12:35 PM
  3. To: John Doe (or Jane Roe)
  4. Subject: TB Change
  6. <~$4V2[T@0jY-L:nb.ed$uoR\WJ5Wpk]FGhaAT13e-G!.TXong?-DXX!31n\JqnP>B6qD(s<+5E$\D3!rVF!Dt
  7.   G?!:ZTX1AJDK56?+4+&,aWZP-]54C1oB=!6$Rh4&V!B6W981k*;/c[1N5<f0<kRPc'UmtuR8LTVRDk[Ej(qg
  8.   8t$(4#/7;98EAnoi19mQ__?f%9?GY*7P>+q=+ZR6)D"P"!qNj&/FbLIp_Wco&1!A*3/F/dI:b&P%j)$+eK^+
  9.   3!)St=SrGXV=h5hlffiqMMmI^6u,YqH[U-_1r(oM.kZ?A(V*CYgSOCa@m]~>
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