Rainbow Dash's Punishment - Day 1 (AB/DL 4/4)

Apr 3rd, 2014
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  1. >You are now in the kitchen with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.
  2. >Applejack is still in your Bar.
  3. >You allowed her to have some of your booze.
  4. >It will be worth it in the long run, she always hooks you up with the best booze when you treat her well.
  5. >You bring out the high chair.
  6. >Dash is not pleased
  7. >Just wait till you show her the room you and her friends made for her.
  8. “You like it Dash? We picked it out just for you!”
  9. >”You are so lame anon.”
  10. “Oh and Dash, I think it's time we talked about your language again”
  11. >”Ugh, here we go again.”
  12. “Yeah, I already told you not to insult us anymore. It's time I done something about that. Celestia and Luna wanted you to act like a Foal so you can't use any words a Foal wouldn't know unless we say so.”
  13. >”Anon look, you aren't lame. I didn't mean it, hon-”
  14. “Just shut it Dash, unless you want me to send word to Rarity. Now play nice with Fluttershy.”
  15. >Fluttershy gives Dash one of the creepiest smiles you have ever seen in your life.
  16. >This is going to be good.
  18. >As much as you would like to watch these two go at it, you decide to join Applejack and have a friendly chat.
  19. >As long as she isn't talking about Apples, she is interesting to be around.
  20. “Hey Applejack, I wanted to ask you about something”
  21. >”I'm all ears Anon.”
  22. “Well you have been Dash's friend for a long time, and you are always on top of everything. What do you think caused here to act the way she's been acting lately?”
  23. >”I honestly have no idea Anon. I reckon there has gotta be something that's been bothering her. She has been avoiding us a lot lately and I dunno why.”
  24. >You nod in agreement
  25. >“I know the Wonder Bolt's and the Weather Team have been giving her a hard time over her performance lately and she has been hanging around bad influences like Gilda and Lighting Dust but I jes' know there is more too it then that.”
  26. “For sure, you know I am on somewhat friendly terms with Gilda and even she recently expressed concerned with how Dash has been acting lately.”
  27. >”Well Anon, if it means anything I have faith you will get to the bottom of this one way or another”
  28. “I hope so Applejack”
  29. >”Say Anon how about you join me for a few rounds and tell me how that Godzilla fella almost destroyed human civilization several times.
  30. >These ponies will believe ANYTHING
  31. “I would love to Applejack.”
  33. >You are now upstairs in the kitchen with Fluttershy and Dash
  34. >It's about half past five in the afternoon
  35. >Dash is sitting in her high chair in yet another wet diaper
  36. >Must cause her real anguish to have to sit in her own urine again for the second time today.
  37. >She is also wearing a cute bib
  38. >Looks like she wasn't a fan of the foal food Fluttershy gave her since it looks like she got plenty of it all over her while she was fighting Fluttershy
  39. >You gotta hand it too Fluttershy she worked wonders with breaking down Dash.
  40. >It's like Dash is simply too mentally and physically exhausted to even think about causing any trouble.
  41. >Perhaps Dash just wants to stay on good terms with Fluttershy.
  42. >Despite Fluttershy's appearance and timid nature she can be quite the force to be reckoned with
  43. >You heard the stories of how she talked down a fully grown dragon.
  44. >This opportunity is too good to pass up, you decide to take another picture of Dash.
  45. >Snap
  46. >Dash is too tired to even show you her disapproval.
  47. >You notice that Fluttershy is tugging on your arm.
  48. “Huh, what can I do for you Fluttershy?”
  49. >She slowly flies up to your face with her wings and whispers.
  50. >”Um, Anon please don't tell Dash this but she smells BAD. Not even my cottage ever gets to smell that bad and I often let wild animals roam free in my cottage.
  51. >That Mare is too kind for her own good.
  52. >You tried to get her to stop with her self-sabotaging ways but she would have none of it and made you take kindness training with her instead.
  53. >She also had Discord, Gilda and Iron Will go through this torment as well.
  54. >They all hated it as much as you.
  55. “I see what you mean here let me get one of my air freshener and spray her down again.”
  56. >You pick up your trusty air freshener but Fluttershy instantly knocks it out of your hand.
  57. >”Anon that isn't nice let me just give a good bath.”
  58. “Alright me and Applejack would appreciate that very much.
  60. >You notice Dash motions to you to let her talk.
  61. “Alright Dash you can talk but keep it polite and make it quick”
  62. >”Anon, do I have to do... You know... The other thing in this diaper?”
  63. >ABORT.
  64. >Fluttershy takes over for you as you just stand there frozen
  65. >”I'm afraid so Dashie, we can't let the Princesses down” with your punishment
  66. >Fluttershy pulls out a book out of her saddle bag.
  67. >”I know what will help! Here, Twilight gave me this book to help you with that.”
  68. >You and Dash give her a confused look
  69. >”It's called everyp0ny poops.”
  70. >You instantly slap the book out of her hooves.
  71. “No Fluttershy that is so not kind! That will be absolute torture for Dash.
  72. >Dash breathes a sigh of relief
  73. >Even you have your limits.
  74. >Fluttershy gives you a Deadpan stare.
  75. “I'm just kidding Fluttershy. How about you just help Rainbow Dash perform her 'duties', clean her up and throw her in the bath?"
  76. >"Aw, perhaps I can read to here another time then?"
  77. "Sure, just not THAT."
  78. >You hand her your camera and she puts it in her saddle bag.
  79. “Feel free to take nice pictures of her with this camera.
  80. >Fluttershy then flies up to Dash in her high chair and starts pushing on Dash's stomach.
  81. >”Let me help you with that sweetie”
  82. >Dash just sits there and face hooves
  83. >No way do you want to be around when the inevitable happens looks like its time to talk about Apples with Applejack again.
  85. >It's now 7 o'clock
  86. >Fluttershy told you about how Dash ended up crying just like a foal when she shat herself and how she looked adorable when taking a bath with a rubber ducky.
  87. >She also said she took some really cute pictures.
  88. >Gotta to take advantage of Dash crying like an over-sized foal.
  89. >You decide to pay Rainbow Dash a visit in her room.
  90. >You can easily tell she doesn't like her room one bit.
  91. >Rainbow Dash is now in her in her Pajamas.
  92. >She also hates her Pajamas even more.
  93. >She is staring daggers at you.
  94. >She is obviously really bitter about how you got the upper hand on her on just about everything so far.
  95. >You decide to allow her to talk
  96. “All right Dash you can talk like an adult for a little bit.”
  97. >”Anon do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to soil yourself like a Foal?”
  98. “No and you wouldn't know what crapping yourself was like if you didn't decide to treat everyp0ny poorly and out drink Berry Punch every night.”
  99. >You are never going to let that go are you anon.”
  100. “Don't tell me that Ms. Poopy Pants, you already agreed to me to stop it with your drinking and your attitude and you go off and make the same mistakes again.
  101. >”Wouldn't you like to know why that happened? I bet it's really killing you inside.”
  102. “Alright how a bet then? If you end up crying like a foal that shat herself again then you have to tell me and the girls about why you started down this path. I also want you to give a real apology to the your five best friends.
  103. >”Fine, but if I win you have to tell the princess that you were full of manure during all those human history talks Celestia had you do
  104. >Dash gives you an evil smirk.
  105. >“Oh and also you have to agree to let Twilight cast a spell on you that will make you a Filly for week so you can experience this humiliation for yourself.”
  106. “Dash, you disappoint me sometimes. Since you are so sure of yourself, let's make it so you also have to be regressed by Twilight for a week if you lose.”
  107. >"Make it four, I'm basically already doing three with this silly punishment"
  108. "No, Seven days you and I both know you earned this punishment."
  109. >Dash hesitates and speaks up.
  110. >“Alright deal.”
  111. “Good, now remember you lose if me or the girl catches you crying at all before your punishment is up. Now lets shake on it.”
  112. >Dash raises her right front foot and you shake it.
  113. >”Oh and Anon I was going to tell you and the girls tell them all how sorry I was for what I said and tell you all how disappointed in myself for everything I did recent anyways.
  114. >She REALLY wants to get on your nerve, can't let that happen.
  115. “Ha, well played Dash but I can do you one better: you didn't specify which princess and Luna is already in how my human history speeches are not real and stolen from human movies.”
  116. >She finds it hilarious
  117. >Dash just smiles at this
  118. >Nice, never change on me Anon. I'm going to look forward to making you my little Filly for an entire day.
  119. “That's only if you survive your punishment for two more days Dash. Your time with Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy is going to be really rough for you tomorrow and let's just say that third day is going to be a real nightmare for you.
  120. “It's gonna suck for you with having to deal with being a foal for a full week day after dealing with this torture.”
  121. >”Do your worst Anon, I'm ready.”
  122. >Dash is going to be a worthy foe. That Mare is tough as nails when she gets her head in the game.
  123. >Still no way you are going to lose to a Mare that recently pooped herself... You hope.
  124. “I will, anyways I'm off to watch a movie downstairs with Fluttershy and Applejack. It's that second Daring Do Movie.”
  125. >”Oh, the one where Daring Do fights off Communist Mutant Minotaurs from space."
  126. “Yeah, it's my personal favorite.”
  127. >”Yeah bro its good, say when you get done with that could you give me a change, I'm gonna need one for sure when that is over. I promise not to fight you this time.
  128. >She is going to pee again? Hasn't she peed enough for one day?
  129. “I would if I could Dash, but you only get three diapers for today today and you are wearing the third. Fluttershy will change you in the morning.”
  130. >”Three seriously? And can you please tell Fluttershy to stop it with constantly talking to me like I'm a Foal? It's starting to get really weird.”
  131. “Yeah spike only got ten. You only get four tomorrow and three again on that third day. And Fluttershy often gets really lonely in that cottage of her. Do it for her.”
  132. >”This is abuse anon.”
  133. “Love you too Dashie! Have a nice nap!”
  134. >You, Applejack and Fluttershy spend the rest of the night talking about recent and enjoying the movie.
  135. >Well you mostly enjoyed the movie turns out Fluttershy had some sort of phobia for the movie's villain and would shriek in a nervous fit whenever he did something bad.
  136. >Typical Fluttershy, It is like she has a phobia for everything except for when shit hits the fan or someone pisses her off she suddenly chooses to become fearless.
  137. >She's a strange one but that's kinda what you like about her.
  138. >You gotta hand it too Fluttershy and Applejack, they did the impossible today with Dash.
  139. >It's only one day and Dash told you she would confess why she became nasty.
  140. >Today was a good day.
  141. >And tomorrow will be even better.
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