RC Episode 83.5

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  1. Production notes:
  2. -Promised months ago in episode 77, our SpongeBob minisode is finally out!
  3. -We recorded this minisode in early October after recording…a different thing. You’ll hear more about that in the upcoming months 😉
  4. -If you’re wondering why the SpongeBob clips don’t sound one-to-one with what you might remember, I had to use clips from a Dailymotion upload that noticeably slowed the footage down to skirt the copyright bots. It’s not too bad so I decided to use it but I’ll likely use more “official” resources for clips in future minisodes.
  5. -This is the first time we have done a minisode on a television series episode that was not during a “Month Of” mini-series!
  7. Sources:
  8. -RC Ep 77 with Sara from Wildchats:
  9. -What A Cartoon!’s SpongeBob episode:
  10. -Ren and Stimpy library music:
  11. -Bart the General:
  13. Technical info:
  14. Executive Producer - Gary Rodriguez
  16. Album Art created by Julian Taylor
  18. Recorded with a SamsonGo Microphone and Adobe Audition CC by Arlill Rodriguez
  20. Edited with Adobe Audition CC by Arlill Rodriguez
  22. “Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap [Earthbound OST]” composed by Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka, Hiroshi Kanazu and Toshiyuki Ueno
  23. “SpongeBob Squarepants Theme Song” performed by Painty the Pirate and the Kids Choir
  25. “Prototype SpongeBob Theme” performed by Nicholas Carr, Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakerfield  
  27. “Gaur Plain 8 Bit, CORE 16 Bit (SNES Mega Man X Remix), and Instrumentals-Forest of Hope 8 Bit” remixed by Bulby (
  29. Footage from “Dying For Pie”, written by Aaron Springer, C. H. Greenblatt, Merriweather Williams; Animation Director: Edgar Larrazaba; Creative Director: Derek Drymon
  31. “SpongeBob Closing Theme” performed by Steve Belfer
  33. 2019
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